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  1. 6 minutes ago, Caimheul1313 said:

    Most of the complaints I've seen have more to do with FFG's continued poor communication regarding delayed product than the actual delay.

    Do people really believe that they've known all along and have just withheld information for whatever reason? You can't say what you don't yet know. They said late Q3 and they missed that by one week. As soon as they knew they said they were one week off. Seems reasonable to me?

  2. Confirmed by Matt Holland on the FB page that the release date for The Clone Wars core set, B1 battle droids expansion and phase 1 Clone Trooper expansion. I asked specifically about the Droideka and BARC speeder expansions and Matt said he didn't have a firm date but it would be a little later. Its nice to finally know and now that the original date of Sep 27th was only missed by a week many of you can put down your pitchforks and torches and return to your homes and wait it out.


  3. I will concede that my practical experience in this game is limited but it seems to me that activation control is just as valuable if not more valuable than raw number of activations. I understand command cards effect this but I'd rather control which units activate when than simply have more activations. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Caimheul1313 said:

    So instead of keeping track of the cards you need, we'd have to drag around all of the little chits of cardboard, and then FFG would require checking for the cardboard that corresponded to a specific upgrade card. I wasn't aware the code on the cardboard chits was different, I figured it was just the product code/UPC. 

    Physical items are better proof than digital codes that can be copied, computed, or otherwise duped. 

    That's not what I meant. I meant you would use the proof of purchase in order to be able to download the files of the cards with new points values and wordings. Then you could print them off and simply take the printed cards with updated values and wordings and leave then proof of purchase chits at home. Have you ever been to a tournament where someone has physically inspected your cards (I'm not talking about proxying either)? Cards and even minis can be duped too.

  5. I use a list builder. I'm glad that FFG is making the effort to rebalance and that there aren't too many changes. However, it would be nice if FFG would create PDF's of all the cards on which they could change the values and wordings on each card. If losing money is the issue require anyone wanting to print them to provide the proof of purchase ID. Small effort that players would appreciate.

  6. On 3/27/2018 at 2:21 PM, jocke01 said:

    Good too that ffg still don't like their customers. Since it's a minature game Im gonna print what i don't have as long as I got the models

    Take it easy. It’s a brand new game with very few units. 2 years from now people who only bought every other trooper expansion will have 6. 

  7. 11 minutes ago, Tirion said:

    K.......? Simply forgot to post those die there bud. Whether you want to believe that is what's in the box or not means very little me.

    Yeah when you statements of certitude you can't just forget stuff or not know for sure. It's not that I don't believe what's in the box it's that I don't believe you know like you claim to. 

  8. On 9/20/2017 at 11:47 AM, Tirion said:

    33 figures, 8 barricades, 9 dice, 3 manuever tools, 4 range rulers, learn to play, no rrg, can't completely remember the rest off the top of head but I think it is around 6 generic command cards plus 3 for each commander, 9 "game state" cards and not sure on the upgrade total...... I think that is everything. 

    I'm pretty sure there are 5 different types of dice (red, black and white attack and red and white defense) with 3 of each type that would make not 9. 

  9. Is it possible that terrain and cover will be limited similar to how X-Wing and Armada use pre-sized obstacles? Could we see terrain base sizes and then players are free to mount whatever tree, bush, rock, etc they choose (or is thematic)? This also leads me to wonder how tournaments will be played? Will all tournament tables be the same or will it simply be fine to use different terrains for each table and players just have to deal and adapt? Who will provide the tables? Will their be FFG standards for table builds? 

    Ive seen lots of amazing hobbyists with great terrain but we know so little about how FFG views terrain and cover. 

  10. When SW Legion came out I barely took notice. I believe my actual response to hearing the news from a friend was, "meh". 

    In the interest of full disclosure I have all of X-Wing, most of Armada and about half of IA. I have never wargamed in my life and have never tried painting my own minis for any game.

    After watching the Legion walk-throughs and demos I was sold. From what I saw it seemed to me that FFG took all the best mechanics from their other games and incorporated them into one game. Legion felt so sleek and straightforward. I was impressed with the innovative initiative system. I saw a player friendly movement structure which affords choice and efficiency. The minis looked great. The combat was intuitive. All of these factors along with the SW IP represented strong pros for me. So strong that I decided to divest myself of Armada and stop collecting new X-Wing ships. 

    So what were the cons? Ive never played a wargame? I enjoy new things and challenges so maybe that wasn't a con after all. The minis come unpainted. This is a big con for me (not that I would prefer bad looking and more expensive preprinted minis). Luckily this objection was quickly overcome as I have had many Blood Bowl teams painted and I had just traded $800 worth of old MTG cards to a talented local mini painter. Btw watching Sorastros painting guides actually made me feel like I'm willing to give painting stormtroopers a try. Terrain and table were another con. As a non-hobbyist (or minimal hobbyist) I began to conceive of ways to tailor this aspect to what I wanted. I'm still working on a modular table concept with double sided terrain (perhaps too ambitious?) with various living, 3D printed and stock terrain which can be added and removed from basic template tiles. This way I'm never committed to one static board which takes up a lot of space (which I don't have). The price is more than fine, especially given my decision with the other primary games I spend my gaming budget on. 

    Some other scattered thoughts: 

    The little bits of genius appeal greatly to me. Vaders movement score and Saber Throw ability. Perfectly fluffy. The speeder bike requisite move, guides for moving and arc for firing. Equally as brilliant, the troopers aren't limited by arcs.

    This game is strategic and less visual spacial than X-Wing. I was only ever a decent X-Wing player because my peak visual spacial skills require constant honing. This won't be an issue (or not as much of one) with Legion. I feel I'll have an opportunity to outthink my opponents rather than simply out-luck or out-see them as with X-Wing.

    Bring on the prequels. I don't care how bad the movies flopped. If I'm honest I don't care that you hate them. They have some great content for this game. Bring on Greivous, Maul and Droideikas.

    Finally, I implore FFG to not let this game go the way of X-Wing and fall prey to the Dark Side of power creep. I get that design is hard. I get that variance is needed to maintain interest (and profit). The major difference that I feel is a great asset for Legions is that aesthetics can function as variance. I'll buy the Stormtrooper pack and the Snowtrooper pack, even if all the abilities are exactly the same simply because someone's going to have a Hoth table and it'll be cool to have them. Same goes for different genders, species and gear for Rebel troops. You don't have to push the envelope and risk a Jumpmaster repeat. Temper your upgrades and rely on all the variety that the SW universe can provide. Concentrate on the objective, setup and scenario cards to provide fresh gameplay, they are more forgiving.

    if you made it this far thanks for reading.


  11. In the demo scenarios the 2 pip command can give as much control as the 4 pip. Issue command tokens to commander and support and place the two troops in the random stack. Initiative speed of 2 with perfect control. 

  12. So after seeing the demos what does everyone hope we get for swag for SW Legion?

    Personally I'm hoping we don't get stuck with those hideous, hopeless cheap plastic gray movement tools. I'd love some quality acrylic range and maneuver tools. 

  13. 15 minutes ago, iamfanboy said:

    Forgot DTF on Jess.

    But man, it's amazing how OPEN those three points are. I'd actually kinda like BMST and Intelligence Agent on Rex; the list lives or dies based on prediction and knowing if to boost its main combat piece, Jess, would be helpful. But Jyn Erso? Maybe Vectored Thrusters on Lowhhrick? Or just leave it off for an initiative bid, secure in the knowledge that your build simply doesn't need anything else?

    Did I?

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