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  1. @MrDodger Not sure. There is nothing in our old show notes or in our 50P database to indicate when we discussed it. If I find it I'll let you know, but it's gonna require me to go back and relisten to the old episodes. This could take some time. Tony
  2. Enjoy live plays? Well, we cordially invite you to enjoy our fellow N-I show The Brewery by Jaime Pierson. Where I am running Chris, Jaime, and our buddy Daryl through some Android: Shadow Of The Beanstalk.
  3. I submit my alternate Insanity Rules for Cthulhu-esque Horror to the collective consciousness... Genesys Sanity Rules.pdf
  4. @just_chris Thanks for listening. Glad you enjoyed the show. And to tell the truth, Advantageous Threats is our favourite show segment too. Tony
  5. We appreciate all the feedback we've been getting folks. Thank You all for listening! Tony
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