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  1. Ok. Well, my current theory is that; LP and Constantine are opposition party 1 of Matt and Cal are on the side of justice, and 1 is a third party or; The righteous rocked six this game. ##vote Lord Preyer
  2. I think you’re probably right pod. ##vote podracer
  3. So, that hammer came out before I had a chance to make my case, but with the reveal that Ovi was the last living speaker it torped my entire theory. Re-evaluating now.
  4. It would have been hard to miss Matt/Ghost, although thats assuming ghost is right. There’s one other set of players I think are connected. I’m about ready to make a push but I want to hear from Caldias/Constantine to see if they add something I’ve missed before I overextend and cost my team position on d2.
  5. No. Dissemination of information may not be the best course for my team. Further, I could be missing variables that would hurt my team. I will wait until I hear from people who’ve said nothing to see if they provide anything that changes the equation. There’s still plenty of time in the day.
  6. I want to hear from Constantine Valdor and Caldias, but I think I have two opposition party players pegged.
  7. I have some thoughts, but I’m legitmately unsure where to go with them, or if its even the correct choice to share. I’m pretty sure I have two players pegged as teammates. But which team? Is it my team? If it is, I don’t want anyone else to know. If its not, I want everyone else to know. So I’m sort of waiting to catch a reveal there. LP actually pegged one of my theories on Matt.
  8. Can you point me to what interaction you are talking about, and what you took from it?
  9. Ebon is dead, which makes it pretty hard to talk
  10. Why a sad reaction from you to both of their deaths? Surely, only one of them really bothered you? Did you really take them both so hard?
  11. Soon- adverb; without undue time lapse Ex: The sound of the thunder followed soon after the lightning alternatively, as used by Blizzard and Clontrooper Soon- gibberish; Time is an abstract concept and no point in time is relative to any other Ex: We’ll be fixing Vanish soon
  12. I mean, the moderator himself suggested the no-vote. Is he scum?
  13. I mean, maybe at some point but tough on D1. The point was to illustrate that each of us individually have a good odds to hit somone we’re fine with killing, and then to flesh out some possible scenarios to see if the no-vote makes so much sense from a group perspective as to override that. I don’t really have a bigtime preference atm. We still have time, and I’m still not sure a no-vote isnt the best choice.
  14. I’m inclined to either no vote, or vote matt purely for getting me killed last game. But it strikes me that doing so could be the exact same mistake, engendering a never ending cycle of vengeance whose victims extend beyond just those who perpetuate it. Seriously tho, I’ve been hard thinking about the no vote, but whats interesting to me is that I think the rational individual choice may be to vote someone, even while its possible the best group outcome is a no vote. With 11 people, I assume we’re split either 6-5, with the numbers balanced by the 5 side getting better roles, or 5-5-1. Of the two, I think its more likely we have a 5-5-1 split, but lets examine all the options. If its 6-5, , then for the five side its either take the no vote and trust the power roles were heavily swung in our/their favor, but in doing so risk playing a game of catch-up the whole way. If they vote tho, for each individual its more likely than not that they hit someone on the other side. For the six side, we/they still have decent odds, and fantastic upside. A no vote is also slightly less beneficial, since presumably the game would be balanced by roles. That said, since the roles would benefit one side so much more than the other, I don’t think clon, as mod, would advocate a no vote. And thats why I’m leaning towards a 5-5-1 split. In which case, everyone who votes is more likely to tag someone they arent affiliated with. Thoughts?
  15. I’m not even sure how to approach this on D1. Its not really the same as scum hunting, now is it?
  16. You especially dont do it less than 12 hours in on a ******* weekend before that player has even said anything.
  17. This is an important lesson. If you are town, you dont lay the first vote at lylo.
  18. You have to put an alignment on it. I have no idea wtf a spirit walker is.
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