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  1. Now that my group is completed the first week of Take the Hill, I'll post a few quick thoughts: 1. The control the drone objective is a lot of fun, although it may shorten games. If it's two moves towards my side and we're in Round 5, there's no need for a round 6. Still fun. 2. Meeting engagement is a cool deployment. You really see how big units like the ST are assisted by this when they get a full move in addition to their large base. 3. War Weary as a condition is pretty terrifying. It seems like almost everything you're doing is mitigating suppression so no one panics. Using inspire was pretty darn mandatory. We like it so far!
  2. kac

    Are you playing with enough terrain?

    And the good news is that the market will help with this. If a TO does a crappy job of providing sufficient or appropriate terrain for a tournament people are driving long distances to, the next time that tournament is run, the perceived unfairness will likely limit the turn-out. It's in my interest to do a fair job for everybody, regardless of list, in order to maximize the number of attendees.
  3. kac

    Climbing Vehicles and Unit Facing

    I rule that the wall/cliff/whatever you're climbing needs to be in the front arc of the RT, and you retain the same facing direction.
  4. kac

    Operations Updated

    The operations have been reposted. Very interesting change in Take the Hill, the one we're running at the store where I TO right now. The major achievement in this had been that a player received the award if he used two support units in any of the four games, which was interesting because you're limited to one support unit. Now, the major achievement is awarded if a player includes one special forces unit and one support unit. Naturally, the problem with this is that it means four of the players in my group would not be able to score the major achievement in the operation, as I don't believe the scout troopers will be out in the next three weeks. Not knowing when Han's boys will be out, neither side might be able to make the achievement. I think I'll stick with my fix as noted above.
  5. kac

    Apparent Mistake in Silent Hail

    Yep, it definitely looks fixed. Tell your friend, "Good job."
  6. kac

    Organized Play in Maryland

    We're back at it for a new Operation beginning this Thursday at Alternate Worlds in Cockeysville. We're doing Take the Hill, and it looks like a knife fight in a phone booth. Anyone interested should contact me asap to get on our list. We already have at least eight already participating.
  7. kac

    Tournaments and sharing dice

    It’s slow and annoying. Moreover it is more prone to lead to mis-remembered or inaccurately read dice. I would much rather loan my dice to an opponent.
  8. kac

    Are you revealing your command hands?

    Funny, I did exactly that at the first Legion tournament I participated in, and I had a copy for the TO. Both looked at me like I was crazy.
  9. kac

    Operations Updated

    Of course you’re right about that, but here’s my concern: anyone actually playing the scenarios once would have easily seen the mistakes that I picked up. My conclusion is that they’re not sending these out to even one person/group outside of the scenario designer’s circle for a quick play test. It’s easy to miss it if the testing consists of playing the scenario in house with the scenario designer explaining it to his opponent. On the other hand, sending the written blurb to one person not gaming with the designer would have picked these up. That is my concern. My group is paying money for the events associated with these operations, in order to have the chances to win the prizes in the Recruitment and Ground Assault kits. I would prefer that rather than us act as the beta testers, that some relatively minimal QA work had been done before publishing.
  10. kac

    Operation: Silent Hail Mission Two Batrep

    Love the intro. Really enjoyable to see the tight game come down to the wire. There is some cool looking terrain in use. Who is that from?
  11. kac

    How many rounds are you getting?

    We finished the first two operations. In the allowed time, the vast majority of occasions have half the people finished and half on round 5.
  12. kac

    Operations Updated

    Yeah, that's my guess. As the TO, I've told our group that I'm officially updating the force chart to allow 0-2 support.
  13. kac

    Operations Updated

    There’s a big mistake in the first one too, Take the Hill. Because of the smaller point requirement, you’re limited in a number of categories including only being able to use one support unit. That certainly makes it hard to get the Major Achievement, which is using two support units. That’s three pretty obvious mistakes in five released operations. Is anybody editing this stuff?
  14. kac


    I agree with your point. One would think it would have some good use against the double ST lists that you see from time to time.
  15. kac

    Anyone having problems getting stuff?

    Got a couple in my FLGS. Want them?