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  1. Let's get started. Other tier lists in this series: Imperial: TIE Fighter VT-49 Decimator Firespray-31 TIE/FO Rebel: X-Wing Rank SS is for pilots that are almost unbeatable, with highly specific counters that even then aren't sure things. With Rank SS pilots, a meta either uses them or uses the counter to them (if one exists), with no middle ground. If a pilot is Rank SS, then it needs to be nerfed ASAP. Whisper, prior to the TIE/Phantom nerf, is a perfect example of a Rank SS pilot. If a pilot breaks 20% of overall faction usage, it's a candidate for Rank SS. Rank S is for pilots which are strong and consistent on their own, requiring little outside support to inflict damage and dodge it, and at an acceptable points cost. Darth Vader is a Rank S pilot; with good action economy, high PS, solid damage output (with ATC), and an EPT slot that's completely open he's always a good choice for a squadron. If a pilot breaks 10% of overall usage, it's possibly Rank S. Rank A is for pilots that are pretty good and can function well enough on their own, but either have solid counters or well-known weaknesses. Omega Leader is an example of a Rank A pilot; while he's very strong one-on-one, his locked configuration, underwhelming damage output against anyone he hasn't target locked, and sheer reputation as a game finisher draws a lot of fire at him which he can't survive easily. If a pilot has at least 5% of overall usage, it may be Rank A. Rank B is for pilots which are average - neither good or bad - and have downsides to match their upsides, need support to function well, OR are support themselves. Omicron Group Pilot is an example of a Rank B pilot; as the cheapest carrier of Emperor Palpatine he can swing a game in the player's favor but his low durability, terrible dial, and low PS make him vulnerable if used wrong - or if he's your final ship. If a pilot has more than 1% of overall usage then it's probably Rank B. Rank C is for pilots that a competitive would use only for funsies; they may have highly specific uses but there are just better options to take. Kath Scarlett (Imperial) is an example of a Rank C pilot; while she has an interesting ability, it's so situational that it will rarely get used and she requires so many upgrade points to use when you could get a Decimator/Whisper for just a few points more or Vader/Palpshuttle for a few points less. Anywhere between 0.3% and 1% of usage gets into Rank C, unless... Rank F is for "Failure" "Fix me" or "F 'em" depending on your point of view. There is never any reason to take these guys because they're strictly worse than almost anything else. Fel's Wrath is an example of a Rank F pilot; not only is it competing against Fel himself, a non-EPT TIE/IN whose ability only kicks in AFTER it's destroyed - assuming it even has an enemy in arc? Usually used lower than 0.2% of the time. T-70s are considered by some to be one of the best general tools the Rebel Alliance has available. It's a perfect mix of agility, durability, firepower, and pilots that come in a wide range of abilities and price points, starting at the affordable Blue Squadron Novice to the excellent high PS Ace Poe Dameron. Costing 3 points more than the T-65, it comes packing the boost action, an improved dial, an additional shield, and the tech slot. The boost action allows the T-70 to finally participate in dogfights the way the T-65 could not, and as such, makes it a very useful all-rounder that had no significant flaws. Rank SS: None. Rank S: Poe Dameron(11.8%) {VI, Predator, R2-D2, R5-P9, Autothrusters) Sadly, Poe won't be S for long. List Juggler is showing a rapid decrease in usage of Poe, from 17% to 11% to 7% over the last 3 months. Only by averaging does Poe manage to reach above A Tier. I should also note real quick, that NO OTHER REBEL PILOT is S Tier, even by averaging. So when Poe dips into A Tier in the next month, the Rebel Alliance will have no S Tier pilots. Just something to be aware of. Poe is a very consistent pilot. With his ability, regen, and autothrusters, it can make it nearly impossible to win against him late game. His primary failing is his offensive power, and his action dependency. Without a target lock, its really easy to whiff an attack with him, and the only way to get that is to have PTL, which Poe dislikes, or to have a support craft to give him actions. He can also be blocked, and that leaves him completely defenseless. Poe is powerful in the right hands, though. His squad needs to work with him every step of the way to get the most out of him, and to let him survive the longest, which can be difficult for newer players to pull off. Nonetheless, he's the perfect mix of offensive, defensive, and agile to make him a contender in the Ace meta. however, with Tractor Beams now being something out there in the meta, Poe is going to see a lot less play, ESPECIALLY when Imperial Vets drops, since 3 hits on a T Beam roll is unavoidable for Poe, and after that, Poe is a dead man. Rank A: None. Rank B: Blue Squadron Novice(2.4%) (R2 Astro, IA) At such a relatively bargain cost, the Blue Squadron Novice was bound to see competitive play. Packing boost, TRolls, an extra shield, and IA, the Blue Squad Novice is a veritable little tank of a fighter. Just enough tools to survive a dogfight, with good durability and at exactly 25 points, these little ships have a lot of uses. Their use is actually slowly increasing over time, but not by a significant enough degree to make them potential candidates for A Tier. Rank C: Red Ace(0.7%) (R2-D2, IA, Comm Relay) Super tanky! An evade token, IA, and regen allows Red Ace to stay in play far, far longer than any normal T-70. Even IF you manage to breach her evade token, AND her regening shields, she can be assured at least a turn longer in play by ejecting R2-D2 to stay alive just a little bit longer. Unfortunately, she's a one-trick pilot. Her entire gimmick is that she survives a long time, not that she is inherently effective. Furthermore, her almost required loadout costs 36 points, a lot of points to spend on one PS6 T-70. This is another example of a pilot that's only as good as the player flying it. If you can't properly take advantage of her to take it home late-game, or even be useful at all, those 36 points will go to waste. She's only as good offensively as any other T-70, barring some kind of support ship. Her use has steadily decreased over time, and i suspect it won't be long before she finds herself in F Tier. A couple months ago, she was a candidate for B Tier. Now... well, let's just say she won't be winning any tournaments any time soon. Red Squadron Veteran(0.6%) (PTL, R2 Astro, IA; Crackshot, R2 Astro, IA; basically whatever you need this ship to do) Personally, i'm surprised the Red Squad Vet sees such little play. It's hanging in there consistently around the 0.5% mark. It's such a versatile, durable ship, able to be tooled to do whatever you want it to do. It's cost compared to other, potentially superior options may be the reasoning. It's 26 points base, and if you're not going to use the EPT slot, you might as well drop to a Blue Squad Novice. I dunno. I personally would rate it higher, but on an ethical, scientific level it would be wrong of me to rate it higher because of my feelings on the matter. Ello Asty(0.4%) (PTL, VI, BB-8, Autothrusters) TBH, i'm not surprised here. Ello is fun, but his ability just can't match what's in the meta right now. It's basically as simple as that. He's also expensive for relatively little gain. Rank F: Blue Ace(0.0%) (Who knows. I hear all the people that don't run him use R7-T1 or something.) Yep, saw this from a mile away. Blue Ace is 27 points of "useless" wrapped up in an EPT-less, PS 5 package. Nobody can agree which astromech works best for him, his PS is too low to be useful with his ability, if he does use his ability he can't modify on attack or defense except by using afforementioned R7-T1, but even then that's 30 points of "What's the point of using this guy?" There are plenty of better options to Blue Ace, most of them cheaper. That's really depressing, because in a vacuum, that ability is 200ccs of complete awesome. it just so happened to go onto the worst possible template imaginable.
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