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  1. I hope you'll share! Sounds like an interesting idea buy I'm not so hot at campaign design
  2. Seriously, this is getting to be extremely frustrating. I hate playing with proxies, I want the real deal! Where my ships at?!
  3. I think demolisher is a must have for this list, I wouldn't drop it.
  4. Just my two cents, each point of which I think has already been said at least once; 1. No reason you can't use proxies in a friendly game, if you are so inclined. Do whatever floats your boat. Tournaments though, are a different animal. If you are trying to field a competitive list on a budget, you may need to do some trading for singles. If you are fortunate enough to be part a decent sized community playing the game, this shouldn't pose too much difficulty. If not, there's always the internet. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if some individual cards went up on ebay or what have you. 2. I can't blame FFG for trying to incentivize the purchase of multiple models. It's a business. If their model doesn't make them money, then its self-correcting behavior. 3. I don't know that it's fair to compare Armada to games like 40K, but it IS considerably cheaper and far more accessible than games of that ilk. I used to play wizkid's MageKnight back in the day, and at least in Armada I know what I'm buying and can purchase only the units I actually want to play with. Comparable initial investment for tournament play, imo.
  5. I think 4 b-wings is either going to work really well or get severely out-manuevered. To counter the B-Wings slow speed I would suggest objectives which limit your opponents navigation options forces their movements into somewhat more predictable patterns, such as Contested Outpost, which will hopefully allow you to bring your bombers into play. Hyperspace Assault might also work well for you.
  6. I see them as X hull and Y dice.
  7. No it's Mega Maid She's gone from suck, to blow!
  8. Maybe they don't trust their navigator. I hear the bridge crews on those ships are a bunch of cross eyed major a$$holes with bad depth perception
  9. Wow two people on opposite sides of a political question being adult about it on the internet! Truly now I have seen it all.
  10. I love that the Vic is in the midst of a planetary bombardment
  11. They were very cool with me about doing it. They have some very good people in their customer service dept
  12. I'm in NYC and same issue. No idea where to find a spot to play outside my apartment.
  13. Madaghmire


    Excellent discussion! A lot of really well founded points. My interpretation is as follows; The term "you" is clearly, if sadly, defined in the rules under upgrade cards. Apparently you would need to set up that double arc shot. Hopefully this is errata'd. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if they meant for it to mean the rebel commander/fleet as a whole in this case. The black dice is added after the range check and is therefore not subject to it. Card text from other cards suggests that the lack of a clear range being defined on the card is indicative of the dice not being subject to the same restrictions it would have were it simply an added armament.
  14. Thank you so much for putting this up! I found it to be very informative, and I look forward to using it when I paint my own fighters!
  15. Thank you guys for being extremely helpful!
  16. So I bought a few cards sleeves for the squadron cards, but I'm not sure where or even if I could get sleeves for the damage deck/ upgrade cards. Anyone out there able to shed some light? Any help here is much appreciated.
  17. I created an account just to assure you there is at least one person very interested in reading an in depth guide as to how you went about painting your fighters. Top notch stuff! I'd love to know what paints/washes you used, what brush size, and any technique tips you care to share. Really great work!
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