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  1. Do people really believe that they've known all along and have just withheld information for whatever reason? You can't say what you don't yet know. They said late Q3 and they missed that by one week. As soon as they knew they said they were one week off. Seems reasonable to me?
  2. Confirmed by Matt Holland on the FB page that the release date for The Clone Wars core set, B1 battle droids expansion and phase 1 Clone Trooper expansion. I asked specifically about the Droideka and BARC speeder expansions and Matt said he didn't have a firm date but it would be a little later. Its nice to finally know and now that the original date of Sep 27th was only missed by a week many of you can put down your pitchforks and torches and return to your homes and wait it out. James
  3. For me a (soon to be) CIS player I think one AAT tank with High Velocity (cant spend Dodges) with 4 red dice and critical 2 will be highly effective. Add to that two untis of Droidekas staggered with suppressive.
  4. Who cares about economy. I need two sculpts of Grievous (saber/blaster and 4 saber) and I need stand up and rolling sculpts of Droidekas. Gotta have 2 Core sets.
  5. I will concede that my practical experience in this game is limited but it seems to me that activation control is just as valuable if not more valuable than raw number of activations. I understand command cards effect this but I'd rather control which units activate when than simply have more activations.
  6. That's not what I meant. I meant you would use the proof of purchase in order to be able to download the files of the cards with new points values and wordings. Then you could print them off and simply take the printed cards with updated values and wordings and leave then proof of purchase chits at home. Have you ever been to a tournament where someone has physically inspected your cards (I'm not talking about proxying either)? Cards and even minis can be duped too.
  7. I use a list builder. I'm glad that FFG is making the effort to rebalance and that there aren't too many changes. However, it would be nice if FFG would create PDF's of all the cards on which they could change the values and wordings on each card. If losing money is the issue require anyone wanting to print them to provide the proof of purchase ID. Small effort that players would appreciate.
  8. Take it easy. It’s a brand new game with very few units. 2 years from now people who only bought every other trooper expansion will have 6.
  9. So just saw a post from a GameStop employee saying they will be carrying Legion. So where are you geniuses out there who said that it was going to be FLGS and online only?
  10. Yeah when you statements of certitude you can't just forget stuff or not know for sure. It's not that I don't believe what's in the box it's that I don't believe you know like you claim to.
  11. Yeah, it just makes your "certainty" about "knowing" everything that's in the core set much less credible. Come to think of it I don't remember Tokens being listed either?
  12. I'm pretty sure there are 5 different types of dice (red, black and white attack and red and white defense) with 3 of each type that would make not 9.
  13. Yoda, I will be thrilled if I get Yoda. I don't even care about his ability just to have him would be awesome.
  14. I have no experience with Wargaming but I do think the in box hard cover barricades will be placed by players in alternating fashion like in X-Wing.
  15. Is it possible that terrain and cover will be limited similar to how X-Wing and Armada use pre-sized obstacles? Could we see terrain base sizes and then players are free to mount whatever tree, bush, rock, etc they choose (or is thematic)? This also leads me to wonder how tournaments will be played? Will all tournament tables be the same or will it simply be fine to use different terrains for each table and players just have to deal and adapt? Who will provide the tables? Will their be FFG standards for table builds? Ive seen lots of amazing hobbyists with great terrain but we know so little about how FFG views terrain and cover.
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