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  1. I know transported units CAN gain Suppression tokens but does shooting the Vehicle itself cause the transported unit to gain suppression as if fired upon or is it only for effects that apply suppression outside of receiving a hit from a ranged attack? (like annihilation looms)
  2. Fairly certain skirmish upgrades do not count as deployment cards.
  3. The better played SC won the day, hurray... Zz z z z zz zz....
  4. A mistake like many others on such alt cards... its not the first time.
  5. When worlds got announced we planned on going, 3 of us at least, maybe 4. Then the limited 40 spots (for 80 total with 40 reserved for event winnters) filled up instantly Then Specter Cell got boring to play against So we pretty much gave up our plans for Adepticon back in January. Last year's Worlds, I am told, was amazing and at FFG HQ. What a mess this year is with Specter Cell and the smaller Worlds tournament.
  6. I'm not sure there is more to add to that title honestly. Its incredibly disappointing that Specter Cell is what it is. At least locally, anyone who played it stopped playing it, we had our regionals with 0 specter cell lists. It was good. It made the game great again. Your move next, FFG.
  7. I mean~ yes but then you're not deploying a unit, you're deploying a disposable tool. In other games youll see such units be different from main big units which will define their role as sacrificial tarpits
  8. What I'm suggesting is that when you field a unit - its an equipped unit, a naked unit makes no sense in a conflict - no support, no equipment, thats just nonsense to willingly choose to field that. So you pay the price for a full unit and you choose how its configured. There needs to be different roles for different configurations and that many configurations are possible without making one stand out from the rest - yes its a hard thing to pull off but at least then you get to use some or all of the upgrade slots on your unit without losing effectiveness because you chose to put some options on them. You could have one of the configurations be more glass cannon - only being able to add a big weapon that brings more firepower/utility while other configurations would be better for scouting ahead or controlling objectives. You'd build your list around that. Right now its just like in Xwing where minimalist on upgrades is king when you spam vessels and fully loaded out ships cost too much unless they have a very specific gimmick that makes them VERY good to have.
  9. A mechanic to make too many units less interesting by not letting them remove suppression and panicking more easily then?
  10. Just want to make sure - if the leader does not have line of sight to any of the minis in the unit but other minis in your unit have line of sight, can you declare it a target if they are within range of your unit leader?
  11. Yea ok no you're not understanding me at all.
  12. Except you can't kill those snipers with Leia on turn 1 - if one of the 2 cannot be seen by Leia, only one figure can die. The sniper dies - the scout becomes the sniper instead, the scout dies, there's still a sniper. You can kill 1 of the minis in the team but never both, unless your opponent is out in the open with both.
  13. It still doesn't make sense that DLT is the only good option because the 10 extra points for the rocket launcher isn't worth an exhaust. It still doesn't make sense that you can instead have 3 sniper teams for 44 pts each instead of having 4 extra troopers in 4 different stormtrooper units or different officer/droids/etc, way more valuable to have extra activations to put more suppressions everywhere. But anyway, your entire math doesnt matter because I only had an example, I did not say "IT SHOULD ABSOLUTELY BE THESE VALUES". I was showing how it should be done and not the exact prices they should be. It still doesn't make sense to give us a ton of upgrade slots and in the end, its better to have more activations instead.
  14. I've played a lot of different miniatures games over the last 10+ years, and many board games. Every time its the same story for competitive lists - optimize everything to the maximum, find every loophole, abuse everything thats overpowered. Now my biggest problem with Legion is how pointless and borderline useless most upgrades are - why spend points on upgrading 1 unit with 20 to 30 points of extra things when an extra unit - especially the "cheese" of triple snipers - costs almost as much? Why put a more expensive weapon like the rocket launcher on storm troopers when the DLT is just hands down better? Why come up with all these extra interesting upgrades only to have no one use them? Why, instead, don't we have a set price for a unit, and within that set price you may select up to 'x' upgrades or 'y' value of upgrades ? Why aren't all weapon options exhaustible so that both have the same limit but different uses? Different roles. Something like Storm Troopers cost 80 points for 4. In that 80 points, the 4 troopers cost 40 - you may select 40 points of upgrades - the officer or med droid being 20 each would leave you 20 more points - either 20 pts for a DLT or the rocket launcher, or points for extra things like recon intel, grenades, etc. But if you don't go for the more expensive officer / med droid, then you can still take the 5th guy for 10 pts, the weapon for 20 pts and still have 10 pts free for the extra upgrades. What this comes down to is that regardless of how anyone equips their troopers, they will always have the same price - 80 points, and all start equal at 4 troopers - but the cost doesn't increase depending on what you equip on them but rather the cost of upgrades is already included in the initial price, they are just not selected yet. Storm Troopers 80 Points - Extra Trooper 10 points - DLT Trooper 20 points - Grenades 5 points - Grappling hooks 5 points thats just an example of how it could work and should work - you pay 80 points regardless of what upgrades you take. I really dislike the current restriction where everyone goes for max activations and seldom takes a bunch of different upgrades because it ends up costing more than a new unit entirely. Anyway, that was my rant, I know its pointless as it would require an overhaul of all the cards and whatnot~ but I think its a fundamental flaw of the game to be the way it is right now in list building.
