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  1. He’d have known Clon was visited if he were a traxker or watcher, not that he got something.
  2. Ehhh. If we go to a show, and you were supposed to tickets, and I say “Hey Clon, you got the tickets?” And then you say “What tickets?” It means you dont have the tickets. When you say “What gift?” the only reasonable interpretation is that you are asserting you didn’t recieve a gift. That you didnt get caught out by a third party, as well as your post asking pod to describe his hypothetical gift, is all that leaves me open to the idea you just played this overly cautiously. But theres no reason not to confirm receipt there. Regardless of Pods affiliation, confirming you got “something” from him is the town move, because should it prove inimical we’d know who gave it to you, and should it prove benign we’d know Pod wasn’t at fault. Either way, town would have a clearer picture.
  3. Ok, that was a long read, though not as long as it perhaps should have been, and as to both I did it to myself. I did a first pass and flagged everything that caught my eye. I dont know the new cats yet, so if I misinterpret something, its not personal. First red flag, why are you concerned with town roles at all? Town roles will be revealed as we go, by the players who have them, as their role provides relevant information. That you also mention scum roles could either be legitmate guesswork as to both or merely attempting to project that image. And thats a lazy follow. The “analysis” in question was simply a prod. Two early red flags Rewen. Merely casting a vote isnt really looking to lynch aithout cause. Especially early, voting is the most useful tool in the town toolbox to pressure and hopefully force a scumslip. It was quiet, but there were some things. Like this, here. This is a common fallacy among newer players. I also believed it, once upon a time. After all, better not to kill a fellow townie right? But then we sacrifice valuable information. Based on the timing (very close to end d1, trying to push a lynch) I’ll give these passes. But wow, really insightful stuff with these. Same as above. Good, shades of town. Call to action, making a push, providing reasoning. Yep. I read this and assumed LP gave them a lowdown on some of us regulars. The scumchat theory was interesting. The Green rep gets discussed a bit, it just means I played a lot of Armada and was a vocal member of the community. 1. I mean, it was definetely insinuated that he was in a scum chat. Him addressing it is to be expected. 2. The rep thing is immaterial, you know that. What were you looking for him to say in response. 3. Is this it? 4. Spoiler: Its Ebon. This is interesting, but impossible for me corroborate. I’d love for some of the crew who know more to comment about it. I haven’t been playing my typical game. I haven’t been playing at all. Which is its own problem, but why would you say this was typical? Flagged to remind me to re-read pods game. This leads to a sequence of posts that very much concern me. Clon says he didn’t get any gift from Pod, which lead to this post, where Pod believes he was roleblocked. Why would this matter it he was roleblocked? Fishing? (This clears up later) I’d say I wasnt random, I deserve a push. Have to verify. For the new crew, Ebon’s description of Pods typical play as town is accurate. No kidding. Why? This is the biggest red flag. Clon is now admitting to lying to us. That runs afoul of the lynch all liars protocol. That he wasnt caught in it, but simply admits to it, is the only mitigating circumstance on his side. Why? Cuz they say so? The only thing I know for sure about Clon is that he’s lied. No, see above. Not doing a great job of it. I mean, sure. I hadn’t participated at an svveptable level, fair. It tells me someone in the new crew is scum, but so does basic probability. At the moment, I’m most concerned with Clon, because Lynch all liars. Why lie in that situation?
  4. Nevermind im looking through and I appear to still be alive. Ok I’ll sort this out, can someone tell me when this day cycle ends?
  5. Am i still alive? Sorry I got lost in the baby vortex.
  6. My name is not Julie. Where on earth did you get that?
  7. Thats not fair, the Kylo/Rey vs Imperial Guard scene is pretty good.
  8. I just saw this. Im in if you’re still taking.
  9. @clontroper5 if I used your old role last night, how many more times could I use it?
  10. Wait, Clon, what does your new role say about LP?
  11. Its ok, its really not what I was looking for. Inconclusive. Atm, I’m leaning LP though.
  12. If your old role had a laugh, would it be; hearty? jolly? soft? maniacal?
  13. Trying to push doubt on a confirmed Beloved Princess is either remarkably misguided townplay or incredibly brazen scum.
  14. That was clearly a play on the princess role. He said he wasnt town, he was royalty.
  15. Actually, I would consider the new role scummy. But it didnt shift my alignment
  16. Right now, I see myself, Ovi and Jabba as most convinvingly town. Ovi, for obvious reasons. Myself, I think also for obvious reasons (beyond my own knowledge of my affiliation). Jabba, because I am inclined to believe Restless Spirit was assigned town, and given how Ebon pushed him it makes most sense to me that hes town. I am also inclined to believe LTD. He reads to me as busy more than scummarining. I like what Ninja’s doing, but none of it is something I wouldn’t expect him to do as scum. Indeed, a call for movement, a rallying of town, is excellent scumplay precisely because of its townliness. That said, I’m also not interested in voting someone on that, plus I liked his D1 as town. So thats five players I simply refuse to vote on. Who does that leave? LP, Biggs, Gnips and Clon. I’ll be looking over each.
  17. Inclined to trust Ovi? Thats big of you, considering he’s confirmed town. But be careful, don’t wanna go too far out on a limb there. I’d like to hear from LTD, there’s been a lot of fire directed his way so far.
  18. As to lurkers, my opinions run along with Ninja’s, dont kove focusing down lurkers, because it seems they are often confused or lazy town. However, in a game with scum daychat, delays may also be scum discussion.
  19. Ok I thought you were misconstruing something earlier, was fishing for something else.
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