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  1. Yeah I thought that maybe you had sort of checked out after that yavaris role. For what its worth, i thought you had the game sewn up until that happened. The twins put in some work that game.

    As a counterpoint, I enjoy the off colour stuff.
  3. Wow yavaris got straight screwed. Ouch. Also, Luke you should have targetted Salv instead of the hammerhead first, you may have been able to WaB garels off the board and take a side shot on the lib. Probably doesnt do a lot for you, but meh.
  4. The Arrestor Cruiser

    I’m with long neck over here. I’d like to see a medium based ion platform for the rebs, and something itty bitty for the imps. Maybe that Cardiac Arrestor Cruiser
  5. Should we worry about strategic adviser?

    Seven is childs play. I dont even have to take off my socks to get to seven.
  6. Bail, Pryce, Han and Raddus.

    If these upgrades have offended, think but this and all is mended; that you have some options here, despite the cruiser which appeared, and double arcs your arquitens; with ACM’s and deadly beams, Plebs, you do not comprehend, so git gud, your fleet to mend; And as I am honest as f—k, I’ll tell you friend that you s__k, Now the chubbo can begin her song, Ill ground your fleet to dust ere long, Else the Mad a liar call, so go f—k yourselves y’all I dont fly my ships to make friends, I fly them to tear up rear ends -Ending Madalouge from “A Midsummer Nights Smack Talk”
  7. The Arrestor Cruiser

    “Its mega-maid sir, shes gone from suck, to blow!”
  8. Should we worry about strategic adviser?

    Speak for yourself. I majored in the eminently marketable field of political science, which employs ones of peoples every year.
  9. Should we worry about strategic adviser?

    Nope. This **** is starting to look like algebra. We’re gonna be writing out fleets like; R[MC75^xCR90(B)]+3T/Y=B(X3+J)xB3H Solve for Y on earth would we do this to ourselves.
  10. Bail, Pryce, Han and Raddus.

    You generally dont get to use defense tokens against btvenger. Its sort of the point.
  11. Wave 7 was the wrong answer

    Whens mah next book coming out Butcher?! I got dem shakes!
  12. Wave 7 was the wrong answer

    It was the autumn of getting paid by the word...
  13. Wave 7 was the wrong answer

    Good this is such a sad way to look at it. “Wow everything is awesome I guess its all about to turn to bantha poodoo”. Enjoy the moment.