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  1. Thanks! It looks a little bit broken. Power creep is rising so fast.
  2. Just to be sure about BT-1, with missile salvo do I use always a green + (red/blue/yellow) dice on each attack (3 attacks, different targets). Using the green always looks really powerful.
  3. The work is really good, thanks for sharing. But if you are able to make it into separate game size cards one for each army this could be amazing! (We can print and sleeve).
  4. Thanks I will test it before the tournament. If I found something I will let you know.
  5. I'm really looking for a dedicated application for iOS, but any PC excel sheet or stand alone application is fine. Thanks in advance.
  6. Destiny and X-Wing (new A-Wing and Tie Silencer related with new film, maybe something more)
  7. I would like to start to see more asymmetrical units for each army. So maybe another infantry or a siege unit could be added to Daqan and who knows for elves and demons!
  8. QFT, no books on Essential Pack. But I don't care about it. Neither AoS or WH40k have the codex included in the starter boxes of each army, and of course is not free to download.
  9. Painting models? game no yet released. What is people painting? Rules? rules not yet released. Lists? not all revealed, maybe rules introduce some restriction also. Terrain? fine, people have started to work on it. ;-)
  10. If some day I paint my miniatures I will paint my Stormtroopers in pink color. Till then grey is a good color.
  11. No need now.
  12. I'm in with IA, I have everything released till today and I love the system. About Legion, since I also have RW, I'm going to wait and see if this game succeed in my country before to buy anything. I also need to know if FFG is going to follow the RW upgrade card distribution system or X-Wing / Armada and check if FLGS and miniature wargame community support the game.
  13. There is no space and time for any single game released by a big company and some FLGS will support the game, some other don't. Maybe you prefer Legion or AoS, that's fine just leave this forum and enjoy other games. We are fine with that. Not any single game can be so much popular as X-Wing is nowadays. Here FFG with RW is hit the selves with a new line of product, not a boardgame (I consider Armada as another wargame of FFG, but it get a lot of revenue from X-Wing), all wargames takes time to be a success (or not). Probably your FLGS just want to support the popular games: AoS, WH40k, X-Wing, Destiny, maybe Infinity and Warmahordes. We have to remember that this game was released in April, that's 5 months for a wargame!!! what do people expect? Here in Spain we are just waiting for tournament kits, nothing has been published yet. As soon as the material is received we will started to do tournaments and show more the game in FLGS, I know this community is going to grow. Just sit, wait and see. And in the mean time enjoy the game!
  14. Anybody knows if some upgrade cards can be used by both factions?