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  1. Bad logic. Xizor can transfer a hit result obtained through a roll of the dice but there is no evidence of hits/crits exceeding dice rolled. Accuracy corrector in no way allows you to exceed dice rolled because no ship has fewer than 2 attack strength so at its best allow maximum hits but not exceeding dice hits (unless you can come up with an attack which only gets 1 die? Last time I checked ATC has been released yet so that just puts it in the same boat as Bossk. If they have posted an FAQ on it then that's one thing but from what you've just offered its still just a best guess with no current examples of exceeding dice rolled.
  2. Bossk is resolved at the beginning of Step 7, Deal Damage: The key word in there is "results", there's nothing in there about dice, so the number of dice rolled does not limit the number of [hit] and [crit] results you can have. Anything other example in the entire game to support this? How might you obtain uncanceled [hit] and [crit] "results" except by the dice? I am not convinced it's one way or the other but I'm not sure this is proof positive.
  3. So quick question. Are we certain that Bossk may exceed the amount of dice rolled with hits? For example, if he rolls 3 dice for attack and gets two hits and a crit can he then go with 4 hits due to his ability? Or, is his ability limited by the number of attack dice he rolls (can't exceed 3 in the above example)? Common sense seems to say that you can't do more damage than your maximum firepower allows but strictly based on the literal wording of the card there seems to be no limitation. Just a thought.
  4. There's no exclusivity to it but it seems to me (setting aside point cost) that the Punisher will be a much more viable option for bombs with Boost and the extra slot. So if bombs are your thing and you're adept at using them the Punisher may be for you.
  5. Ordinance is a problem. It's not just an issue for the players. No game designer wants to create an entire category of upgrades (ordinance) and have it average about 2/100 points in games played. Most of the ordinance isn't so superior to other upgrades that 1 and done makes it not worth the risk. One bad roll (or even average roll) and you've wasted 2-5 points. Ordinance either needs greater effect or more attempts. Extra Munitions does a decent job of that for some ships. I would like to have seen it be able to be used in any ordinance slot to make it more utilitarian. That would have been cool.
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