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  1. Oh you did you did. I see what you’re saying Jabba. I can’t completely discount that being scum warning his partner against an early claim, but that exchange with Clon read town to me on your end. Looking again at Clon’s side of it.
  2. Well the reason would be if we think you slipped.
  3. I’ll vote at the one hour mark. Currently I intend to vote Jabba for “kill him on his first night” or Gnips for retaliatory voting. Theirs are the only things I see as close to vote worthy, although its been quiet. But I don’t want a turbo and I want to see who’s active closer to the deadline.
  4. Did a quick read-through, and theres just...very little to work with. Ghost and Red cross vote, Ghosts is retaliatory, which isn’t usually a great sign but there’s also not a lot going on. LTD and Jabba put meta votes on me. Can’t argue with that, safe vote for either faction. If scum, its easily explainable. If town, its easily understood. Matt and Clon dropped on Jabba. Both were prior to the only thing resembling a scum slip in the game so far. With three hours left I’d like to give Jabba a chance to talk before putting him at L-1 risking a turbo. More cautious than I’d usually be d-1 but this could go pretty quick if we aren’t careful.
  5. Sorry I’m back, keep forgetting to check this site. Jabba I don’t blame you or anyone else voting me on d1 as default, I take it as a compliment. But its also not the right call here, unless you’re scum, in which case, you know...carry on. Speaking of, Matt brings up an interesting point. Freudian slip?
  6. ##role confirmed Bertie, when you have a chance can you give us a list of all the players that are in the game?
  7. Is this still happening? I find i forget to check this site lately.
  8. Literally all I wanted to see in this thread
  9. Well at least you’ll know where they are.
  10. Just when you’re town and your vote is all the mafia needs to turbo someone if its wrong.
  11. Yeah my d1 wasnt good. I was surprised you backed off so fast
  12. Cal has been relatively quiet this game, and he jumped on my LP train yesterday which I think makes even sense either way. It could be jumping on whatever looked like it would end in someone dead, and it could be he, like myself, had him pegged as dewback.
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