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  1. Shinwakin

    C-Roc update?

    My local shop is expecting to come in next week ( they were told to expect it in their Monday shipment.). I paid for it this week and I plan to put a picture of it up when I get it. Unless someone beats me to it.
  2. I've made several posts about them releasing a Dual Faction Ship pack one way or the other on this forum For the Z95 and the Y-wing. I keeping hoping FFG will notice and do it already.
  3. I am wondering if they will make a aces pack for the Y-wing and Z-95 and have it give new pilots for both factions. Could include Poe as Pilot for when he flew one for a covert ops. Or a X-wing pack with some things for the Rebels and the Option of some X-wings for the Imperial side with a title for it being a captured ship that's being used as bait. Or a shuttle that all three Factions could use. There seems to be a lot of room to do this in the fluff of Star Wars
  4. So now that Fantasy Flight has released a ship with two factions in one package. What others ships could they do this on in the future? . Could we see ships that have already been released in the game released with two factions in them. Or could we even see an Aces Package with the three factions in package with new pilots for older ships but in new factions? Thoughts
  5. Just as a side note they might get more money from a ship that starts as a muti-faction. For two reasons First if you only play one faction you would pic k up the ship for your faction. Possibly doubling sales to those players. And second if you are thinking of starting Into a new faction but unsure which way to jump. It could be a way to decide.
  6. Personal I would love to see the Death-seed form the Rouge squadron books show up ( Tie cockpit, X-Wing wings, and engines) They were a custom built main stay ugly for the Twi'leks. good story line behind the ship and makes sense over all. Here's the link to the Wookiepedia http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Chir'daki for their background.
  7. Shinwakin

    Rebel Y-wings

    Unfortunately as much as I would love to see more pilots for both the rebel and scum versions of the Y-wing, I don't see it happening. They have already said the Y-wing has received the aces treatment form The Most Wanted pack. At the time the Y-wing was seeing a lot of play with the TLT turret. Even though this is the only ship out of the first two waves that only has 4 pilots in a faction, it has seen enough play that I doubt they would consider it for a boost in game. I hope I'm wrong because it was this ship not the X-wing that captured me when I first saw the films. But only time will tell.
  8. I love this idea. The only other thing I would want in this set is some pilots for the rebel faction. Mostly because they also needed some more pilots. The largest problem for this might be the fact the ship can now be one shotted when some one gets a six dice attack off. And yes I realize rebel expansion are separate but would still be a nice way to sale it and maybe get FFG to pickup the expansion
  9. Nice! if you are one of the first to get there's perhaps you can post some photosWill do
  10. Managed to place a pre-order for the new epic at my local shop no release date but still very excited
  11. The ship I like look of the best in the game is the Most wanted paint job of the Z-95. A clean and simple paint job on a fighter that screams predator and makes me wish there was a ground version of the game. So I could put the underwing missile rack to god use. My runner up for looks is the picture I saw of the new Syck repaint. iI can't wait to get that epic ship and new Syck. Now my favorite ship of all time is the Hwk-290 Hawk.I have been I love with this ship form when I played Dark forces and is the ship that got me into this game.
  12. Well if you are scaling the bases to match then of course the ships will be close in scale. I didn't make that assumption, but maybe trusting in the consistency of the scale of the dials was worse, now that I take an honest look at the dial for the CR90 spread. I still don't think it's much smaller than the CR90. I just took millimeter measurements and pixel measurements and started a rescale, (I remember 195mm vs 227mm, and I had to reduce the CR90 to 94%...) but my computer crashed and I lost almost all of it, I have to start from scratch now. I still think because the rear of the C-ROC is so large it will be comparable to the CR90 anyway. I don't know that you can say that for sure, considering that all that starts on the side that's covered up. My bad for some reason i was thinking they started on the left
  13. Has any one else noticed that none of the new pilots for the syck have an Ept or any other upgrades.
  14. Shinwakin

    The Poor T-65

    Just ban Biggs and buff the **** T-65, already. If Wedge ends up a little imbalanced, so be it. The end result could bring multiple T-65 pilots into play again and maybe it could get a little deserved time up top of the meta if Wedge was hot stuff. Fans of Bigg's mustache can keep playing him in casual games. Every time I look at the HWK-290, I realize the only errata that would help it would be an entire new dial. Agreed
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