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  1. Wave 9, when the ARC-170 came out and then a bunch of stuff got nerfed. I felt as if there wasn't anything i liked that i couldnt play, it was great. Wave 7, 8, and current meta are definitely my least favorite. The current meta is so boring and uninteresting that i've actually stopped playing.
  2. oh lol, whoops Um.... hmm. I think it'll probably be two points, as there are a lot of triggers necessary to make the thing go off. Besides, i dont think there are actually any 3 point generic mechs yet anyways. I feel like FFG is content to make 2 points or less the generic range.
  3. can someone post what we figure the ability to be? I've never seen anyone talk about it.
  4. Razgriz25thinf


    I wouldn't speak so assuredly. I very severely doubt that droid actually ends up plugging into a FO ship. If it does arrive in the game, it'll probably be as a crew card.
  5. Why? You get 90 degrees less firing arc, defensively you're weaker(2 agi at 4 hull 1 shield with 2 guaranteed focuses to evade + regen is WAY better than 1 agi no mods 5 hull 3 shields), not to mention being PS 5 instead of PS 2. You're just as likely to do as much damage too, considering gunner is in play. And i doubt the dial on this thing is going to be just as bad as a Y-Wing. And if it has an EPT slot? Now you can get consistent offensive modification as well with Predator or whatever you want.
  6. Well, lets just assume for now that the ability is the same. 25 points estimated for R3-A2, Gunner, and Pulse Ray Shields is a STEAL. Two focuses to evades + double stressing via two primary weapon attacks + regen. That plus normal Biggs loadout is only 51 points. You still have a ton of points to add stuff.
  7. Oh, hold up. This Ezra is PS5. The previous version was PS4. This Ezra might have a different ability.
  8. I like StressCamel for Ezra. And yeah, that's actually good synergy there. The build makes him defensively tougher to break. The cool thing though is that if you really, REALLY need the points, AP-5 is an option you have.
  9. It's a support ship for sure. I mean lets be real: Coordinate action, plus astromech, plus crew, for potentially as cheap as 12 points for the PS1, or PS9 with an EPT as well with a support ability for 20 points? The astromech/crew combo has a lot of options that only the ARC had, except the ARC had to use them for it's own benefit, either offensively or defensively. Now we have a super cheap ship that has good upgrade potential that can create some nasty combos for little overhead cost, unlike with the ARC where the cheapest pilot is 23 points. AP-5 will be popular as another stressmule ship, too. 19 points for a front/rear arc ship that can double stress, that's the cheapest we've ever seen before. That's 13 points less than Braylen with R3-A2 + Gunner.
  10. You know, FFG can release a FAQ without making it effective immediately. They could release it and say "Effective August 21st, 2017" on it. Just throwing that out there.
  11. Nah, the Reach one is new. If you go look, the new ability specifies when attacking or defending, whereas the old one was just when attacking. The Ysra one, though, is identical. Speaking of issues, one of the cards in the second V-Wing revision isn't a revision, not really. Boussh is an entirely new pilot with an entirely new ability. That's not a revision, that's an addition. Isn't that kind of... not really the point? It honestly feels to me like a second attempt to get that pilot in this season when it got voted out last season.
  12. My beginner scenario is a Rookie Pilot vs. two Academy Pilots. Or a Blue Squadron Rookie vs. two Epsilon Squadron Pilots. Ya'll keep trying to "think outside the box" with beginners, trying to impress them, when in reality you're just trying to entertain yourself, because core set battles bore you. New players don't know what X-Wing has in store for them; as such, anything you set on the table will be fun for them. You are far more likely to pass on the fundamental knowledge of the game, and keep them playing, if you make their first game simple. And the simplest thing you can do is core set battles. Then ask them what ships they find interesting, and make really weird 100 pt lists for them with those ships. Intentionally take a low-level list yourself. And lets not even talk about the fact that you're bringing a f*cking jumpmaster to these people's first real game? Are you kidding me? Most of these guys don't even know what upgrades are good, what pilot abilities are good, and you're bring the objectively best ship in the game by a wide margin to their first game. This is how you get people to not play X-Wing anymore. You're overwhelming them with the details before they even know how to play at that level.
