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  1. Sorry guys, work picked up in a huge way after this game started and between that and being home everyday with the kids i simply didnt have the bandwith for this, even after remembering the game was happening.
  2. I kinda did Ovi. I thought the meaning behind my post was pretty clear; when Gnips said he was concerned he killed Gink by passing him the fruit, which I then quoted and wrote “What? That son of a *****!”
  3. Thats a real fast push. I dont think my play has been so bad except for missing the d2. I checked in around the deadline and the hammer was out already. @ebon hawkI pushed bertie when it made sense to and then pulled off of him when he claimed tracker. I would have hammered him if I had needed too. The only thing to push me on, imo, is not being there d2, but I simply lost track. I’m currently torn between Ninja and Preyer, and honestly its for similar reasons to Gnips. Its probably someone we haven’t yet suspected. I’ll try and put up a full reread tomorrow if Preyer is still alive.
  4. Hang me, but understand when I flop it doesn’t clear bertie.
  5. I feel like whatever the story is with the fruit, its not what you guys are thinking it is. Part of why I was willing to come off Bertie yesterday was because fruit makes sense as a “muddy the waters” if Bertie is telling the truth and we have a tracker, and so the tracker claim rung true. I had the fruit yesterday, and I gave it to Bertie. You really should have known I had the fruit;
  6. Scum wouldnt, im looking at it as a town rb
  7. Ugh. That would make some sense, assuming we have a roleblocker. They might have blocked you N1 and took the no kill as a sign they got the right target. ##unvote while I consider
  8. Oh man I love this argument. I've used it as scum myself, because its so fun. You do it for a few reasons; 1. Gink is still vocal town, which even if he were wrong on his assumptions, makes him dangerous to leave alive. As such, he becomes a priority target. 2. As a meta call, Gink is a valuable target. 3. Because once he dies, his arguments gain the weight of knowing they came from a town source. If he's wrong, you can let him get killed. If he's right though, then he needs to be taken off the board and there needs to be a way to take suspicion off yourself. This argument is built in as long as town still has him in their sights. Once he's not the leading consensus scum suspect, it goes away, so he has to be night killed while it can still be deployed.
  9. I don't really care if people want to vote me off for losing track of the game. As I said, I lost track because work picked up. But this sure looks premeditated to me. Like "hey when Gink shows up dead tomorrow we're gonna need to have a fall guy, lets try get them to hang Mad, it should be easy since he might not even show up to defend himself" kinda premeditated.
  10. I have no issues with people voting me for lack of participation. Gink seemed really sure Bertie was part of the scum team tho, and Gink is dead now. So, for the time being, since I’m not sure what to make of the Jabba/ovi mess, I’ll ##vote bertie
  11. Sorry lost track of this. Suddenly inundated with work. I’ll be active the rest of the way
  12. ##role confirmed Revearn isnt playing i thought? Is this just so we get to vote him off the island? Ok then. ##vote revearn
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