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  1. I've had that happen. Never had anyone go back on a previous agreement... That's why we took the time to measure, and come to an agreement. Usually it seems to happen to me when I measure, and something is just out of range, then I measure again on that ship's activation, and suddenly the thing is just in range - in which case I'll refuse, because it shouldn't be in range. I've had cases where I've extended an extra courtesy in response to my opponent extending courtesy first. For example, on Saturday an opponent let me spend my engineering token after I shot because it didn't make any difference in regards to what happened. I'd allow the same thing - but never has anyone told me that I owe them.
  2. I took 6th in Minneapolis with a JJ double Vic list with a Gozanti, and an Arq with 126 points of fighters. My first round was against someone new to the tournament scene, and I was unexpectedly able to outfly him on his Firelanes. I think I just squeaked a 9-2 out of it. I don't recall his list. My second game was against Dong Lee, who took 2nd at GenCon (whenever Wave 2 was out). He was running a Rieekan Aces list with 3 Transports, Gallant Haven, Yavaris and the whole crew. After objectives he ended just shy of 100 points up on me, which I'll consider almost as good as a win considering he's a better player than me anyway. My third game was Precision Strike against a Dodanna list with an M 80, Admo, Jaina (TRC), and a Flotilla. My bombers rolled like crap (at least 12 black bomber dice rolled, no hit/crits) he was able to get way more out of Precision Strike than I was, I think I had him just barely beat by destruction, but he clocked in about 100 above me once tokens were accounted for. Dong ended up taking first, Randy Lewis took second, tgall came in third, and Ben Lurie came in fourth. Don't remember 5th. Sorry the details are sparse, this was the first Armada game I've played in... What? 6 months? :/
  3. At Fargo Regionals I was paired against my cousin running Rieekan Aceholes. I don't think I can beat his list, so I deployed in the opposite corner. I didn't run from him, I didn't Evade the whole game, but I was trying to limit the damage how slower moving squadrons could do to me. I felt bad about it, because it's not a gripping kind of game to play - but in the competitive scene, I'm here to win. He can come over and play me any time, and I won't play such an unsatisfactory game - I'll likely lose, but that's OK. In a competitive sense, I'll play to win (or lose as little as possible.) In CC, if your goal changes, your playstyle should too. In a perfect world you wouldn't have had the information you did, but it's not a perfect world.
  4. That's part of the rub, you have to use a valuable slot, but not all ships treat the defensive retrofit as an extremely valuable slot. For example, you could throw Tua on a Goz, and equip it there, or the rebels could do a CR90 lifeboat with this. Certainly you don't put this on your ISD II, but again, that's part of the cost - benefit analysis. Hmm, yes, eight points is better. And I see this more like a title, it doesn't count for a slot. Only one per fleet, flagship only. Just out of curiosity, why specify flagship only? It can't have any effect on any other ship anyway. APs aren't restricted only to ships with a Redirect token - they're just useless on those ships. And I think 8 points with the slot is costed about right.
  5. Defensive retrofit, 8 pts, can be picked up within distance 1. Count as destroyed until you are picked up by a friendly ship.
  6. Huge difference. Imperial Scatter Aces would tear through a 4 hull group pretty quickly.
  7. If you play so perfectly that you never use Motti's extra hull, then it's likely superfluous which commander you take. Jerjerrod is great, but if you are so good with Motti that you never lose a ship, then you hardly need Jerjerrod's extra maneuverability, either. The flexibility is great, but the opportunity cost isn't insignificant. Using him on every ship every turn will cost you ~3-5 damage a turn. That's far from insignificant.
  8. That's a tough question. My recent Regionals list had 2 VSD Is. I think I only rolled blacks once, but they were both naked except for my commander and an RGB each. So while they didn't suddenly turn into monster brawlers (it's a Speed 2 issue, really) I still used Jerjerrod for better positioning, which is really nice. So YMMV, but even just the ability to position that much more flexibily makes them that much more threatening, and reduces the weak spot of how easy they are to flank.
  9. I have found that, too. I love Motti Dems, and Gozs, but imagine at speed 3 getting 2 yaw. Combine that with a Nav dial and EAT and you're looking at II-II-I-II, or II-I-II-II. That's crazy good looking. Haven't run him with Demo yet, so for me it's all on-paper speculation.
  10. Whoa dude, I know Dras has a special place in this community, but you can't just declare ownership of a person!
  11. I was skeptical. But he's pretty sick. He's the only commander to make it out of my list-building phase since Motti.
  12. Definitely terrifying. If it's going to die anyway you don't need to worry about activation order, and there's absolutely no counter to this.
  13. Oh cool, you were my first round opponent. Glad to see your day got better! Mine didn't. I came in 11th overall. If it's any consolation, in order to make up for you never finding those Structurals, karma decided to let my second round opponent (tgall) slip away with a VSD with 1 hull remaining. :/
  14. Good games, guys. It was a lot of fun!
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