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  1. Glitterstim+Crane= 4 pts Jabba+GSx2= 9 pts plus two crew slots Is it really worth it? I get that Jabba plus GSx2 is better but double the cost plus must include YV plus two slots. Epic he's fantastic.
  2. I know (given the history) that this is highly unlikely but... Given the wide open meta right now which ships/lists from Wave XI would we see in significant numbers at Worlds. (Yes I know the cards haven't been spoiled yet)
  3. Have almost all of both. Love both. Play way more X-Wing because it's quicker and easier to get games. Armada is strategic. You have to have an idea going in, pick and objective, choose whether you want to kill ships, win objectives or some of each. X-Wing is tactical. You see you react, you out guess your opponent. Sorry fellas (and ladies) Armada is the superior game from just a gamers perspective. The mechanics are better, less dice variance, almost every ship created to date is viable (even at competitive levels), etc... I often think when playing Armada that FFG somehow fixed everything it's botched or whiffed on in X-Wing with Armada. Armada has one major drawback. It takes sooooooooooo long to play a game. If they each clocked the same amount of time for a game I imagine the player bases would almost flip. It's really checkers (X-Wing) vs chess (Armada). Some people do prefer checkers though I'm not sure why.
  4. Turrets, TLTs, PWTs all should have had a mechanic similar to the Lancer from the very beginning. You should have a primary arc and a turret mobile turret arc which you can move each turn and cover port, starboard or aft but only 1 of the three. Done. Don't have to change ranges or dice. Turrets now require some skill to use. And it's not much of a nerf for anything. Btw I don't think that it should require an action like the Lancer. I think it should just happen after you execute your manoever.
  5. You guys are all so picky and whiny. The Aggressor doesn't have a lot of options. A) it's a TIE so it's got to have side foils. B) many configurations for those foils are already taken. C) If the foils had just about any other configuration you'd all be complaining about how dumb it is to have a turret with no field of view. The Auzituck does look like a Hind. It's stat seem Hindish. The Hind is awesome. If you're not a Wookiee (and you're not) you should just let them have their style and not comment before they rip your arms off and beat you to death with them. I really like the Scurrgs simple design. As a straight forward bomber/heavy fighter its small forward profile is exactly the type of design I'd expect (the opposite of the giant flower please shoot anywhere and you're sure to hit StarViper). And I agree the C-ROC is just pretty.
  6. Like Detemination RAC. Kylo vs you gets chucked and you can hand out a nice Damaged Cockpit. I play 60 pt RAC with 40 pt Echo.
  7. I like the PAvAA mini-swarm Jess Pava- Swarm Leader IA R2-D6 Pattern Analyzer Green Squadron Pilot x3- Snap Shot Juke Title fly right up close and blast away. Juke and Snap Shot make As firepower go much further.
  8. I run an Echo with RAC list. With Palp on board RAC I use Lone Wolf on Echo. If some has 3 pilots over PS6 it's gonna be a tough match. If not I'm just judicious with how I play Echo until RAC pushes those two Damaged Cockpits through. I think it doable with Kylo. Without its tough. Being able to guarantee a crit is of course vital as well.
  9. I think the 2nd Scurrg pilot (PS3) is: Lok Revenant
  10. It seems to me that the opinions here may lack a possibility. It is certainly a possibility that the dials are a function of creep. But it's also a possibility that better dials are design improvement. Perhaps the early dials were simply massively underpowered as opposed to the newer dials being overpowered. I would vastly prefer an upgrade to older dials than newer dials sucking as bad as some of the older dials. Dials should reflect the ship type and it's abilities but I'm all for better dials.
  11. Jyn Erso and Kanan with EI. Reinforce plus Jyn every round and clear with whites. Adaptable because you can also use both on other ships as well.
  12. Actually you can see from the photo that ALL of the pilots except the PS1 have EPTs. That just makes sweet even sweeter.
  13. I like the asthetics of it. I like that it's a 3 attack bomber. I like the upgrade bar. I like that you can swap crew for systems and Astromech. I like the story behind the ship (wookiepedia). I like perpetual bombs (especially with Sabine). Maybe ask what I don't like??
  14. This has been my favorite ship for some time and since it dropped for Armada I've been on pins and needles Wave after wave for it to hit X-Wing. I called it on the Wave XI speculation thread. I even called dual faction, bomblet generator and replacing crew with Astromech (all in the fluff). It looks like FFG nailed this one. I suspect the dial will be much better than people might think. So many good options. I'm getting two and X-Wing August can't get here soon enough.
  15. And...? Who says size the the most important factor in this mechanic. It works just like choosing Lancers mobile firing arc. The size doesn't matter it's a tactical choice.
  16. I think you're right but I think your logic is wrong. It's in vs out of arc. Lots of things use that mechanic and it's fine.
  17. This is what a "fix" done right looks like. Kudos to FFG for this. No let's do that T-65 just as elegantly.
  18. So how many of each of Wave XI ships will you be getting and why? Personally I'm going to get: TIE x1, Autizuck x1 and Scurrg x2 (its my favorite and I need one to have painted)
  19. So how many of each of Wave XI ships will you be getting and why? Personally I'm going to get: TIE x1, Autizuck x1 and Scurrg x2 (its my favorite and I need one to have painted)
  20. Ummmm, Reinforce with Biggs. That's just crazy. He gets an Evade result on every attack he suffers. So much for not being able to come up with a T-65 fix cause it might buff Biggs. Wow!
  21. Wave XI speculation thread I called Scurrg and even called it as dual faction. I'm thrilled. Psyched for this wave. All auto buy (Scurrg x2).
  22. My anti RAC RAC list. RAC- Determination Kylo Palp Dauntless Echo- Lone Wolf Kallus FCS ACD Go ahead feel free Kylo that BP through my RAC. First two rounds of shooting my RAC puts Damaged Cockpit on the two highest PS ships I'm facing. Echo with highest PS mops up. Lone Wolf and Kallus makes her win even vs Kanan, Miranda, etc...
  23. Stramm- R3-A2 Gunner Title Vrill- Rey Tractor Beam Cannon Heff- FCS Finn Hera TJ Title 100 pts
  24. Slaved Astromech Droid (Title)- When attacking with a primary weapon at range 3 treat the attack as range 2. At the start of the activation phase you may tap an Astromech Droid to acquire a free TL. Tapped Astromech droids may not use their ability while tapped.
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