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  1. The only thing that I'd want to see added to the game would be more tiles.
  2. First few turns are down and we are having a blast, Ill upload some pictures once I have the chance but I think there have been at least 7 fleets which have died to asteroids or supernovas in addition to the frustrations of single ground troops from distance suns holding off a 3 GF invasion. Its funny to see the University of Jol-Nar fight distance suns.
  3. My question is what are purple and blue rimmed systems??
  4. Oh man that is super cool! Maybe we will have to try that......**** this game is gonna be awesome
  5. Updates to the rules: We are adding another ring from the normal 8 player game, before viewing your objective card (the one before the secret one) you can choose to be either 3 or 4 tiles away. This makes the map more dynamic and 3-d and more like a galaxy in addition to make it harder for someone to be trapped by two red systems. Since we need to add in additional tiles from a second game we are going to be adding multiple non-planet systems of empty space, hazards and wormholes. We will also be using four of the non-used races home systems as planets. Also the majority of the group decided [big bad swear word] the Yassil Tribes. They break too many of the game rules, and always win (at one point in an 8 player game there was an alliance of 6 players against the Yassil tribes and Jol-Nor...guess who won?) So they will not be used in this game. @Forgottenlore, where are you located?
  6. We have a good solid core of about 7-9 players in Bellingham Washington and could always use more. Have all the expansions of the game, if ya want I can add you to the facebook group as well.
  7. So a few of my friend are planning on playing a huge game over the course of a few weeks. We will be playing with a 8 players on a 7 layers galaxy, using extra pieces from another core set. Here are what we are trying to do for variants on the rules. We are still trying to work it out. -A note about player elimination: When a player has lost every single system and every single ship is destroyed than a players empire is destroyed, they do not pick strategy cards, they clear their racial sheet of all command counters. They give all their trade goods to the conquering player However they maintain all their technologies and lose one victory point. If another player captures their home planet they have the option of re-establishing that empire. They may gift any of their ships in the Home System to that player. The player then regains their starting command counters and gains a space dock. They may also be gifted any planets in systems adjacent to the Home System. ( I don't know about this one) -When assembly comes up and a random person is chosen to play a political card and does not have one they draw two and discard one. -We will be playing with all alternate rules, so distant suns, representatives, ext, and will be using the newer set of Strategy Cards -Altered the objective deck to have more public and more stage 2, havent decided on the number yet. We have removed the end game objective. -In order to win the game a player must have the highest number of victory points (min of 10), and either they have to control Mexatol Rex themselfs or an ally must control it (someone with a trade agreement). This player than declares them self the Impereator. These victory conditions must be maintained for 3 full game turns. This includes having more victory points than your "allies". This entire idea is completely WIP.
  8. I have found all of my games have gone around 6-8 hours for play time. We have both the expansions, we play with artifacts and we also try and regulate the number of hazards and empty space in the game. Also I've found that the game gets better with a crowd of people that know each other and are used to each other so that smack talk/past betrayals/table talk and secret talk plays a bigger role.
  9. Good, that's how we ruled in the game. Much to the players anguish!
  10. Moment of Triumph is played "after an opponents flagship or war sun was destroyed", we rules that since the ship was destroyed during combat the card would need to be played during the battle and thus was blocked by communication breakdown.
  11. How does the secret objective requiring you to have a ship in every wormhole system and the Ghosts of Creuss react? Do I have to capture both their home systems? Must I also control the system in which they create their wormhole using technology? Also do you play Moment of Triumph during the space battle or can you play it after the space battle is over? If it is played after the battle how does this interact with Communication Breakdown which forbids the usage of action cards during a space battle?
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