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  1. So I ran Zuckuss with IR today and my experience was actually a better one than when I've run the old Party Bus with Pre-nerf Zuckuss and 4-Lom. I used more discretion with Zuckuss and made an effort to clear stress with IR. I still pushed a lot of damage and almost always had a action available. In the end those Focus actions were more beneficial than 4-Lom or the 1-2 when I wanted to force 3 re-rolls or not do a green maneuver.
  2. To me it looked almost exactly like a BSG fighter. I'm sure someone will have seen more details. There may have also been another fighter in the space battle cut scene.
  3. It's not a party till Joe Boss shows up talking like a Cajun hobbit version of Yoda!
  4. My super secret Biggs build: Kanan- FCS Rey Jyn Erso TLT TJ Plasma Torps EM Biggs- IA Determination R2-D6 Rex- Sabines Masterpiece Jan Ors
  5. charlesanakin


    Parattanni is the big thing right now so I came up with my own take: IG88C- FCS AT Title Attanni Mindlink Manaroo- Attanni Mindlink R4 Agromech IG88D (crew) Engine Upgrade N'Dru Suhlak- Attanni Mindlink Cluster Missiles Scavenger Crane Guidance Chips Thoughts?
  6. Nothing is more gratifying than beating down a polished player using a meta netlist with a list I have created. It's just so hard for them to accept. You have to be creative, be willing to take some lumps as you learn your list (and if it's even good) and have a plan if you face specific meta lists. My current favorite Imp list is a RAC and Echo list. Other RAC lists are scary so I run RAC Determination with Dauntless and if I face a RAC + Ace list my first Kylo crit is damaged cockpit to both. Now that both are PS0 good luck getting a crit through vs my 4 Agi Echo with Palp and Lone Wolf who now has the highest PS. By no means have I mastered clubbing net lists but I do fairly well against them with my own builds. Don't be afraid to take chances (and lose sometimes) with your list building.
  7. One of my favorite Rebel lists: Heff Tobber (U Wing)- FCS Finn Hera Title TJ Eaden Vrill (YT-2400)- Rey Tractor Beam Cannon Braylen Stramm (ARC-170)- R3-A2 Gunner Title all PS3 so you can choose move and firing order. Stress on any opponent makes target decision for Vrill easy and makes him a 5/5 3AT PWT. You don't have to outfly because Heff and just zero stop (over and over) and you park Stramm right behind and use TJ and do 1 green straights and give and clear stress. Lots of fun. Good luck.
  8. @AllWingsStandyingBy i think most of your post is spot on. I do take issue however with your assessment of some of the pilots and the empirical data. I won't go into specifics of who can do this or that because this forum is absolutely packed with people singing the praises of their great new list which uses a U-Wing and has gone 4-0 in games at their local FLGS. It's all white noise now. I do want to touch on empirical data and competitive lists and play. First if winning a Regional or System Open is your mark then you are correct. It if making top 16 (which I would consider a better indicator of list/ship viability) then the data changes. There is also an important point to make regarding upper level competitive play. It discourages risk. The people who are in serious contention in one of those major tournaments is almost always going to select a list that is a proven winner and tested against the current meta, or a part of the current meta. The nature of top level competition discourages big risk in list-making. And honestly there are few Rebel lists right now that aren't big risk.
  9. Scurrg bomber is an ideal candidate. Non PWT, both Scum and Rebel and it's already in Armada. Just do it already FFG.
  10. Any Parattanni list with only 2/3 ships Mindlinked? My suspicion is that the overall effectiveness of the Parattanni list would drop off significantly if you took Mindlink off one ship (even if that ship wasn't Manaroo). If that's true (and I suspect it is) Mindlink isn't the problem. Parattanni is just a corner case that hits a sweet spot. It's simply a perfectly efficient combination of ships and upgrades. If Mindlink was the issue Mindlink lists would have been dominating for a while. Bad reason to reactionarily nerf something. Especially given the results of some of FFGs previous nerfs.
