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  1. I would be surpised if that first passive ability isn't allowed to be used along with the Guard 3 one. But on the other hand...life often surprise me. 🙂
  2. Yes, that's correct. The first part of that card is a passive ability that don't force you to discard the card. So as long as you have this card prepared you may use other cards to Guard for another Hero in an adjacent space. But as soon as you use the second ability of the card "Guard 3" to guard for another Hero (in your space or adjacent to you), then you have to discard the card.
  3. It does not say anything about discarding it, so yes it would remain. A pretty strong card!
  4. I did by the Mithril Pack as well and find it well worth the money, not having the time for grinding. The digital game is not a 1 to 1 conversion of the card game and having followed the streams from the very beginning that was very clear from the start. Shallow? Yes, it's Early Access. The game is still being developed. And I remember a certain card game feeling quite shallow as well way back when the Core Set was the only thing we had for a long time. Back then you had to add cards you really didn't want in your deck, just to get to that 50. I don't feel that way about this game. So I got my hopes up for his one. Especially the way the developers interact with the community. They really listen and are extremely eager to help solve all weird stuff that are bound to happen during EA. They have my axe. And money. As long as they keep up their hard work. /Maz
  5. Anyone got their hands on the insert rules for this one and can tell us how to create those different encounter card decks (Evil Creatures deck, Caves deck)? It seems we are to use some of the Core Set cards. ?
  6. For those of you who don't know...to view the backside of the quest cards copy the link of the card (should end with .jpg) and paste it in your browser. Then add a "b" right before ".jpg".
  7. No Idea how powerful these decks are but I've had fun playing this two-handed fellowship. Some of my favorite heroes. ? http://www.ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/1943/men-and-elves
  8. I've played a few more games now with the new trap and ally. "Followed" is extremely powerful. In a DĂșnedain/trap deck that aim to keep as many enemies as possible engaged with you, you will likely be able to engage enemies with 3+ threat via DĂșnedain Hunter. And since the trap isn't unique or limit one per enemy a couple of them can easily negate 5-6 threat. Just make sure to keep this in mind when you commit characters to the quest as you don't get to chose if you want to apply the effect or not. Sometimes you don't want to progress too quickly to the next queststage. Add a couple of "Emyn Arnen Rangers" and questing will never be a problem anymore. Is it too powerful?
  9. Yes it's too strong. So much so that it's boring. When I browse ringsdb I tend to always skip decks that got Steward, Blood of NĂșmenor and Gondorian Fire. But that's me.
  10. I added three copies of the Trap and the Ranger to my modified DĂșnedain Trappers deck with Loragorn, Damrod and Amarthiul (based on Seastan's great deck) and they are amazing! You forest snare a 3-4 threat enemy and then the Rangers quest for a lot and a couple of those tactics traps almost always negate the threat in the staging area to being with.
  11. Well done once again M&M and thanks a lot for doing this! It's always a pleasure to watch and listen to you two. As much as I'd like you to catch up with where you left of a few years ago, do take all the time you need. It's really nice to revisit these old quests again and occasionally I find cards I had forgotten even existed. Here's wishing you a great 2017! /Maz
  12. I'm using CardWarden on my iPad and it's really nice. Although a lot of initial work to import the cards and set it all up. Totally worth it though. But yes the size of the screen limit the amount of players to two (in my case twohanded solo). Of course I prefere the real thing, and I will keep buying each deluxe and all adventure packs, but the iPad is sweet when travelling or just to quickly test a few ideas.
  13. To each his own. Some people feel that way about Gandalf jokes. Others feel the same about never ending wishes for magic rings or artifacts. And some don't believe that discussions about custom made cards are at all interesting. Or that there is any need what so ever for starting an argument over these things...
  14. Warden of healing isn't broken. That combination is. Lots of resource generation can have that effect when paired with other cards. There are plenty of combinations of cards that share this problem, for example: Blood of NĂșmenor/Gondorian Fire/Steward of Gondor. Elrohir/Steward of Gondor. All of them are exciting at first. But (at least for me) it gets booooring pretty soon. When I look for fun decks on ringsdb I always skip the ones that rely on these combinations. And Outlands. Always Outlands.
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