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  1. Veers goes best with......

    fava beans and a nice chianti?
  2. Thanks so much for coming out to Alternate Worlds' first Netrunner Store Championship. Eight extremely knowledgeable and sportsmanlike players came out for several hours of fun. Heck, they helped me out when I needed it and were understanding of the time I took figuring out places by hand (of course, one required going into Extended Strength of Schedule). Yes, I'll be using the app next time to speed things up. Hope to see you guys again next time the store runs a game.
  3. Amazon Jan 24 release?

    Main box on Amazon is listed as Feb. 5. I’m not assuming anything until I’m sure it’s in.
  4. End of the game

    You are absolutely correct, that is another possibility. I was focused on trying to answer the original question. Just to be comprehensive then, if a faction reaches its end goal, generally speaking all players lose, however, if the advance along the faction track permitted a survivor (or survivors) to reach their influence goal, they have won. (Page 7 in the Rules Reference).
  5. End of the game

    Howdy! If you look at Page 9 of the Rules reference, it says, “When a survivor reaches the required amount of influence, he or she declares victory and reveals his or her agenda cards. That survivor wins the game.” That’s it. There’s no waiting for factions to do anything in particular.
  6. Limits of Lyssa's Nine Lives

    Thanks for your thoughts!
  7. Alternate Worlds, 10854 York Rd., 21030, is having its store championship this Saturday, December 30, 2017. It's asked that you be ready to the extent possible with your card list at around the 10:30ish area (AM, of course). We'd love to see you there.
  8. Had a situation come up today that I wasn't exactly certain of the right answer. Of course, Lyssa has her Nine Lives ability, and of course there is the rule about when heroes are defeated by Villains. Given the foundational rule that cards supersede the rulebook, if Lyssa is defeated by the villain, does she get to exert to remove all her damage, or is she taken out of the game? Thanks for your thoughts.
  9. Terminal Opinions

    Just played my first game of it. I enjoyed it very much. The campaign aspects seem like fun.
  10. first player?

