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  1. So I change my official answer. Not only are Phantoms not dead they may just be in the best spot they've been in for a long long time. Even Echo (perhaps especially Echo) has a really strong place in the upcoming and current meta. I figured it out today and it's beautiful. In particular because Echo is the most fun of all ships in X Wing to fly. Go ahead ask me how/why?
  2. I came up with this one: Kanan- FCS Rey Jyn Erso TLT Plasma Torps EM Tac Jammer Biggs- IA R4-D6 Rex- Sabines Materpiece Jan Ors BMST I call it Biggs Lives! The strategy is tiny rocks or debris. Fly them in formation with Ghost out front and Biggs behind to the side of Kanan and Rex close to flank of Biggs. Point Biggs at opponents, Kanan can use his arc or Biggs to action Jyn. The goal is to either have Biggs token stacked with at least Focus and Evade or 1-2 Focus and or Evade on Kanan. If Kanan can stay in front of Biggs and Biggs is in Range 3 of opponents Biggs gets 4 green dice (range 3 plus TJ) and has Focus and Evade. Kanan can spend Focus to reduce the biggest red die attack by 1 and Rex's Suppresive Fire subtracts another red die. Of course all this is best case scenario but if you can hold the group within range 1 of each other Biggs can survive a very long time and let the TLT/Ghost do it's work.
  3. Yeah, 52 pt Dengar with 360 degree arc and able to pull Evades off from 4 different Sycks for two 5 dice attacks, yeah, sure, that's not a problem. Not requiring arc on the SL is broken. Any and all PWT with an EPT are going to be an issue. Sooooooo many red dice. Btw, Swarm Leader itself is red die power creep at its worst. You can't separate the two. It's the poster child.
  4. That's what I get for posting this late at night. Thanks. I may have been confused by a secondary weapon going in an EPT slot?
  5. So I was reading over Snap Shot and it says: "After an enemy ship executes a maneuver, you may perform this attack against that ship. Attack: Attack 1 ship. You cannot modify your attack dice and cannot attack again this phase." What it does not say is, "primary weapon attack" so if I have an Autoblaster Turret and you finish a maneuver inside range 1 RAW says I can fire a 2d unmodified non-[hit] cancellable shot. Thoughts?
  6. So a hybrid of some good ideas on this thread would be good. Don't be afraid of math, we've got computers. We don't need to go out of the way to be complex but we don't need to fear it either Half points for all ships which have suffered half damage. Only half of the ship cost not including upgrades. Only ship cost mitigates half damage in most cases. For shield regen ships you must have a least one damage card in order to claim half ships value points. So strip Mirandas shields and score one hull hit then you get half ships value points even if she regens full shields back. Damage cards which bypass shields don't count.
  7. Mine is: Lothal Rebel- TLT Han Solo FCS Hera Title Ezra Shuttle- Snap Shot BoShek Title Arvel- Snap Shot Title Prockets AT I've run this list with two PS1 A Wing blockers but 1 disgustingly good Ace Blocker might be much better. Every turn I don't have stress I take an Evade on VCX and just fly away from everyone. 3-4 damage per turn pretty much melts any low Agi ships. I imagine a pure swarm would eat it alive but since those don't see the table often I'm not too worry. I think this build would be great vs RAC + Ace.
  8. So I played the list today vs Scout with Swarm Leader, two naked light Sycks and a bombed up Constable perms-cloak Quad. First round of shooting get N'Drus Cluster off and do 4 dmg to his Quad. He retaliated with 5 dice Swarm Leader shot. Three crits and two hits natural. Bye bye N'Dru. Bummer but I had to change tactics. Ran with BBoH and let him chase. Ran down Quad with Asajj and pumped some damage into Scout. Finished off the rest of the list with 6 hull left on Asajj and 4 on BBoH. The combo of FA and Gonk and still getting focus from ML was really nice.
  9. SCURRG!!!!! All I care about is SCURRG!!! Give it to Rebels and Scum. They need a new crossover ship. Nothing else matters. 3/2 Bomb x2, Salvaged Astromech x2, Illicit, Crew having SCURRG!!! ps- oh, and with a bomb generator title.
  10. When you are first starting fly what you like and you'll learn what you can win with.
  11. So here's the list: N'Dru- Attanni Mindlink Cluster Missiles Sacvenger Crane GC Asajj Ventress- Attanni Mindlink Latts Razzi Shadow Caster Contracted Scout- Attanni Mindlink R5-P8 Gonk Feedback Array I haven't flown this list yet. The concept is that The Ball of Hate (Scout) just gets in the middle and jams things up and Gonks almost every turn to keep using that FA. N'Dru is looking to get off Missiles and use crane to get more. After initial CM shot he's the focus engine. Asajj circles and passes out stress and tractor beam tokens and tanks. Thoughts, ideas and criticisms are welcome. It's not quite the token stacker that Paratanni is but 6-8 hits on that Palp/Ren shuttle from N'Dru makes me less nervous about being shown the dark side.
  12. In a standard game the correct answer is 7. An Epsilon TIE f/o is 15 pts add hyperwave com scanner for 1 pt and you still have enough pts for 7 naked Academy TIEs (84 pts).
  13. Yeah, none of this is right. It says "suffer a critical damage" not "roll a critical hit result" so no it doesn't ignore shields in any way.
  14. I honestly think that the Phantom which is most playable right now is the cheapest one. Simply add FCS and LF. Don't make it the centerpiece of your list. It's not for competitive builds but it's still a fun ship.
  15. So I'm I'm firing with my ABC and Fearlessness adds a [hit] does that mean I have 4 unblockable hits? Same for Finn adding a blank re-rolled into a hit with ABC.
  16. What happens if you drop a Conner Net and it overlaps two (or more ships). What if one of those ships is one of your own ships? James
  17. I know Focus tokens can be spent on a turn even when no Focus results appear on the dice. My question is: can one spend a Focus and choose not to modify Focus results. For example RAC is attacking and rolls only a single [hit] on 3 dice. I roll, blank, blank and Focus and his Hot Shot Co-Pilot requires me to spend my Focus. Can I spend and modify nothing and take the single hit rather than face the wrath of his Gunner?
  18. The real problem that FFG game design has is that they are reactive not proactive.
  19. It's all water under the bridge now but what FFG should have done is a much slower release of the varying ships and just had expansions be reskins of current ships with new pilots and new upgrades. Each ship ship should be closer to the total number of X Wing pilots and not 4 like some ships have. That could have kept the creep down and kept all ships in play. Too late now.
  20. X-Wing needs an FFG sanctioned Campaign system badly. Not just a single campaign but a framework which people can use to bring cinematic moments and moments from their imagination to life. Scenarios can be developed to include any ship or upgrade. I have nothing against tournaments or the tournament scene (in fact I rather enjoy them) but everyone and anyone can enjoy campaigns. HOtAC isn't bad but it's too limited.
  21. I have a lifelong friend who found some nice looking wooden boxes which are 12" x 8" x 4" and look kind of like a very fancy cigar box. He covered the inside with green felt, used elastic and made straps you can slide movement and range templates under and put magnets on the bottom and sides. With washers on the bases ships never move. Part is sectioned out for cardbox which holds dice, ship and upgrade cards, tokens, etc. It looks great, functions perfectly (can fit and large ship) and is by far the most conveinient carrying solution I've ever seen.
  22. What about Palob? He can generate while focused by simply stealing from an enemy ship.
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