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  1. Also Matt are confirming a town by killing them? Throw the witch in the lake! If she drowns, we’ll know she’s innocent!
  2. If he is I’d rather he let scum find out the hard way. I don’t like LTD for scum based on the Pod vote. I mean, he may well be scum, but I think his reasoning is honest, which makes it hard to determine alignment off of it. I also don’t really think Pod expected this vote to lead to L-2. This is the same bit of theatre we see every D1 and we rarely lynch either of them.
  3. I’m can’t decide if I like Ebon’s process or if his aggressive counterpush is a scumtell. He can be very aggressive when looked at as scum.
  4. ##role confirmed #sisterhood #downwiththepatriarchy
  5. While I agree that new players have every right to speak their mind, and their opinions are just as valid, in this case you missed this community at its best. When there was all kinds of great player driven content and this forum was brimming with positivity and good discussion. But you can’t expect the players alone to drive the community. The developer has to help foster it, has to help grow it, has to help maintain its morale. And FFG doesn’t. And its not one incident, its a patern of behavior that extends back to the very first wave being delayed. It wouldn’t be the last. Extended periods of complete radio silence combined with sporadic and delayed releases cause games to bleed players. But I agree that complaining on the boards doesn’t help. They’ve proven time and again they don’t care to listen. I just come here to play mafia now.
  6. It’d be hard to do worse. But I still believe in them.
  7. I barely pay attention anymore, what happened on new years?
  8. Top of the hour i think. I was walking to lunch.
  9. Is markfergusons silence particularly uncharacteristic? If so I’d go with him, or stefan. Not participating is anti town, regardless of their affiliation.
  10. Maybe someone who knows these cats wants to drop them a line and remind them that there is a game here?
  11. Can a third party who has played with them before tell me if Traingirls accusation is verifiably untrue?
  12. Who is Stefan? Has that person said anything all game?
  13. This is a town move. Although Traingirl does reply a little later and Cal makes no comment on it. Pressure is good, but without follow up its less so. If her answer left you thinking she was still scum, then it needs to be attacked, picked apart and exposed. If its enough that shes not in your crosshairs anymore, then we go somewhere else. And privately, you may well have, but the rest of us have no indication of that. I mean, he’s ostensibly pushing for one by pushing inactives. I did a quick relook and started at pg 8, it looked like you target traingirl. One action doesn’t constitute a pattern. Also, aside from the fact that she posted, and we learned she was having some growing pains transitioning to the forum. Ideally, we’d also like to murder the right people. I’m still kinda neutral on Cal, but I suppose I see the appeal if we’re buying that Clon didn’t lie with makicious intent.
  14. But what if you’re right? I’m willing to listen. Plus if you’re town, we get your thoughts on the board to consider if you become confirmed town.
  15. Ill be honest i havent understood the push on Callum either day. What precisely do we think is the scumtell? That he voted? But Cal, you’re at L2 or L1, and we’re very late in the day cycle. If its towns best interest to keep you upright, its (fair or not) incumbent on you now to make that case. I haven’t seen a claim yet, for example.
  16. Did...did you just call him a muppet as a perjorative? Muppets bring only joy.
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