    Are you asking the tournament rules or the regular game rules? In the regular game, the one who wins the toss is first player. As noted above, the tournament rules differ in that the winner gets to decide.
  11. Did you get a chance to come out? The line for those buying the game literally went out the door at one point. There were a number of obvious Scorpion players there, including a gentleman with a cool red mask sitting next to me at one point. Got in two great games, including one against a gentleman who happened to be playing with a 3 core deck! I'm just glad I hung in against him! I'll be getting my additional cores as I can.
  12. My pleasure! I'll be there, God willing, and hope to see you. I'll be the guy playing Crane, as I have since the first release of the CCG a long time ago when we played back at the old Armory in Pikesville.
  13. Games & Stuff in Glen Burnie is running something next Saturday from 10-2
  14. I’m very much at the rules learning stage and appreciate the rules tip. Thanks. Now I’m glad I didn’t use Hawthorne’s special ability—I always feel bad after a win if I did something wrong, even if inadvertent!
  15. Daqan Mirror Match-200 pts. Objective-Bounty I know it says mirror, but our armies were different. My opponent, whom I met at the store for the first time (really nice guy), had taken an elven unit, the Deepwood Archers along with Kari. I used Kari, but with no elf friends, and I also had Lord Hawthorne (Jerry). I was the first player, and picked the Objective “Bounty” which of course lets each of us designate one of our own units. If that unit died, the opponent got 75 VP. I picked my Rune Golems, figuring they're pretty well armored, and if I didn’t act crazy aggressively with them, they stood a good chance of surviving. He picked his elven archers figuring they had no need to get close to any of my guys, and could run away if necessary anyway. Going along with his theory was the terrain. There were three fairly big pieces of terrain, two of which were essentially separating me from him on my left side of the table, and the other was pretty far right. When we set up, he figured the terrain would keep me from getting into him too much, and so he hid his archers over on his far right.The rest of his troops were pretty spread out, with his cavalry unit being on my far right. I set up with a completely different viewpoint. I was going to get into and burst through the terrain to get at his relatively week right flank. The terrain would shield me for a bit from ranged fire, until essentially I was right on top of him. Jerry was my on my extreme right flank, although really he was in the center third of my set-up area, as I was loading up the center and left. On the first round, Jerry was inspiring his troops, and thus gave inspiration to the spearmen (3x3) right next to him as well as to Kari, who was to the spearmen’s immediate left. But further left was the interesting part. I wanted to set my cav up all four stands across, but when I saw the approximately two tile gap between the two large pieces of terrain on the left, I changed my mind. I set them up 2x2 and with the cav’s 4+2 move, I shot the gap between the terrain and ended the first round essentially exactly between them and halfway across the board. My unit of two Rune Golems, next to the right of the cav, lumbered up and got near to a fortified area that could hold two trays-perfect for them when they got there! My spearmen in the center of the board moved up a bit, with Kari on their immediate left flank, heading essentially for a large block of enemy spearmen. Headed towards the center of the board and my spearmen were a unit of cav of his and behind them, two Rune Golems in a unit. Jerry stepped up to protect the right flank of my spearmen from getting crushed by this wave, and thus got hit at a 45 degree angle by the group of four cavalry trays (fortunately it wasn’t a flank). My only question was how long Jerry could hold out until they crushed him. At their first contact, they did two wounds to him and two panic. Yikes! However, that’s when they learned about my nice combo, Might of Daqan and Shield of Margath, which together put five hits on the cav (causing two losses on their turn! I couldn’t send any help to him, the spearmen on his flank were about to be tied up with a huge enemy unit themselves. He was on his own. On my far left, having cleared the terrain, my cavalry made a huge, high-speed right sweeping charge. Unfortunately, by the time they got there, the Elvish archers had shown their elusiveness by shifting a good amount back towards the center of the table. I took my panic, saw that another fast turn would put me off the table, so we regrouped, rotated to the right to aim directly at the archers, and got ready for another charge. Unfortunately while carrying out this parade ground maneuver, the archers shot and knocked several men from their mounts. Although the slippery elves were wily with their backpedaling to the middle of the table, there was a downside. My spearmen had frontally engaged his spearmen, pinning them in place (and doing good work on them with the extra die assistance of the Citadel Weapons Master). Kari then did a little mini-charge while curving to her right, which brought her onto the flank of the enemy spearmen. While doing some reasonable damage in close combat with them, she sent her famous throwing daggers off into the elvish archers, which had quite kindly backed into her range. She cut down six figures from the archers on the first round! That's a good way to start getting hits on my target unit. My Rune Golems saw that no one was going to attack them in their fortified position, and wanted to get into the action themselves. They came out of the fortification, and aimed directly towards the archers (which you’ll recall was the bounty unit for the enemy, as the golems were for my army. So it was a bit of a race to see if the cav could get into the archers first or the golems, but the golems beat them to it, tearing into the archers, who really aren’t made to fight it out in hand to hand combat, and with Kari having weakened them previously, they were no match for the two big monsters working together. Back on my right flank, the question was whether Jerry could hold out long enough to keep from having that flank turned. Short version: yeah, he could. Longer version: He was just a wrecking crew doing a good amount of hits in his own turn, and using his upgrade combo to really beat the cav unit up in their own turn too. Remember the two wounds he took at first contact? He never took another. My spearmen and Kari had combined to finish off his spear block, and my guys thus had time to face to the right and not get taken in the flank by the enemy golems. We called the game with him having completely lost his spearmen, his cavalry, and the archers. I had lost one tray of cav out of four, two trays of spearmen, and that's about it. That, combined with the bounty, made for a nice resolution. My opponent was far from a bad player, but it was one of those momentum situations where things started rolling against him, and it just never turned around. Looking forward to my next game.