  11. Vrill- Rey/TBC Stramm- Title, R3-A2, Gunner Andor- Wired, TJ, Inspiring Recruit, Hera, FCS, Title i love playing this list. Eaden almost always has a stressed ship to shoot at and target priority is usually very simple for him. Tractor Beam Cannon gives him a good Range 3 option for just 1 pt.
  12. That's an easy one. Parattanni doesnt get all the hate because not a single one of its elements feels really broken. It's not like Dengaroo stacking 30 stress to force Zuckuss on every green die rolled. It's not like Fel changing three blanks into 3 evades. It's a simple, harmonious and elegant list that's also fairly easy to fly and play. No broken elements keeps the hate somewhat in check. We're sure to see some resentment from overplay, but hate...?
  13. That was my point. Not that it's auto win but that Asajj circles the outside with mobile arc facing in, Manaroo trails and Fenn does his thing. Not a lot of crew or triggers to remember. It's "easy" to fly, even for a beginner.
  14. Rebels don't reposition well but they do synergize well. So stop trying to make them do what you want them to do and let them do what they do well. One of my personal favorite lists uses a U Wing and Braylen Stramm and you just park in a corner and zero stop with the U Wing and position the stress machine behind. Stramm does greens and clears his stress bumping to stay behind. Arcs spread out to cover almost all approach angles. Another of my favorite current Rebel builds uses Kanan, Determination Biggs with Rex and Jan Ors crew. It's really hard to hit Biggs when he's sitting behind a tac jammer with an Evade and Focus x2 (Jyn Erso) and I can remove two of your red dice. I think Rebel list crafting is tougher than the other factions (it likely has been for a while) but some outside the box thinking and playing can yield great results. As evidenced by the whacky Range 3 Ghost/Ashoka list. Step outside the box and outside your comfort zone if you want to play Rebels.
  15. Parattanni- Fenn AM Title AT Asajj AM Latts Razzi Manaroo AM Its simple, it's beautiful, it's elegant and it's very powerful. It's the "easy" button. Usually ends up with TL and Focus x2 on Fenn and Focus and Evade x2 on Asajj and Manaroo with a Focus. Oh, and all the ships have great dials.
  16. The problem with your math is that Horn isn't your wingman, Biggs is. And Biggs doesn't get 3 green dice plus Focus and Evade so his math has no relevance in this specific discussion. The question, and only question is: Is Rex and his Suppressive Fire, his TIE, Jan Ors and the added defense for Biggs is worth the double tap? My list was created with Kylo RAC in mind. With an Evade on Biggs and a Focus on Kanan RAC using Kylo is 100% ineffective outside of range 1. With a 2 dice attack even with double blanks on green dice he can spend his Evade to block a hit and let the Kylo crit through and simply discard it with Determination. This method also prevents Gunner from working This doesn't include Focus(es) from Jyn, TJ, long range or Suppressive fire which can be used against another opponent ship. Vs the same matchup the math is Kylo RAC 2 dice shot with ability vs 2 green dice plus likely Focus Biggs. Still good odds to get the crit through. If that happens 0 dice for Biggs on the BP. That's diminishing returns. With all that said my list does give up the likely double tap at the end. For me considering the Biggs math it's worth it.
  17. RAC would be but Maarek would be tied at 9 so it would come down to initiative. Im not suggesting BP is a bad choice but it's by no means auto default 1st card and many people play it that way.
  18. You are correct and that was more a symptom of wanting that EPT for the U Wing and allowing him to peel stress from Stramm or Eaden. But you are right and it definitely bears consideration on which U Wing and which crew I use for that second slot. Thanks.
