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  1. Kalandros

    For everyone saying two ship lists are dead...

    Leebo & Roark is a monstrous list to face... It won 2 games 200-0, won against me 200-70 and I'm not sure about the 4th game he had at the store tournament. Wiped the floor with everyone, its crazy. Leebo: 3PO, Outrider, Rigged Cargo Chute, Han Gunner Roark: Trick shot, Moldy Crow, Engine upgrade, Cassian Leebo would be one of the cases where an update would be nice: limit of 1 calculate token at any time :p
  2. Kalandros

    Roark/Han gunner

    Were we in the same store championship? :p Thats what I lost to in the 4th round, bumping down from a possible first to 3rd place~ Its definitely insanely good and somewhat disappointing to see in V2
  3. Is the idea here that you can spend your Falcon's shields first and then be considered as "not shielded" for L3-37 and still get to spend the Escape Craft's shields?
  4. Kalandros

    Set for Stun

    A 2 pt Hired Gun can move 5 and use the card A 2 pt Smuggler can move 4 and use the card A 2 pt Officer can move 4 and use the card The action cost doesn't matter. Heck IG could use it: Move 2, stun target, attack, blaze, attack, attack, move 2.
  5. Kalandros

    Set for Stun

    It actually can be extremely gamebreaking and its something Skirmish IA didn't need to have, even more broken than Rebel Graffiti.
  6. Kalandros

    Grand inquisitor ability and missiles

    Latest rules update from FFG: "range bonuses cannot be applied with attacks using those weapons" Cannot is now in there.
  7. Kalandros

    Set for Stun

    We're having a league for the winter and also a 2v2 event at the end of October, I'm going to suggest that Set for stun be a banned card for the duration of those events. But for any official tournaments - store champs, regionals, etc. Its perfectly legal to play it as is until someone has the decency to change the rules for that card. Its just too ridiculous right now not to use it.
  8. Kalandros

    Set for Stun

    "Once off stun" on Ezra in Specter cell has already won me 2 games 40-20 and 40-19 - stun kills Specter Cell. (Jyn is what I had against Specter Cell~) Stun Han after he's activated - can't On the Lam, can't return fire, can't end of round shot etc Its a game changer because its automatic and can pretty much waste a figure's round completely. Very easy to use it with either a 2 pt smuggler or hired gun, to really affect the flow of the game.
  9. Kalandros

    Set for Stun

    Oof.. hoping for a FAQ entry soon on this... because this means anyone can throw a small attack against any figure and auto-stun that figure, especially if no spies on opponent's side and negate already used... It feels incredibly game changing and cheap. I'll be using it in the next 2 store champs I'm attending >_> shame on me.
  10. Kalandros

    Set for Stun

    So you need to make enough damage/pierce to pass 1 through for the stun to apply, but you stop before the Accuracy step to check if the stun is applied? So the only defense against this is a high amount of blocks or an X ?
  11. Kalandros

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    Going to add: Conditions, especially Stun, will ruin a specter cell player's day. Stunned Ezra cannot On the Lam, cannot start of round move, cannot move to dying lunge, etc. (: Jyn's my favorite against him. Plus can't On the Lam against Hair Trigger~
  12. Kalandros

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    Lost my first match against specter cell because I made a critical mistake: shot Kanan from range 3. Dying lunge killed my Han, which brought the score 39-38 in my favor... then my C3PO died and I lost... ugh Then I faced it twice more and it went 40-20 and 40-19 my way.... Nuke down Ezra ASAP, whittle down Zeb and Kanan while looking for an opportunity to finish Sabine - Hera & Chopper kill 'em whenever they poke their noses out.
  13. Kalandros

    Spectre Cell and concurrent interrupts?

    No, last bullet is not allowed.
  14. Kalandros

    How to deal with spectre cell

    Thrawn can get taken out quite fast but he can also deal heavy damage to them - plus checking the rebel player's card - if its really not one of his big cards that can affect the game, don't discard it to give him more chance at better cards - Specter Cell doesn't draw many cards after all. Vader needs to carefully approach this, don't throw him into all of them - you will get chopped up Terro needs to be the vanguard and apply weaken on Ezra and/or Sabine as they have white dice defense. Jets need to do hit and run as usual, and keep 'em alive with Agile & Zillo as best you can. rJets - play objectives away from any of the enemy members Thats about it.
  15. Sabine shoots Han Han returns fire and kills Sabine - Is the activation over and done with or can Specter Cell be exhausted for Zeb or whoever even though Sabine's gone?