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  1. This is so stupid. Not you Ovi, this play. Fake claiming to confuse scum? Bluffing doesn’t work when your team doesn’t know the information you know. Its somehow even less effective when they don’t even know you’re on their team. And they need to invent whole new mathematical concepts to describe the negative effects when you add the basic concept of “Lynch all Liars” to it. This is a meta comment, and I didn’t even vote for pod, but if I catch you in a lie, I will vote you.
  2. I am going to keep voting ebon until he dies. ##vote ebonhawk
  3. I can throw one ***** into this without bothering to claim. You think I’m a refugee, but I already had posted; Which are not the words of a man with a Refugee role.
  4. Why does Oni flipping scum lend credence to Ebon being scum? Why can’t you evaluate both independently?
  5. Good try Ard, but I don’t think this thread can save he *********** of broken nonsense that is the meta atm. If I’m not getting the accuracied into oblivion from Sensor team mc30’s I’m getting the rasberry from YV-666’s! No one gives me the rasberry! Those ******* dump trucks of doom are on my list! It just feels like everyone has one or both of those things on the table at all times. Thats why I only run Sloane 7 activation BTvenger lists with Jendon/Steele and max squadrons, because someone should.
  6. ##unvote ##vote ebonhawk I’m comfortable with this. He’s all over and I want to see if we can play follow the cop with Oni.
  7. This is posted in response to one of my posts. And so “you and mad” is redundant. This is me pointing that out. This is you doubling down on it.
  8. Me and Mad are your two reads huh? Your scum-dar/basic arithmetic skills are broken.
  9. And ebon this game seems like the design intends for us to use the flavor.
  10. We arent getting the mafia roles. Like “Vanilla Town” or “Cop”
  11. So I hate deduction through flavor, but I think maybe we need to start using it? Since we arent getting roles on death?
  12. That makes things simple. ##vote Visovics
  13. Honestly I have like 4 scum reads. And I can’t blame anyone for looking at me sideways either. Which is too many scum reads. So I’m pretty lost. Pods play is poor town play IMO, but every time I hang pod for poor town play it turns out it was just that. Poor town play. Ovi’s all over the place. Vis reads town, but I have this lingering suspicion he’s playing us. Oni too. The fact that Ebon didnt get hammered, I’m not sure how to interpret. It could be scum trying not to both get caught on the same vote. It could be they expected broba to do it, and got caught flat footed. It could be he’s scum and his partner didnt want him hammered/was already in on it.
  14. Did he save you? Cuz it doesnt seem like he saved you. If he’s town, all he did was tell the scum where the protection would be, guaranteeing they kill their target. If he’a scum, he risked nothing, and maybe looks to build a little cred when his target survives. But why you? No offense, but I doubt you were high on the scums list. Your enigmatic play on D2 should have made you an extremely low priority target unless they thought they smelled a power role.
  15. This is before the night hits. Pod is calling his protection target. Why in gods name would you call your target?