  13. For me, i don't necessarily mind such similar designs like the T-70, TIE/FO, A-Wing, etc, and if you'll allow me to launch into a word wall, i'd like to explain why. Lets consider the gap between RotJ and TFA. The Empire had the TIE Fighter, TIE Bomber, and TIE Interceptor as mainstay craft, i.e craft that would be found on every single Star Destroyer throughout the entire Imperial Fleet. The Rebellion was a little more varied, not only because various cells of the Rebellion came from disparate locales, but because they had grown in size, and as a primarily "hit and run" doctrine-based organization, they needed a lot of different kind of craft to approach various missions. The Rebellion used X-Wings, A-Wings, B-Wings, and Y-Wings primarily, and while each typically did their own job, an interesting thing is that there is generally a bit of overlap between each ship. Most of those ships can do each others job, just usually not as well. The Empire, on the other hand, has the TIE Fighter as its one primary general use craft. It can't, however, attack heavy targets, nor compete with agile fighters like A-Wings like a TIE Interceptor can. The Empire uses its ships in clear cut roles. Fast forward to TFA. The Resistance is like a frail shadow of the Rebellion they're trying to revive. The Rebellion created most of it's well known craft, with the exception of the Y-Wing, all on it's own. The X-Wing, A-Wing, and B-Wing are Rebellion specific craft. Meanwhile, the Resistance starts out using old, donated T-70 X-Wings. Their manpower is significantly reduced, and their equipment outdated. The only ship they have is the T-70; while a good craft by all means, the Resistance is not particularly effective in it's ability to project force due to how restricted they are in the roles the craft can perform. The First Order didn't have so much an equipment change as much as a doctrine change. They realized that their pilots were valuable, and that the basic TIE Fighter was weak and simply wasn't good enough. The upgrades they made were simple, cheap, and effective. The TIE/SF is very clearly the FO realizing as well that a ship kitted out similar to an X-Wing in mobility, durability, and firepower, not to mention the independence of a hyperdrive that allows for force projection counts for a lot not only in a dogfight, but in overall doctrine of warfare. The changes the First Order made were incremental and based around a change in doctrine, not as a quantum leap of technology. You can also see this doctrine in play on Jakku, where we see something the Empire never did: provide close air support with it's Starfighters. This, combined with the fact that the TIE/SF exists, shows almost the opposite of what we saw in A New Hope; The First Order has craft versatility, the Resistance does not. So what does this all have to do with visual design? Well, i think it goes without saying that having X-Wings and TIE Fighters in a movie that's supposed to reintroduce the public to Star Wars is iconically important. But aside from that, it shows a few important details: The First Order learned the smaller lessons the Empire didn't or couldn't, and were willing to adapt while preserving the iconic legacy of the TIE Fighter, which was core to the Empire that the First Order almost worship. The First Order made almost imperceptible visual changes, but the real difference runs beneath the skin. The Resistance on the other hand is trying to also play to a legacy, that of the Rebellion, and generally doing a poor job of it. The X-Wing was state of the art in ANH, and was complemented by Y-Wings as strike craft. The T-70, on the other hand, is an old, outdated craft, and is being pressed into every combat role simultaneously. Tactically, this hamstrings The Resistances ability to fight on even terms with the First Order. The Resistance has the visuals of the Rebellion with almost none of the bite behind the bark. We see this at the Battle of Starkiller Base, where it's pretty obvious that in an extended engagement, the Resistance really doesn't have much of a hope against the First Order unless they catch them by surprise, and give the FO no reinforcements past a single division of forces like at Maz's Castle. The battle was won by small, decisive victories on the ground and the superior piloting skills of Poe Dameron, not because the equipment of each side was equally matched. Visually, I would personally say the T-70 looks the most different from it's predecessor, very clearly an evolution of the X-Wing design, and one that likely shares little to no compatible parts with the T-65. The TIE/FO visually doesn't look much different than a reskin; Yet in terms of technical capability, the TIE/FO has changed way more than it's predecessor than the T-70 did. That's kind of telling when you consider what that represents for the two factions on a deeper level. Which is why i'm kind of okay with the rather small changes, because what they represent is noticeable in the movie itself, and explained through lore and by watching with a keen eye.
  14. I just recently played an escalation tournament. Ton of fun, and not just because i won. Especially nowadays, when youre usually better off substantially buffing 2 or 3 expensive ships, one of which is a large ship, it forces you to reconsider your normal auto-add pilots and upgrades and allows for a breath of fresh air. Scum players especially get hit hard by this, as they can't just throw their usual jumpmasters and shadow casters on the table, at least not without the rest of their list suffering as a result(however attani mindlink with 5 ships on the table is borderline broken lmao). Definitely go for it.
  15. Once i started playing with ARCs, i started winning tournaments. Just sayin'. Norra is really good, and i've even come to have respect for Shara Bey. Then there's also Thane and Braylen, whom are both great pilots too. OP though? Nah. ARCs just aren't flown enough for people to know that there are two rules: 1. You don't joust Norra. You'll lose. and 2. Norra needs to die first. Norra can go to endgame and almost always win because of regen and guaranteed damage mitigation, the rest of the list probably can't. But only if it is, in fact, Regen Non-Expertise Norra. Any other kind of Norra is hot trash that isn't utilizing the things that make Norra so good. Expertise = no defensive mods(why take Expertise when you could take PTL, or Kyle Katarn, or RecSpec), and BB-8 equals NO REGEN, both of which are necessary on a 1 agi ship...(If you're smart you can barrel roll with VT and target lock if you're shooting out the back; it's still a guaranteed crit) Norra is great, but if you throw more than 2 big attacks at her per turn, she starts to crumble. And when Norra crumbles, so does the entire list. Thats why biggs, rex, or stressbot is important because they mess with target priority and pull it away from Norra, cause Norra has two strengths; Kill **** on the opening pass, don't die in the final rounds. You MUST play to these strengths in order to succeed with Norra, and you must force your opponent to let you, too.
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