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  1. I picture it as lando doing something gimmicky with the engines that is going to damage them after, like boba triggering his inertial dampeners in "tales of the bounty hunters. "We're only gonna get one shot at this, hold on to your butts!"
  2. I run it in backstop position, speed 1, keep it firing as long as possible. The tlr goes a long way to help it.
  3. I admit I had doubts about the general. He's good on paper but I wasn't sure how he would play on the table. I'm happy to say that he's worth every point. His ability gives you alot more survivability then you'd think which in turn allows you put down more damage. Once your ship finally goes down, its kamikaze time! The unseen advantage it gives you is that if your opponent goes in for the kill he cant do it without sufering from your counter. Even if your opponent flys past (which happened once last night) you can still shoot SOMETHING if you have decent positioning. Which brings me to the battle shrimp. In 3 games I think I've gotten a chance to shoot my black dice twice. As a rebel player, most of my time is spent circling and flanking. The mc30 though handles like a tub and needs to crash into a ship it seems if you want a decent shot. Its got alot of built-in survivability. Its just a incredibly maneuver heavy ship that seems counter intuitive to the faction. I did the most damage ever last night by parking the ship in front of a double guppy conga line which caused alot of crashing and hijinks ensued. With Reikeen at the helm he couldn't blow it up. P.s. You dont think Lando is worth it till your opponent rolls that awesome roll at point blank.
  4. Since his ability affects named squads, should I spam uniques or just count it as a bonus for one or two of them
  5. I actually like the idea of making him like x wings greedo, a double edged sword. You gain a token but lose a sheild or something.
  6. Question again on this topic, when it says deploy within one, is it completely with in one or the edge of your base touching range one.
  7. Can't wait to use a shrimp frigate as my hyp assult ship.
  8. I play rebels exclusivley, which scenario do you think favors rebs and like to use?
  9. Akbar effects all ships right? Even the one hes on? Wanted to check on the wording.
  10. I cant decide if he wants a swarm of light ships or larger beefier ships. What ones get the most benefit from him?
  11. On cards like the yavaris title, can I use a token to pay its cost or does it have to be the dial. Also, the book says if you usr a card, the normal command dosent take effect. So if I use it, I cant move and shoot with some ships and let others double tap their shots correct?
  12. If I use a brace and a redirect, which happens first.
  13. Out of curiosity, who is everyone using as a commander mostly. I'm in love with Mon mothma. She makes my fragile rebel ships extra nimbly bimbly and survivable so that they can actually stand a chance at closer range.
  14. I got into a discussion over weather you can flip a card for crit OR use a weapons cards crit, I.e. overload pluse, vs. You can do all the above on a single attack. Can someone confirm the right ruling AND show me where it states it. Didnt have luck in the rule book.
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