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  1. 5 hours ago, SoonerTed said:

    How do you know the intent?  Without knowing the designer's intent here, it can be read multiple ways.  The language choice on the card is muddled.

    I mean, ordinarily I’d agree with you on intent. But if the intent wasn’t to be as Dras laid it out, then why not just write “when obstructed” instead of “obstructed by a ship or obstacle”

  2. 1 minute ago, ovinomanc3r said:

    To be honest. Considering what Salvo token does. If she was fleetwide, man!, that's almost Rieekan prenerf!

    I’m not 100% sure what salvo does yet/what restrictions there are on it. I think one of the cards in the rebel set thats hidden lets you resolve crit effects while using salvo (speculative...I’m doing some guesswork at what im reading). You may also not be able to use upgrades while using salvo. I have no idea. So I’m not really thinking about how it balances.

  3. 6 minutes ago, bleezy said:

    Wow does she really only affect your flagship? That's what it sounds like now. That seems pretty expensive honestly, compared to ECM. Yeah you get an extra token, but still.

    It still has a lot of value in simply being a cheap way to fill the commander slot and providing access to tokens ships were balanced around not having. Its ECM effect however, is strictly worse, and you may still want to run ECM’s with it on a larger ship. Or Walex.


  4. Just now, Mad Cat said:


    The first line saying "After YOU deploy" so I think it applies only to Agate's flagship. The word YOU on an upgrade applies to the ship it is on. Coupled with her cheap cost and terror of 7 Bracing TRC90s if not the case....

    It's a bad photo of our new commander. She has a bit of red-eye. Don't use too much flash, change the exposure and shutter speed.😉

    Ok yes, but those cr90s would burn through their tokens pretty fast. Especially if your opponent was using intel officer or palpatine.

  5. 1 minute ago, NightAngel47 said:

    I can see the argument for why you'd only gain a defense token on one ship, but it seems weird that there are so many Salvo defense tokens coming with this expansion. 

    I'm definitely hoping there is a way to get Salvo tokens spread around because it would have a huge impact on the game. Last/first will be less effective or at least harder to pull off. It also felt a little weird to me to have ships die without firing a shot when they should be theoretically exchanging fire at the same time.


    My first thought was also that she was a way to get salvo to older ships.

  6. 1 minute ago, hufflazon said:

    I'm reading this totally differently than everyone else. 

    I read this as a single ability. You gain the non-scatter defense token and put it on her card.

    Every ship in the fleet can discard one of its defense tokens to resolve the effect of the "extra" defense token.

    So if you put a Redirect on there, your neb could discard its evade to use the redirect effect, but your CR90 couldn't discard an evade to redirect and ALSO spend its redirect. 

    Could be totally off base.

    Also how I read it. Lets die on this hill together.

  7. 9 minutes ago, xanderf said:

    I don't think so - other commanders that benefit the whole fleet say 'each ship' or 'every ship' or whatever.

    My read is that after you deploy your fleet, you get ONE non-scatter token to add to any ship you want.

    (She is only 20 pts, after all, and apparently the built-in-ECM does apply fleetwide, so...)

    I read the discard effect as only being able to access that token. So like, if i have a fleet of say, two mc30’s and two Nebs for some reason, I could chose say, salvo, and any ship could burn one of their defense tokens to access that salvo. 

    If I’m understanding it, your interpretation would be that whichever ship the commander is one gets an extra token, and any ship in the fleet can burn any of their defense tokens to access that burned tokens effect?

  8. 1 minute ago, Mad Cat said:

    5 Nebulons each with a redirect each and stronger side shields after a turn one repair command? oh yes adn a discarding ECM type ability. 

    I'm not looking forwards to Andmonition with a Brace token. 



    But I mean, the thing is theres an inherent drawback to using the ability as you’ll burn through your tokens faster. Looks like a strong value at twenty points to me though.

  9. 3 minutes ago, bleezy said:

    So the defense token that the rebel commander gives you goes on one of your ships? Not on the commander herself? That makes slightly more sense. Is her second ability basically proof against Intel Officer and Avenger? I don't really think I understand the point otherwise.

    Thats not how I read it. I interpreted it as fleetwide access to a single type of token.

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