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  1. I don't think you can start to compare RB3 and D2 until this game gets some more content.D2 is a massively popular game.arguably the best dungeon crawler out there at the moment.[although that may change when sword and sorcery hits the gaming world later this year].and its popularity hasn't gone away.ffg are still releasing top quality expansions etc for the game..thats where this game needs to get a move on...needs expansions/packs pretty soon.
  2. need to start seeing some expansions for this game...very good game just a bit "content light".
  3. tootz

    Opinion so far

    just had a thought... wouldn't it be good if you could mix this with dungeonquest..that base game has lots and lots of stuff..but its just too quick to appreciate a lot of it.
  4. tootz

    Opinion so far

    very good looks and plays well,but badly needs more content..that was the massive bonus about 2 edition..lots of packs/expansions and pretty regular too...why not convert them to this edition of the game? would save on money and time for FFG its a no-brainer I would have thought
  5. what they could do is..just redo a lot of the stuff they released for the second edition..would save money and time.there was a hell of a lot of great stuff released for the second edition.. but if not,then needs more scenarios/villain bosses/stories.i would think more heroes are well down the "to do" list..i mean just use minis from descent or dungeonquest..and im sure it would be easy enough to make a template card for them
  6. pity its in the "vault.. no matter what I try I cant get into it???... it says im signed in and transferring me.then just goes back to the login screen.looks like I wont be getting it enjoyed the spiders lair by the way !!
  7. ive got same problem and left a message in tech support heard nothing from them yet over a week ago now,,,ive got latest chrome.but just kicks me to login screen i also cleared cache still same thing
  8. Hi, ive logged into the FFG site ok.but when I try to access any links for the quest vault.it just kicks me to the logon page???..ive cleared the cache etc.
  9. mmm when I click on any of the links it just takes me back to sign on page?
  10. thanks I thought so...thanks for the reply!
  11. Hi,guys. just got the core game.and was looking to get the expansions soon..is there any order to them or are they all individual ? and was wondering which to get first then second etc.?
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