  15. Had a vader do exactly 0 damage against my troopers when he threw his saber. 2 hits 1 surge, heavy cover. No defense dice to roll (: Then he got shot to pieces - thats when he learned not to put his vader out in the open~
  16. Lets say you have a big 'ol wall that blocks the entire miniature's base and the entire miniature itself EXCEPT the tip of the gun thats poking out... Do you have line of sight to that mini?
  17. Maul's map is another good one for Lie in Ambush
  18. Like any big company, they're cutting where they think they can save money. Too bad its ruining the tournament scene.
  19. I played a list with Lie in Ambush at a Regionals and mostly used it on my elite Gamorrean Guards to great effect - won 2 games out of 4 and the 2 losses were very very close games against meta merc lists (one with IG, one with double eWeequay, one with scum heroes) 8 eGamo guards 7 eRiots 7 eRiots 4 eDeath 4 eDeath 2 rOfficer 2 rOfficer 2 rJawa 1 Zillo 1 Rule by fear 1 Lie in Ambush 1 Temp Alliance Fun things to try with the tournament maps! Gonna try variations with eGamo guards and possibly lie in ambush again! No uniques so no Celebration against my list~ 😜 Specter cell probably obliterates me though... sad state of the game that one upgrade card
  20. Everyone received their stuff? I did, with a bonus KeyForge deck they threw in for each of us~ good thing I play KeyForge :p
  21. You always need some and even in a list with 7 0 point cards, neither of them find a place in my deck. Yes positioning is everything in this game and more so without using command cards in the hopes that it will be at the right time and not negated. Yes they are good 0 point cards, but even in a Han list you have to play around not having On the Lam during the game - Thrawn can scrap it, strain, shoot the messenger, hostile negotiations, stall for time can keep it away for an entire round where you desperately needed it, etc. The most game-defining cards are those that alter the order of play (initiative/deployments/extra attacks) and mess with the command deck of your opponent - unfortunately I find it harder and harder to take any Spies in my list. I used to take Mak when I played Rangers on the Swamp but not anymore, no place for the little spy~ Intelligence Leak and Comm Disruption can interrupt your opponent's plan - like discarding Blaze that he had prepared to use right there and then, comm disrupt a Strength in Numbers play, etc~ Movement is important, hoping that you have that extra movement in hand when you need it is not a good way to play.
  22. Thats a pretty big stretch. Neither of these cards ever make it into my command decks regardless of what I play - but I don't play melee figures very often except Chopper or Palpatine~ (: You don't need those to ever be successful, what a weird claim to make. Anyway~ My own thoughts on the topic On the Lam, Hunter cards, Blaze, etc. aren't even game-defining themselves because you know they're coming and they will hurt~ Yea sure when you get Heightened Reflexed + Assassinated on a big cost figure it does swing the game around but you're playing against hunters, expect it to happen~ Extra attacks like Han & Vader's end of round or start of round Call the Vanguard, and Take Initiative / I make my own luck is where the whole round changes and its much more defining for a game than anything else during a round - what happens while no one has yet to activate a single deployment and you're hoping its yours first and you're hoping to eliminate an enemy deployment~ Other extra attacks like Onar's Extra Protection can also swing things around~ Which is why Specter Cell's Skirmish Upgrade for 2 points is so incredibly overpowered.
  23. Filled the form since I'm a runner up for a Nationals, gonna wait on the answer to confirm my spot~
  24. I just noticed they also reduced capacity from 80 I saw before to a mere 40... ? I hope thats a joke. edit: I'm hoping its still 80 max, with 40 for reserved seats that will open up in March if there are any spots left.
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