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  1. Thats not redirection. Check the time stamp, im posting like ten minutes after the game ended. Thats just what I was doing on sunday. As for Gnips, I at no point express any undetstanding of why Gnips got a vote. I ask if JJ's vote on nippy was why the JJ train started. I still dont get the reasoning for the vote on Gnips in d1. Following JJ on ninja atm. Interested in finding out what the good umbrella drink shinobi has to say. The pull at l-1 seems pretty town.
  2. What about my last paragraph bothered you?
  3. I was watching the jets get jobbed by the league office. That game should have got overtime when brady likely still would have won but at least i wouldnt feel robbed. Anyway. I don't love the JJ turbo train. That all happened very fast and that worries me. I mean, I guess I get it, given the timing. But I think Toad is right I want to give JJ a chance to say something in his defense. I don't see why it started tho, except the vote on gnips over ebon given his earlier misgivings? Is that it? Like JJ, I had ebon highest on my list until he explained the Training Day thing. He's still up there for me tho, because i have no idea how to evaluate that. Has Visovics said anything yet? I'm not a fan of kill the quiet one but if he hasnt posted at all, then I don't know that we really have a choice. Anyway I'm going to keep checking till deadline, but I mean, theres getting irl busy for a day and not saying anything and theres getting irl busy for 72 hours straight, which strains credability. Even if he is town, he's not helping if hes not posting at all. I don't even really understand why gnips or toad got a vote. Just in case, I'm going to ##vote visovics but I will be checking back to see if he says anything. If he does, and its even remotely reasonable, I intend to pull my vote.
  4. Whats the joke? I dont see a joke. I don't understand the drug dealer thing either.
  5. Lets not speculate as to town roles.
  6. Guessing scum numbers never bothers me. I think 2 makes the most sense. Three would be completely broken. With three-Day one town lynch, n1 town kill, game over. Just one- D1 megaluck lynch, game over. Even if that scum had an arsenal of abilities, thats still a 1 in 8 shot that game ends immediately. So, 2 scum.
  7. ##role confirmed
  8. Actually i think its about time the rebels lost a big ole ship to a single starfighter. Balance of the force and whatnot.
  9. I wish that movie, as well as history of the world volume two, were a real thing. But its not so I get to use their joke.
  10. Episode 9: Blood from a Stone Episode 9: The Search for More Money
  11. Ovin really tried to save you guys too.
  12. Wow that was ******* terrible.
  13. I like Boba. I dont think I'd take him to a tourny but I get him on the table now and then. I had one list where my whole fighter complement was him, morna key, valen and cienna. Actually wound up working cuz my opponent brought a corvette swarm. Like a lot of the expensive aces his issue is simply opportunity cost, because he is a presence on the table. Aces I never bring; Ketsu, Keyan, Nym, Blount...I think I actually use all the imperial aces with fair regularity.