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  1. Anywhere that shows all the top 8 or day 2 cut Armada Worlds lists?
  2. I typically slam down my barbie doll with Darth Vader helmet and announce clearly "SYSTEMS PHASE INITIATE".
  3. Agreed with everything stated in original post.
  4. Would have been better if the cover showed the silhouettes for the E-wing, K-wing and V-wing and no other ships. And the bust of Lt. Ketch. /troll
  5. This is exactly why lock is better than focus when evaluating purely from an offensive position. The other reason is that there are times when you don't need the focus, in those cases "banking" a lock is better. Additionally a lock reduces variances more than a focus does. IE, the more times you roll a dice, the more it converges towards the 0.50 hit/crit yield. A lock can always be used to re-roll the dice, a focus might not be used. It's for this same reason that you see certain poker players choose to run a hand multiple times with the pot divided each time to attain long run expected values. Again this is all evaluating from purely an offensive perspective. You have clearly and correctly laid out why focus is typically better overall once defense, initiative (pilot skill), etc is taken into account.
  6. Example: Soontir Fel "bumps" (partially executes) a maneuever straight into an A-Wing. Will Soontir Fel receive his focus token (from his own pilot ability) off the A-Wing so that he could use it on something else (such as defending against an attack from another ship).
  7. The official app had too much bloat in it. Needing to expand and collapse each ship to add upgrades is a massive pain. the collapsed view does not provide any information besides the basic name and property of the pilot, no upgrades. lack of offline mode. no ability to duplicate/copy ships.
  8. Very much appreciate these Overnight reports. As a relatively new player I love seeing the insight that is added to top performing lists and the analysis involved. Thank you again.
  9. I'll preface this by saying that I own everything for Eldritch Horror, MoM2, AH LCG. AH 3rd edition appears to be more replayable relative to MoM2 and AH LCG. Without EH, I would definitely add AH 3rd edition to a collection comprising of only MoM2 and AH LCG. The question only arises when compared also to Eldritch Horror. I give a more detailed view based on my GenCon experience over at Board Game Geeks. My overall is a thumbs up, will buy. However I was not as impressed when going from Eldritch Horror to AH 3rd. My opinion is that the 3 major pillars of FFG Mythos are: AH LCG: card game with lower replayability (I said "lower" not "no") that costs more (requires monthly mythos packs), plays relatively quick with a small foot print for 1-4 players. MoM 2: board game with lower replayability costs less than AH LCG as expansions come out slower. Larger footprint on table to accommodate for all the tiles, plays slower taking hours for 1-5 players. EH and AH 3rd edition: board game with higher replayability costing less than AH LCG. Narrative is mostly disjointed, plays slowest taking hours supports 1-8 players.
  10. Gotcha, I missed the part about being able to reroll dice in 2.0 ATC. Agreed it is better for a single attack.
  11. I might be misinterpreting your message above but mathematically ATC in 2.0 is materially worse than ATC 1.0 regardless of mods. ATC 1.0 + 2 dice is better than ATC 2.0 converting 3 dice from a hit to a crit. ATC 1.0 unmodded yielded on average 1 hit + 1 crit ATC 2.0 unmodded yields 1.5 hits/crits ATC 1.0 focused yields average 1.5 hits + 1 crit = 2.5 ATC 2.0 focused yields 2.25 hit/crit
  12. TIE Swarm going to BUBAR (Busted UP Beyond all Recognition) in 2.0 They come in, block you. Your guys get stress (or atleast they should, shout out to Lace Jetstreamer). Then next thing you know they're doing "bad maneuvers". That means red manuevers (shot out ot Lace Jetstreamer). We need to fix this now otherwise you're going to have TIE blocks fortressing in the corner and then when you go in they just rip you apart range 1 followed by Sabines TIE dropping a broken bomb with Genius. Massive abuse. Don't know the points cost but its not really relevent because conceptually this is so broken that no points cost can balance it, play that shiznazz all day. Might even equip multiple Genius and drop multiple bombs into my own fortress that's how confident I am. That's all the time I have for now, have to go play a game with my friend Lace Jetstreamer with the following FIXESin effect: 1. If you bump you get a stress, roll 2 attack dice, ignore the results take 2 crits and 2 stress. 2. If you run Genius you are not allowed running bombs. It's only in the game for Integrated Astromech, Genius erratted to be an Astromech.
  13. You said it was "broken" which has a strong implied message on being strong. I'd rather do this with a TIE Advanced TBH. Something like Lt Corset + Kylo crew to show them blinded pilot. Then Lt Corset just takes target locks all day and keeps flipping up blinded pilot to lock down that ship. Meanwhile he's shooting with Accuracy Corrected shots and stealing away shields via Optimized Prototype.
  14. you leave the token on space 6. Thematically, the underground city of K'n-yan isn't moving around the world...
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