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  1. One of you stole my role. Also, Beloved Princess is a rough role for town to have, in a way we’re fortunate to have ovi killed at night. But its unfortunate, because he was cleared to me in my role pm. Which maybe the hat who stole my role can confirm, or not, I suppose, depending on how it works. I do kind of think theres a good chance here for the person who stole it to pop its one shot and begin constructing a town block.
  2. @EbonHawk gonna need a claim there bud, or I’m just gonna hammer you and move on.
  3. FWIW, I’d probably tell the truth here even if I were scum.
  4. I mean, I submitted it cuz i thought it could work however pod wanted it to. It doesn’t have to be any faction. I’m just confirmed I submitted it, I’m not confirming Jabba’s alignment since I have no idea what it is, as Pod could have used that role anyway he liked.
  5. I can Confirm that i submitted a restless spirit role.
  6. Hey I have a 2 week old baby, and its four days to christmas. You’ll get what I can spare and you’ll like it!
  7. I dont see why. Town at least should be willing to confirm or deny.
  8. I know. But corroborated evidence best evidence.
  9. I see the confused reaction Ebon, I’m looking to clear you.
  10. As for Ebon, I’m still waiting to hear if anyone else can confirm that they had a similar role submission process.
  11. So Cninja’s last two posts struck a worrisome cord with me, and I decided to take a closer look at his D1. I gathered more or less his entire history here. I choose you! There is latter stuff that I could see as scum cover, and since scum has daychat this could be a smokescreen. But this interaction reads very town cross to me. Why not? I feel like it narrows the field of possible scum more than possible town. Please elaborate. All scum hunting, all reasonable. I do what I want! Truth. They told me I was crazy to build a castle in a swamp! This is to Matt. It would be. Fwiw, I think Ovi is clean. I don’t think he’d have stuck with this so long if he didn’t have to, and it seems an outrageous handicap to play with as scum. Can’t fully clear him, but thats my inclination. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man? The Shadow knows. Also, you seem pretty well connected to the underwold LP. Yes, after a reread I have to concur. But this is one of the posts that concerned me. This is another one that had concerned me. I’m inclined to take at least the Cninja portion of this at face value, but this in response to an Ebon post which could also be read as deflection to soft targets and scum buddy support. But again, to be clear, thats not what I believe is happening. I don’t think it is. TL;DR- I thought maybe I could catch Ninja on a slip but after a closer look I like his D1 for town.
  12. Supposed to read “continued to scum hunt and thats good” up there.
  13. I haven’t had the time to follow this game as closely as I’d normally do today. So far it seems the most discussed question is whether Ebon is playing his normal D1 or has scum slipped. I maybe missed it, but can anyone else say their submissions went the way Ebon says his did? Because mine did not. I’m curious. It also strikes me as strange that Pod would ask a player for help of any kind in the setup phase, regardless of the Upick nature of this particular game, but given their IRL relationship I can give that a pass. I’d still like to know whether anyone input a cult role. I know I did not. The odds are that if someone did, they likely didn’t get it in the assignment, so as no one has spoken up, I’m going to go forward, for the moment, assuming that there is no cult, because that makes me happier. If one of you DID submit a cult role, I’ll find out eventually, and I will make you my new favorite D1 target. I hate cults. I don’t mind Biggs’ follow vote so much. Clearly Matts words struck a cord with him. I’m still undecided as to how I feel about Ebon’s defense myself. He’s continued to scum hunt and thats, but he says things like “there’s plenty of other targets” and that speaks to me as being motivated by self preservation rather than communal interest. Of course, on the other hand, Ebon is a valuable town asset if he’s being misrepresented/misunderstood here. I’m unconcerned by those who haven’t spoken much yet, still relatively early in game and its busy this time of year.
  14. Right, and what matt is saying is that he thinks the reason for your words is that you are scummy. I helped! On a serious note, I’ve read through the barrage of GIFs that make up D1 so far and I’m not sure where to go from here yet.
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