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  1. They really need to do a competitive analysis of what is already fulfilling this role, and implement this and other basic features. There are many things wrong with it, but that simple method would go a long way to making it better.
  2. Hello everyone! A few months ago I heard about a hunger games format for X-Wing on reddit and the FFG Forums. After doing some online searching, I found a few posts with the general idea, but nothing that detailed full setup and rules. So a group of friends and myself set about developing them. They are now complete, and we thought we would share them with the community at large. We have run about 30 test games and 1 tournament with play groups here in South Korea and a group of friends in Alabama, and we have arrived at a detailed rules and resource document showing "a way" to play the hunger games format, complete with Gamemaker Effects, 5 optional Arenas that change how the battle plays out, and "Sponsorship" rules that keep players involved in the game even after their ship is destroyed. The best part is that the rules provide a great foundation for play groups to tweak the format to their liking. In the .zip folder you will find: 1. The base rules 2. Editable Microsoft publisher file that contains printable cornucopia and container upgrades 3. Editable files for all 25 Gamemaker Effects and 5 Arenas. 4. Image files to easily print a Gamemaker Deck and Arena Deck at makeplayingcards.com (use the standard poker size). Google drive link to the X-Wing Games .zip file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lKdkeuhDM7Xvle8Sza3qfoHos5C4WCfj/view?usp=sharing This format is a great change of pace from the standard 100/6 format, and a great way to have fun with a bunch of friends around the same table. Enjoy! - Joe and the rest of the X-Wing in Korea Group
  3. If you really want to go down the road of getting your hands on official dials, www.kingwoodhobbies.com <http://www.kingwoodhobbies.com/store/p52/X-Wing_Movement_Dials.html> sells individual parts. They sell official ship dials for $3.99. Will still be pricey to replace, but perhaps you can buy them as needed for tourneys, and use the app for friendly games.
  4. I think this is some good advice, as the cards match up nicely. At his stage in the game, you guys can probably share (or proxy depending on your thoughts on it) the cards he might need that come in other expansions (like autothrusters). The addition of a Tie-FO expansion would give him 3 ties, which are always great support to a large ship as blockers or can be run as a mini-swarm. It would also give him the full compliment of FO pilots, and Omega Leader. So my vote, in order, is: Slave 1 Imp Aces Tie-Int Tie-FO That's a nice handful of squads you can run. Option number 2 would be to just buy all of the ships. Which is the advice everyone really wants to give. = )
  5. gunner1764

    New Mats

    Someone on Reddit made one for $60. The image they used is amazing. Here's the reddit link: https://www.reddit.com/r/XWingTMG/comments/5m1uqk/my_scarif_mat_from_inked/ Here's the image link (with a minor photoshop edit from another user): http://imgur.com/a/TFN3b
  6. Citruscannon, your artwork is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it with us. It's amazing to see the WIP portion and how it transforms into incredible art.
  7. I've been lurking on this thread quite a bit. Very interesting stuff you guys are coming up with. FWIW, I agree with those that would like to preserve the single pilot upgrade style that HotAC uses. This lends itself to keeping setup easier, balance easier, reasonably limits game time (only planning and moving 4-6 ships instead of 16-24) and makes it more immersive for the player, who becomes attached to their pilot as he/she grows into a ridiculously powerful combatant. I would think that framing the campaign with players as part of an elite/special operations squadron is the most "fluffy" way to do this. This would provide justification for radical customization of standardized fighters, reduce the need to portray the pilots as a cog in the wheel, allow for the use of different craft in the same flight group, etc. Back story could either be they are freshly recruited into the squadron, or, alternatively, the first mission or two could take place as a standardized tie/ln fighter wing just before they are recruited into special ops. Last thought, which is about naming convention. I think you guys should steer away from anything to negative, because (as others have mentioned) the Empire is made up of many folks that think they are the heroes. I would lean towards something more militaristic. I also like the symmetry of "__________ of the Aturi Cluster." Maybe Operatives of the Aturi Cluster if you go with a special ops feel? Or the aforementioned Enforcers or Defenders? This is probably best solved by someone more clever than myself. = )
  8. Really like your paint choice on the decimator. Digging the white highlight sections.
  9. Beautiful work on the Rebel Awing!
  10. Wichenstaden, Very interesting read, and some very nice work with cheap materials. Very cool stuff.
  11. Your comment about the green lamp (?) provided me with some chuckles. 10/10, would read again. = D
  12. I was in the store yesterday and was looking at the Star Wars legos, and saw the resistance troop carrier again (that one that Leia rode on). Pretty sure we will get that before the Rogue One ships. So I'm going to adjust my prediction. 1. FO: Kylo Ren Shuttle, no Kylo Ren pilot 2. FO: SF Tie 3. S&V: Scurrg Bomber 4. Resistance: Resistance Troop Carrier
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