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  1. i'am a battlelore's player. i think the battlelore Legend units here in Runewars can be max 1x2 trays models.. honestly 2x2 seems too much in addition flying models like the Roc can be on 1 single tray.
  2. budge is right. the models are too big but now FFG has all the art already developed for Runewars. so the step is easy to use this art for Battlelore. (maybe the same sculpt just rivisited with less details for miniature size of battlelore) the 2017 (maybe gencon) is the right moment to pull the "battlelore's elves" out of the hat!
  3. I really hope for this cross-line... anyway FFG can do it, they are pushing so far the runebound universe that I easily expect something in Runebound (for sure) and if we are lucky these blessed latary army packs in Battlelore! after all they can use the same kind of units
  4. for a masterpiece it's easy to enter in every kind of top ten here we go to the latari elves!
  5. and Battlelore is in the Dice tower's FFG TOP TEN.. it's absolutely not a case because this game is a masterpiece. please FFG let's complete the circle and give us the latari elves (maybe in the same moment you release them in Runewars)
  6. I m still hoping for the realease of the latari elves both for runewars and battlelore... now that FFG has an entire lab-division dedicated to miniatures i think they can have the possibility to releases these two blessed latari army packs. we'll see..
  7. In Italy we want the latari elves too! I am sure that FFG want to launch runewars and after the first waves there will be elves for battlelore (maybe together with elves in runewars). FFG please don't give up with Battlelore because it s a masterpiece. At least two elves' army packs..
  8. Battlelore can NOT be DEAD! Why? Just a simple single reason: it's a masterpiece! I am sure the battlelore's elves will arrive together with their Runewars' cousins to close the circle!
  9. Dear Maxam, I understand your point of view.. but let see how much will cost a foot skeleton unit ( i hope 12 skeleton for 30 dollars) And above all let see the cost of undead wyvern (it will come out for sure) so we will compare with the prices of GW I really really hope FFG doesn't reach the expensivity of GW Have no words.. and sorry for my bad english.
  10. It's quite expensive, not exagerate, but still expensive. I think it's not the right way to make the difference in the crowded world of wargames: for example the command unit, which is composed by only 4 little foot soldier, must cost not more of 20 dollars...
  11. Hello folks, I am an italian war gamer bur not a painter. So I don't want to paint anything and I hope that the plastic figure have different basic colours for each faction (blu daqan, red uthuk, violet undead, green elves) like Battlelore 2 ed. Does someone know anything about it?
  12. All good ideas And these make me desire the two Latari Elves Army packs so strong! Come on FFG give us a sign!
  13. Be patient... a lot of people are waiting for them ... so, maybe next year, but they will arrive!
  14. Battlelore has three great things: 1) it can be played in 60-90 minutes (suited for everyone) 2) you can have an army ready to be played with almost 40 $ (army packs) 3) it was a great game designed by a genious (Richard Borg) and improved by years of gameplay by the FFG Team... so its mechanic is almost perfect! Just one desire: FFG will release the Latari Elves both for Runewars and Battlelore....
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