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  1. I think that although a swarm is more competitive in the long run. The raider isnt on its own. Chewing through 12 TIE fighters while being pounded by a tooled up raider is not just going to be as easy as making unopposed runs on the raider, particularly if the controlling player knows what they are doing.
  2. slimeball

    Scum Gozanti?

    It's slowness wouldn't be a problem for a lot of raiders. I think it would make an excellent mobile command and control centre for hyperdriveless syck interceptors. Even if it was faster, you would be stupid to fly it into combat as it doesn't really have the teeth or survivability to do much.
  3. slimeball

    Scum Gozanti?

    To me, the Gozanti doesn't really scream empire, in the films they tend to send star destroyers to do everything and sending a crappy little support frigate seems like under kill for them. However, it does scream scum SRS carrier. Just enough firepower to defend itself, but not enough to be a warship, and it would be a great launching post for M3 interceptors. My Google foo also tells me it was never even intended is an imperial ship, more an armed merchant ship and was used by the hutts. So my question is, how would you feel about the Gozanti switching to scum for friendly games? I am not talking about huge amounts if custom rules, just swap its imperial tag for scum and change Tie to M3 for purposes of docking. That way it could use a couple of scum upgrades and would lose access to people like the Moffs. Thoughts?
  4. Could you get away rocking up with this? Gozanti-class Cruiser — Gozanti-class Cruiser 40 WED-15 Repair Droid 2 Dual Laser Turret 5 Backup Shield Generator 3 Ship Total: 50
  5. Or maybe Whisper Advanced cloaking device Veteran instincts Fire control system Gunner Hard to pin down, will recloak before most other pilots get to shoot him. And whether he hits or misses he gets a bonus.
  6. Just to troll people, I would take YV666 Moralo Hounds tooth title Deadmans hand HLC try and stay back using the big gun. When he finally does explode, he might get to take someone with him. Then out pops a brand new Z-95, not a great ship, but hopefully by that time everyone else will be damaged.
  7. I love the punisher, its technically not a great ship due to it being pretty upgrade intensive, but can be really good in the right hands. I also love the idea of the front release bombs before barrel rolling out the way. It makes me feel more like bombs in space would really be used, a quick burst of speed to impart momentum then away it flies into the enemy.
  8. What builds do people use for their raiders? I know it will never be a super competitive ship (unless beauty pageants meet xwing miniature). Are their and particular crews/upgrades you like to use with it? Seems like a good pimp mobile for a style conscious emperor.
  9. Thanks for the tips guys. Probably can't invest till after Christmas though
  10. Does it specifically state that it is twice as long or twice as large. As weight or displacement is a common measure of size in ships. The resurgent seemed to have a much larger dorsal superstructure than the imperial. So twice the volume could make it still a similar length.
  11. I am planning to buy in after Christmas and wanted some advice. Is there anywhere with a decent run down on the factions, which ships to buy first, which ships not to bother with. I am also torn between imperials and rebels. I play scum and rebels in xwing. Nothing is as cool as an imperial star destroyer so that's the way I will probably end up going, particularly as the rebels seem to lack a cohesive theme.
  12. I love the YV, its a cruiser rather than a dogfighter, i use moralo and stick a HLC on it for heavy ranged firepower. I also like the outlaw tech for free focuses when hitting reds, i also quite like navigator and intelligence agent to give me more ability to react. If someone does manage to get into my rear arc, i can either hard+boost to loop round for a HLC shot, or, i can slam on the brakes and make the enemy eat my thrusters. If i have spare points i stick on anti-pursuit lasers and feedback array. Feedback array is fantastic on a ship with a red stop, 12 hit points and essentially and immunity to the single ion token it inflicts . I am also in the mindset that if i need a firespray i take and aggressor, if i need a heavy gunship i take the YV.
  13. I was torn between isard and a saboteur (my miralos favourite crew member) If that is the case then i will definatelty go that way, makes his no fly bubble even more deadly
  14. I fancy trying this oicunn build, it is very expensive but looks fun. Oicunn (59) Ruthlessness Ysanne isard Mara jade Rebel captive Dauntless Ion projectors He hits you, you take damage, you hit him, you get ionised. Stray within range 1 of him you get stressed and he gets a free hit on you, and if you target him first, even more stress. I cant decide whether a tricked out phantom or a pair of interceptors would work best. I also considered chucking some mines on him for any tails he might pick up. This isnt meant to be that competive so i dont mind the fact that the deci is a bit of a poor choice.
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