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  1. I... still haven’t gotten a reply. 🙃
  2. My favorite two lists are: Bossk w/escorts. Usually a pair of glitter-crack Black Sun Aces, though with so many new toys for the Scum I'm looking at other options (maybe Mando fighters when they release). Bossk is a beast and there's little I enjoy flying more than the YV-666. List as a whole hits hard and doesn't have a lot of super-glaring weaknesses (unless Bossk finds himself alone against a highly maneuverable pilot with higher PS) "Whisper", Turr Phennir, Valen Rudor. This list really, really catches people off guard and most players are never sure how to really handle it. It's got two pilots that can move during combat phase and all three are generally hard to pin down if flown decently. With initiative, Turr Phennir and Whisper both became **** near impossible to kill, while Rudor plinks away with Juke, typically using his Evade token to avoid the only attack an opponent might get before he boosts or rolls away (or, at worst, I get a Focus to defend a second attack with). It's a tad vulnerable to a necessity for smart flying and the odd loss of initiative, but my local meta doesn't have *too many* PS10+ pilots floating about. It's a really fun list to fly, and from what I understand a really frustrating list to fly against.
  3. What about Thane Kyrell with R2-D6 and Expose? Lower PS, so you just wait until the last moment before you pop Expose with his ability. Bam, extra die, still have your Focus or TL, and against non-generics you're probably safe from getting shot with no agility. Though really it's five points and your astromech slot, when you could do a lot else with him for cheaper. Personally, I'm thinking R7-T1, likely with a tail gunner.
  4. I don't think it's a dial that SCREAMS for PTL, but it's still got enough green there that it'd be viable. Which I kinda like. Always a nice change of pace when the EPT slot isn't a no-brainer.
  5. Oh, I do, I just swear I could've read stories about FFG being incredibly cool about this sort of thing in the past. It'll probably be a good while until I can have all the insurance claim stuff but together, and well... I miss my ships. Didn't think it'd hurt to ask, at least.
  6. I have to wonder how well Outmaneuver will work on an ARC. Always loved slapping it on Scum Kath for the chance to throw extra red dice at reduced green dice, and with a Tail Gunner you could potentially be stripping two green dice away from an enemy ship. Sure, you're still just throwing two red out the rear, but even 4 green dice ships may now have some trouble avoiding it all. Not to mention it makes it easier to hit with your three dice out the front with good maneuvering, and Norra Wexley can take it to another level by adding a die. That said, hard to not like PTL on Wexley. Looks like a lot of ways to kit these guys out. Have to say, I'm excited to fly them.
  7. Just as the topic says. Few weeks back my old house burned down, and while I technically moved out a while ago I still had a lot of stuff there I hadn't yet found the time to pack up and find a place to store at my new place. Thankfully, *most* of my collection I'd already taken with me to play some games with. Less fortunately, I still had a handful of X-Wing goodness that is now nothing more than a pile of ash. My GR-75, Gozanti (plus some docked TIEs), and much of the material that came with both of them (and the material that came with the Raider, though the Raider itself miraculously survived!) is, well... poof. Poor epic ships, it's what they get for being too massive and beautiful to fit inside my tackle box. I've heard FFG is apparently super cool with helping out with these situations, but I want to make sure I handle it properly. Could someone please tell me the proper way to go about asking FFG if they could help me out? And before anyone asks, yes, everyone is okay. Lost a lot of stuff that can never truly be replaced, sure, but that's the worst of it. Which is probably why I'm just now finding the time to try and see about getting replacements for my little toy Star Wars ships.
  8. Seismic Torpedoes being an action and "Quickdraw" both look set to wreck higher PS pilots days. I'm looking forward to em'.
  9. Nah, for as expensive as he is and since it is a trick that is probably going to work once a game I don't see an issue with it. Nothing to do with the power level of the trick, it seems like something unintended that slipped through development. We won't know until the faq that's released alongside wave 9. But I'd still wager that firing primary weapons mid activation phase is not going to be a thing. And I wager it will be a thing. We already have ways to move/perform actions in the combat phase, so why not the reverse? And at PS9, it means he's only going to be able to do this to a very select handful of pilots. A group of pilots some might say FFG could do to encourage players to either take different EPTs with OR to use different pilots they may not otherwise consider. Quickdraw's very existence, assuming he doesn't get errata, would do nothing but help diversify the meta. That's a pretty wonderful thing, and FFG would be silly to willingly remove that. But honestly, my gut says this didn't "slip through the cracks" and is an option they fully intended when they made him. It's not like taking damage during the movement phase is a rare occurrence, it's been a part of X-Wing since Day One when the first players derped through asteroids for the first time.
  10. Honestly, Maul was a pretty crappy part of a pretty crappy film. There's stuff I like in Phantom Menace, but Darth Maul isn't part of it. He's just a guy that looks kinda scary, utters a couple lines, then promptly gets cut in half. Since then, though, he's been 100% uphill in my book. Heck, even has an insane, gibbering spider-bot he was more compelling than in Menace. From there he's just gone on to be an engaging character that I was really happy to see pop back up in Rebels.
  11. Heh... I didn't even look at the token. But seeing as how there's no "Old Teacher" in Star Wars lore that I know of, and "teacher" and "master" are pretty synonymous, I'm sticking with it being Darth Maul.
  12. Take a look, the PS7 pilot: Name just starts with the word "Old". Darth Maul, in the Rebels era, goes by the name "Old Master". Darth Maul, during the Clone Wars, briefly ruled Mandalore. Darth Maul is now in X-Wing.
  13. I wonder if the "Old" for the Mando Fighter is "Old Master"... and this is how they're getting Darth Maul into the game.
  14. As the two ships would be overlapping at the time Oicunn causes damage, wouldn't that no allow you to attack him? Won't stop you from being able to attack someone else, though.
  15. Can I have your stuff?
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