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  1. kac

    Blue Metal 2A Issue

    I just played the scenario against the best player in our Legion group, and probably the best player in the State of Maryland. I was the attacker, and I believe the designer of the scenario intended to have the attackers go retake the mine, so that's what I tried to do. Were I faced with this scenario in an important, prize-laden tournament, I don't think I would have done that.
  2. kac

    Blue Metal 2A Issue

    Just played Scenario 2A and I have a great concern about the victory conditions. Reading them carefully they essentially say you get a victory point each round for each unit leader within range of an objective token one of which is placed by the attacker. It can’t be in his set up zone but it can be placed just outside of range two. A slick attacker, if he has one more unit than the defender, can just get close to “his” objective and camp there. The defender would then need to come across and become the attacker which is completely against the theme set up in the operation. Sure, it wouldn’t be very nice for a player to do this and stand things on their head but many of these operations are used for tournaments and the like, and in that setting with prizes or advancement in the balance, I could easily imagine a player doing what he needed to do to win Perhaps a solution would be to allow both sides to score some end of scenario points for being in the defender’s set up area, thus penalizing a sit and do nothing approach by the attacker. Has anybody else run across this issue?
  3. What is it with Airforce guys? Pretty sure all the Legion Outriders are ex AF? They all must have wanted to fly X-Wings growing up.
  4. Hey, wish you guys the best. We have a good sized group playing north of Baltimore at Alternate Worlds on a weekly basis. Maybe we can run down there one time to see what's going on.
  5. kac

    Organized Play in Maryland

    Well, we’re not quite done with the operations yet. The last op, Blue Metal, begins for us this week and will continue the following three weeks as we typically only play one game per week, and thus it takes us about a whole month to get through an operation. The store tells me that the next Ground Assault kit should be on the way soon, so we’re expecting a seamless transition into the next three operations. Last time matched up pretty close too with no big issues. Let us know by a PM when you can come out so I can make sure we have an opponent for you. We’re organized sufficiently that everyone has about a week’s notice as to whom they’re playing, and when Look forward to meeting you!
  6. kac

    Sniper in a tower defending

    I wonder if they’re doing it because of real-world ballistics, e.g., drop based on “horizontal “ distance covered by a projectile. ‘Agreed that such doesn’t really apply to flamethrowers but that may simply be a function of keeping it simple and treating all ranged weapons the same.
  7. Heavy metal! Love the dual speeder, dual STs!
  8. kac

    Organized Play in Maryland

    We just completed Operation Massing Superiority and are off to starting the last operation in the OP packet next week. I enjoy campaigns, and we're all looking forward to it. Great turnout with a good number of people showing up and playing week after week. Thanks again to Alternate Worlds in Cockeysville MD for the use of their facility.
  9. My group is about to start the last in the operations in the current OP packet. There may be a mistake in the first of the games, and I wanted to get a sense from the group. Game 1 in Operation Blue Metal has an interesting situation where both sides are rushing to take control of a mine. The listed victory conditions are all about taking over the mine area and killing enemy units. All three other games in the Operation have different, scripted victory conditions going along with the theme of the campaign. However, in Game 1, in addition to the listed victory conditions, there is also listed the objective, "Intercept the Transmissions." This seems odd because it has nothing to do with the theme of the game, and more importantly, none of the Intercept victory points are listed in the Victory conditions set out. None of the other games in the operation have any reference to an existing Objective card. If anyone has any thoughts about whether we should keep in the victory points for Intercept in addition to the specially listed ones, or not, I would appreciate hearing from you.
  10. Thank you, this is most helpful for my campaign! Next, the announcement!
  11. kac

    Commandos Up

    If the rifle in question is a Mosin, perhaps it would have been better for both guys to help carry it.
  12. kac

    Commandos Up

    Preaching to the choir, my friend.
  13. kac

    Organized Play in Maryland

    Really great stuff going on. This week is the 800 pt. week of Massing Superiority, and next is the week for 1000 pts. We're scrambling a little bit for scheduling because of the extended time requirement for 1000 pts., but it's a blast to get that much on the board.
  14. kac

    Commandos Up

    I don't know about you, but I use them just to really tick off my buddies adjacent to me on the firing line.
  15. Pretty sure I’ll be there.