  19. TBC= Tractor Beam Cannon, sorry. I usually have Eaden come from the opposite side of the corner the other two set up in and then swoop in once some stress is dished out so he has a 3D primary or there is a good target of opportunity for his TBC in which case I'll come in more slowly and try to stay at range three. If I do it right vs a double sided approach the U and Arc arcs will cover almost all the area from the map edge towards the middle. What's left is covered by Eaden coming in. I considered a Y-Wing but I found if and when the U Wing dies that rear arc on the ARC is very handy. I don't have to turn around to get shots on a pursuing ship. That's won me games so I've stuck with the ARC. I could drop to a Gray ARC. I chose Stramm because a green maneuver when bumping the U Wing plus the roll can relieve 2 stress (which is redundant to inspiring recruit and I'm rethinking that) but I do like having the ability to remove two stress which leaves the option to fly away with actions when needed.
  20. Kylo Rens best use isn't Blinded Pilot. Don't get me wrong BP is nice but IMO Damaged Cockpit is better. How about that Dengar rather than missing 1/2 of 3D shots (he could still use Payback after BP) he spends the rest of the game at PS0 with no hope of changing that?!? No he doesn't get last move for positioning, likely won't get much out of Payback and even if he is in a good spot later then you hit him with BP. The groupthink says the best is BP, for me it Damaged Cockpit all the way. Plus it makes almost any PS6-7 ship viable. Played a game yesterday with Echo (funnest ship to fly in the game) and she was top PS (other than RAC) almost the whole game. Changes everything. Good luck.
  21. Yes Noxious both of those things are true. There are trade offs. But imagine Dengar in a Dengaroo squad with a 2 die attack followed by a 1 die payback attack.
  22. So I runThis variant to Biggs and Kanan. I don't have anywhere near the number of games but I've had good success and lots of fun with this list: Kanan- FCS Plasma Torps EM Rey Jyn Erso TLT Tac Jammer Biggs- IA R2-D6 Determination Rex- Sabines Masterpiece Jan Ors The object is keep Kanan out front yet in Range 1 of Biggs with Rex off to the side. Use Jyn and Jan to add Focus+Evade (maybe double Focus+Evade) to Biggs. If set up properly Biggs has 4 green dice (2+, range and TJ) with Evade and Focus. Then Kanan drops a Focus with Rey and now the attackers primary is 1 die less. After Rex adds Suppressive Fire the primary threat is tossing 2 less red dice. I call the list Biggs Lives! He usually dies but it takes a long time. I've found it effective and extremely fun.
  23. So here's what I found out today and what I did. It's Kylo Ren. I think everyone kind of just assumed that Blinded Pilot was "the" card for Kylos ability. And don't get me wrong BP is great but in a conversation we were talking about what comes after BP and I reviewed the Piot damage cards and found the Damaged Cockpit card. So after putting 2+2 together I flew this: RAC- Predator Palp Kylo Echo- Kallus Lone Wolf FCS ACD So the issue with using any non-VI Whiper Phantom is getting shots off to get that ACD to kick in. Well with RAC (and you could put VI on him) and Palp you can use Kylo to ISYTDS then crit with RAC or force with Palp. Instead of using BP crit you use Damaged Cockpit. Voila PS0 for the rest of the game. That can quickly put Echo (even non-VI Echo) back as the highest PS ship in the game. Target any 6+ PS ships using Damaged Cockpit and watch the beautiful flying machine that is Echo. Of course this has hard counters in Determination or Chewy crew (once) or VI Chewy but using those Damaged Cockpits early vs high PS with RAC and Palp makes Echo top dog PS.
  24. Ive never really flown a Rebel Stress list but I came up with this: Cassian Andor- Wired Inspiring Recruit Tac Jammer FCS Hera Title Eaden Vrill- TBC Rey Braylen Stramm- R3-A2 Gunner Title The one thing I have really liked in the games that I've played is the ability to park Cassian in a corner with Stramm behind and just throw out 3D FCS Wired attacks and 2 shot double Stress w/ Gunner while just repeating Andors zero stop and a 1 green with Stramm to clear 2 Stress every turn. It's been fun. Thoughts?
  25. Nope, just fly it better. Try to not get shot by every opponent ship each turn. Without knowing your flying issues it's the best I can do. It's not meant to last forever but shouldn't get killed right away either.
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