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  1. I know that table is 3D printed. At the beginning of the game almost 2 years ago there was a page where you can buy it. But now I can’t find it. Stl files link to buy could be perfect.
  2. Half points to own the middle of the table give you half points to fight for one side. Not bad.
  3. Medic + RG + evade token makes Vader immortal, place him in the middle of the board and control the terminal or the terrain objective, then you only need to control half board to get the other objective. Vader is not easy to play, but it is nice as it is.
  4. After 6 rounds (4 swiss) a Vader list won the spanish national championship. People need to play more Vader.
  5. Blah blah blah I'm crying because FFG are bad guys and are playing with my feelings... Do you know what is behind a world release of a product? big boats sailing from China to Australia, US an EU, different customs on each country, transport distribution to hubs, truck distribution to FLGS and all of that worlwide. They don't delay the product because they want. Some logistic issue should happened and they are working on fix it. Would you be happy if french version is released on 4th and US is released on 18th? of course not. I'm tired of Facebook post apocalyptic posts about delays, here in the forums the same... I'm going to quit several weeks from social media and I will be back when people start to cry because clones or droids are broken. Do you remember this is a game for adults with small miniature toys?
  6. An App for Legion could be the best way to go. Giving access to developers to fix old cards. Just print them with the abilities, keep upgrades and point cost in .pdf or App.
  7. We already did a RQ because we couldn't change the date for the place, of course without any prizes. This is ****. We request the RQ kit last year, and it we should be able to do it in any time of 2019. We planned it for march, and even so late the kit didn't arrive. FFG OP organization is garbage compared with other games: Corvus Belli, Games Workshop...
  8. Here is my Green Stuff mod of Han Solo.
  9. Just my own opinion, I don't like it. That's all. FFG will do what is better for FFG, so I don't care about a scum faction or not right now. We are getting 3rd and 4th factions now and I don't like the prequels. What I would like to see are creatures! vehicles! missing iconic characters.... but as I said FFG will do the things according with its own roadmap (Agreed with Disney of course).
  10. I plan so much things, but I have so few time: Swap arms between troopers. --> Done. Sculpt bases. --> Done. Replace heads. --> Package lost, order some new alien heads. Sculpt Calamari arms. --> On going. Replace weapons. --> Waiting for ordered bits.
  11. https://swbatallitas.wordpress.com/ Spanish blog: news, updates, rules, painting, shopping, tips... everything around Legion. Author: Me ;-)
  12. The game do not need to have symmetrical releases, so looks nice Crimson Guards as Special Forces.
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