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  1. Trouble with light terrain

    Do you have any pictures of a finished piece?
  2. How are you guys achieving making light terrain? I’m pretty stumped on what to do. More specifically, how could I make an area of grasslands and my units still be able to function through it? Would I put small bases of grass down and mark out an area and if something moves through adjust the individual pieces as they go? Or would it be better to have a large base with scattered bits here and there?
  3. Small scale games

    In the escalation operation for the recruitment kit there is guidelines for a 350 point game.
  4. Range ruler issues

    I’m sure this has happened to someone else but one of my segments of the range ruler had the tab break off inside of another section. How have other people fixed this? My idea is to use my hand drill to hollow out a space to insert in a magnet and have magnetized range rulers.
  5. The Battle For Hoth

    It’s looking good. I like the pilot gear on Luke.
  6. Master of Evil + terrain

    I feel... cold...
  7. The Battle For Hoth

    Upload to imgur then add the hyperlink into your post. The image itself will insert itself if you use the .jpg links.
  8. Standing Orders Turn 1: Food for Thought

    I think I have yet to use SA in the 3 full games I’ve played. I’d much rather have that 3 pip 3 unit generic card as my first turn. It just doesn’t do it for me. I’d much rather have the initiative in the first turn. Maybe I can bluff charge a unit and force my opponent to adjust their battle plan? Or maybe I’m just hopeful.
  9. Operation Silent Hail deployment cards

    The Battlefield Supplies Expansion comes with one new card for each category; objective, deployment, and condition. They showed them in the announcement article. I don’t believe the deployment card in that pack is either of the new deployments shown in the operation. I’ll probably end up printing these two new deployments out and adding them to my deck
  10. Operation Silent Hail deployment cards

    They do not physically exist unless they put them into the kits that stores will get.
  11. Magnetizing The AT-RTs Weapons (Modelling)

    I glued my magnet straight into the hole for the guns to fit. I need a vise before I can take my hand drill to the guns to bore a hole for paper clips.
  12. Anyone using base magnets?

    I was thinking of glueing washers into the base and getting a magnetic strip and mounting it on my wall and storing them that way. The added weight from the washer should help keep the minis stable on the table too.
  13. Magnetizing The AT-RTs Weapons (Modelling)

    Ah. I’m dealing with having mine fully put together and glued to the base.
  14. Force Choke

    The wound is the effect of the free action. If it was an attack you would form an attack pool. Deflect causes wounds but not not count as an attack, though that happens during your units defense.
  15. Disappointed at lack of Legion at worlds

    If you go into the OP section of the website, they released the first two operations. One being an escalation over 4 games, the second being 4 games with set conditions, deployments, and objectives as well as some narrative text. I’d say it’s pretty safe to say that this will be close to the tournament structure. We just need rules for tie breakers and pretty much everything else. But I anticipate them having the objectives at the least pre-picked for tournaments.