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  1. If a large figure exits a blue square and enters another blue square while stepping on the previous blue square (so it lands on 2 blue squares) - how many movement points are necessary? Just 2 or more?
  2. Kalandros

    What if loku and mak cost 2?

    Mak won me a game on turn 1 with critical hit, removed Blaze of Glory hah. But if you made him or Loku any cheaper.. there would need to be adjustments with Mercs and Imperials. I don't think Mak needs to be cheaper. Loku maybe 3 pts instead of 4, but definitely not 2
  3. Kalandros

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    Small correction, you have to enter the space containing the console, not just be adjacent, to gain the points and shuffle it up to the next color.
  4. Urgency gives movement points, so no.
  5. Kalandros

    4 Player Skirmish Qs

    Hoth and Swamp 4 player maps are horribly unbalanced - too many places you can safely camp out and be opportunistic while your opponent has little to no access to you. Hoth has that one extremely disadvantageous deploy area which usually makes the middle player dead much faster. The temple 4 player map, however, is better balanced - the doors opening to each player's deployment zone forces you to be careful of your rear and reaching the middle there isn't much open ground due to the shielded middle area which opens more interesting play than hide & seek. Hoth is a bad 4 player map Swamp is an okay 4 player map but the interior deployment area (with all the imperial terrain, not the 'storage' zone) is extremely advantageous unless attacked from 2 or more sides. Temple is a great 4 player map but I think 2v2 is way better than 4 player FFA.
  6. Kalandros

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    Depends entirely on what you have available for that and how open you leave yourself as well, by opening your door. Depends a lot on who has initiative and opens the door first. I was playing hunters and had a very bad hand to start with, nothing to easily kill a Jet without leaving myself open to Terro's flame thrower on 3-6 figurines or losing what I used to kill the jet (eWeequay or Onar, maybe Greedo) but with the +1 evade -1 block and zillo for +1 block and/or pierce cancel.. good luck killing that Jet without paying dearly for it - and there are still 3 jets remaining and Terro in your face. Start of turn 2, my opponent played Covering Fire, Fuel Upgrade AND Call the Vanguard all at once. Those 4 dice jets (one with 5 dice from Shared Experience) easily killed models and retreated to safety. If it doesn't kill in one attack and its not Onar, my figure is most likely stunned and killing jets is harder due to fuel upgrade, plus Palp's motivation to heal 1 and move one then attack with another jet for another 4 dice attack~ Bleh. Disgusting~ Its not undefeatable, but its also too effective and not fun to face.
  7. Kalandros

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    They don't need to attack on turn 1, jets pretty much never do, if they take one turn to gain an extra dice until killed... then its more than worth it, plus consider the combo options of Palpatine + Motivation, Call the Vanguard, Covering Fire, Fuel Upgrade, Shared Experience - all hidden behind terrain or figurines (especially if he gets the grass side with that very advantageous square that he himself can Mobile through in and out... I've experienced it, its not fun.
  8. Kalandros

    Tarkin Initiative Labs: New Skirmish Mat

    Tested the missions today Mission A has a random element that is really annoying - the "free points" from going next to the current scoring color console which then moves to another color could have you score multiple times in one activation - I played Hired Guns and those lil dudes got me something like 12 or 14 pts just from running between consoles and then the parting shots Mission B is horrible, adding one dice to your attack pool is ... completely stupid. Jets throwing 4 dice at you every attack is simply crazy blue blue green red, blue blue green green, etc. And if you open your door immediately against certain opponents, you're basically screwed - my opponent had Captain Terro, 2x eJets and Palp with Motivation (plus other stuff), Terro can easily flamethrower your zone as soon as you open your door and if you don't open your door, you're letting the eJets gather the free extra dice. Pretty crazy.
  9. Kalandros

    Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish Preview

    wrong thread~
  10. The empire has all it needs to win big already, Zillo is insane and double eJets is crazy good on any current and upcoming tournament maps.
  11. Kalandros

    Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish Preview

    Just what we needed, eJets with block tokens :[ So tired of seeing double eJets in every empire list.
  12. Kalandros

    Davith Elso

    Davith can pull off 2 attacks and get pierce 3 on each which will likely result in more damage - the surges being aided by his Hide status. Even without focus support, he can put quite the dent on things.
  13. Yes the condition but also how it is right now, if you remove it from too many places you gotta think how it affects the rest of the game - dealing with Vader especially becomes arduous at best due to his 2 black dice and zillo, many figures with 2 dice are taken because they can at least get a focus somehow, even if you usually give it to your 3 dice figures to get a big 4 dice attack. Those 2 dice figures, again, will struggle against anything that can stack too many blocks easily. You can wish things were different, but be careful how what you suggest completely breaks the game.
  14. Hit tokens are there for a reason. Focus is fine as is.
  15. Kalandros

    Davith Elso

    I think its all about the other threats in your list. I had Han and Ahsoka plus the usual support - so I filled up on Spy cards, some smuggler cards for Hera & Han, and 2 Force User cards for some delicious shenanigans (Forge Surge and Force Push) I'm definitely going to face a bunch of IG lists this week cause everyone in my area saw the finals, some of us want to try to break the IG meta - mainly with spies. Destroying an IG player's hand before he can spend it is quite delectable. So for now I'm testing things, this variant so far I'm having the most fun with.