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  1. I swear i was so annoyed that its not on a tarot card
  2. Thanks geek I haven’t played in a while and this article was great for me to be able to quickly get up to speed with the state of the game.
  3. I mean, ordinarily I’d agree with you on intent. But if the intent wasn’t to be as Dras laid it out, then why not just write “when obstructed” instead of “obstructed by a ship or obstacle”
  4. I’m not 100% sure what salvo does yet/what restrictions there are on it. I think one of the cards in the rebel set thats hidden lets you resolve crit effects while using salvo (speculative...I’m doing some guesswork at what im reading). You may also not be able to use upgrades while using salvo. I have no idea. So I’m not really thinking about how it balances.
  5. Yeah lets get the f*** off this hill and go live by the sea
  6. It still has a lot of value in simply being a cheap way to fill the commander slot and providing access to tokens ships were balanced around not having. Its ECM effect however, is strictly worse, and you may still want to run ECM’s with it on a larger ship. Or Walex.
  7. I think its a dangerous to base anything on point cost. Have we had any commander yet that only affected the ship that they were on?
  8. So...none of what she does is fleetwide. Since you and your is used for everything on the card.
  9. Ok yes, but those cr90s would burn through their tokens pretty fast. Especially if your opponent was using intel officer or palpatine.
  10. My first thought was also that she was a way to get salvo to older ships.
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