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  1. Patteous

    Can i use the proton bomb like a normal gun?

    If there’s no rules in the book that allow you to do that then no. The reason why? The thermal detonators are an area weapon so they affect everything in the radius listed on the card. You would damage your own units trying to use it. You can’t add area effect dice to a ranged attack pool. Much like you can’t add melee dice to a ranged pool. There are rules for these things clearly layed out in the RRG
  2. I will be in the Cleveland area from Sunday Aug 26th to Sunday Sept 2nd. I’m curious if anyone knows of any stores that run a Legion game night. Or if anyone in that area wants to meet up and play a game or two. The store I’ll be staying closest to is Critical Hit Games.
  3. Patteous

    New Article - Get More From Your Troops

    Yeah I took a look at the organized play section and everything Star Wars got a season 3 article. They probably didn’t put them all on the front page as it would flood all the articles from the end of last week off the page. I’m excited about those unit cards and tokens though. Kind of wish the AT-RT was a two sided card with the Speeder bikes. And same with the E-Web and FD 1.4 Laser Turret.
  4. Patteous

    New Article - Get More From Your Troops

    The article isn’t showing for me on the front page of the main site as of 30 minutes ago. I looked in the operations tab and the new ones haven’t been posted yet. All three of these operations sound really fun. Can’t wait to get the documents to give them a read through.
  5. Patteous

    Is anyone concerned about generic officers?

    All of the units you mentioned are troopers...
  6. Patteous


    The above comment is correct. The only time a miniature can use two of their weapons in a single attack sequence is when they have Arsenal x. The x represents how many weapons they can fire at once. For example the AT-ST has Arsenal 2 as a unit keyword so it can fire two weapons in the same turn, whether that’s at separate units or the same unit. In combination with the General Weiss upgrade card, you can exhaust the upgrade card to gain an additional Arsenal 2 for that turn making it so the AT-ST can fire 4 weapons in one turn.
  7. Patteous

    1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team and Suppression token

    I would pose a guess that it would pivot to face the nearest edge of the board and have to just sit there.
  8. Patteous

    Fleet Troopers - how have they fared for you?

    I got two cause I only have 3 rebel troopers. But now I’m thinking of having a third set of Fleet Troopers to fill out my list and have multiple fronts of area denial and forced action.
  9. I picked up two sets of Fleet Troopers initially and thinking about getting a third after playing a few games with them. The mass of dice they provide has taken out entire units of Stormtroopers on multiple occasions. How have they fared for everyone here? My idea is to run a list with these units. Haven’t figured out all the upgrades yet. Leia 3x Rebel Troopers 3x Fleet Troopers 3x AT-RT (1 rotary, 2 flamer) send the rotary in first to provide cover and intimidate with the flamers to draw fire and position my troops to soak dodges from Leia and hold objectives
  10. Patteous


    Blast ignores all cover.
  11. Repulsor vehicles can certainly move down levels. The speeder x keyword let’s them ignore Terrain up to height x when they perform their movements.
  12. I would imagine that once it detonated even once it would be gone.
  13. Patteous

    Rebel Fleet Troopers, are they awful?

    I feel that’s where leia’s take cover synergizes well with these troopers. They got the dodge from her then if played in conjunction with her command card that lets a unit activate after her they can recover and open fire on enemy units.
  14. They’d be mandos. That’s already been established as canon.
  15. Patteous


    There was an article that detailed the “season” and operations when they uploaded the recruitment kit operations. They said after the recruitment kit they would drop 3 operations every 3 months for each operation to be played out over a month in your store.