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  1. Personally 1 wave ayear is ok. I say this as a camping player. I do wish we saw more app support.
  2. With the announcement of CWE, there should be a good chance to see a full Scum faction. Mandos, Pirates, Hutts, and Bounty Hunters were plentiful in the show. They were such a big part I can’t see FFG by passing them. I could see a roll out of Republic vs Sepertists first. Than next Gen con could see the announcement of Scum. 5 factions would definetly be a good place to get the game too. Scum could be unique in that one-two unit’s of scum may be mixed into any army with a specific cost of course. This lines up 100% in cannon as every side used scum in some way. I would be surprised to see them released with the two main CW factions I am really certain we will see it at some point. After all Scum Has become its own faction in every other ffg game.
  3. Correction to my Original list move stems from the larger commando unit to the 2 man sab team. This ensures that your sab will detonate charge before death.
  4. So key take away a with Han are with white dice and refills he can still get killed by a fresh pair of bikes with an aim token. Defensively he is better than Liea but squishyier than Luke. Dodge and light cover are super important for him. I run him behind an atrt to help with that. Offensivly if he can fire at two separate units it is a very high chance that he will put two damage out every time. Paired with fleets it can kill bikes. Paired with the atrt and a squad of troopers he can wipe unit’s of troopers off the board. His Command cards are fantastic at countering Veers. On more than one occasion I was able to mess up my opponents goals. Personally he is my favorite of the rebel commanders. While he is fantastic right now I believe when pair with his hairy friend he is going to be amazing! as far as who to team him with I prefer “Husband and Wife” over “Bros” and I never run him “Solo” lol H/W is a great 10 activation list with lots of tools. Bros eats up way too many points with Luke. Han is good but needs Leia’s cards to aid the other units on the field. This may change with Chewbacca and specialists.
  5. That’s an interesting email. I agree that it doesn’t make sense that horizontally it’s range one but a up and suddenly It shoots farther.
  6. What’s interesting is the judge from adpepticon is saying on FB in the Legion thread that it horizontal based on Alex Davy’s ruling. This really needs to be addressed because it great impacts aspects of the game and specific units.
  7. I’ve used him three times now. I run Han with emergency stems Leia with stems 16pt commando with sab 16 pt commando with sniper grappling hooks 60 pt commando with sniper and stems atrt rotary fleet extra man and scatter gun and impact grenades 3 troopers extra man and z-6 its a great list that is really fun. 795 total
  8. I really hope this get addressed in the RRG or in the thread on the forums for Asked questions.
  9. I agree 100% that it is base to base. But there are many in the community under the impression that it’s horizontal to the table based on a ruling at Adepticon. It makes no sense to me that a sniper two range up could be shot by the flamethrower because they are in base contact of the building, and when measured horizontally the snowy is in range 1.
  10. There definetly is confusion about this many say you measure horizontal to the table, I had always thought it was base to base.
  11. So I ran them agian last night in a slightly different config. 2-man sab team, 2-man sniper, 4-man with a sniper. This was insanely effective. The 2-man sab was free to move and drop charges. The larger unit had emergency stems and was absolutely leathal at range 3 with an aim. The 2-man sniper was very effective against wounded bikes. If you can use Leia’s bombardment against bikes the snipers should than hit them to kill at least one for each sniper you have. I found this to be highly effective in round one. I have yet to really see the benefit to the sab but that had more to do with poor planing on my part. They did however take 3 activations by my opponent to be killed. So they soaked up a fair amount of damage. My 2-man sniper team was killed when my opponent ran a trooper unit into mellee with them and punched them to death. Snipers really need to be established quickly and out of harms way. They are most effective with an aim at range three so you can use 2 black and 1 white.
  12. Sniper is in a tower that is range two high. Snowies are near the base can the flame hit the sniper?
  13. I got them at Gen Con. I run two Sniper teams and a sab team. I haven't seen the value for the sab yet. It's a weird mechanic. The team though can rip into speeder bikes fairly well. Snipers however are amazing at controlling the board. BUT there are key factors you must take into account. 1. Terrain, you need tall and near your deployment zone. As you build the table be aware of where your nest will or could be. You will get to do a to speed move when you deploy so line up with your nest so that at deployment you are at the bottom. Turn one use grappling hooks to Clamber to the top of the nest. Turns 2-6 aim fire repeat. They need the aim is important. 2. Environmental Conditions if " LOW Visibility" is on the table eliminate it as quickly as possible. My first game we got stuck with that and my snipers waited forever to shoot. 3. You want them away from enemy troops always. In time I can see dropping one sniper team for wookies. If you time and place it right with Liea on round two you can great an opening salvo across three activations that will really hinder the enemy. Bombardment 3 attacks 2 red die (6 potentail kills 3 suppression) Both snipers (1 black 1 white each 0-4 potential kills and 2 more suppression) you can do all this while still in your opponent is a ways away from you. Snipers are a deterrent unit or for killing that lone trooper leader on an objective from across the board. If you get them high it is **** near impossible to hit them. I absolutely love them. They are not the best unit in the game or most damaging but they are really fun to play.
  14. Hi all I have an extra Promo Han Card from Worlds, I am looking for the double sided Veers /Liea. thanks Matt
  15. I unboxed my Han mini and was super happy to see that I painted he looks fantastic. The commando minis are some of the best designed thus far too. Personally I’m going to head swap them all with various alien races to make them a really cool diverse unit.
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