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  1. Everyone received their stuff? I did, with a bonus KeyForge deck they threw in for each of us~ good thing I play KeyForge :p
  2. Kalandros

    Game defining command cards

    You always need some and even in a list with 7 0 point cards, neither of them find a place in my deck. Yes positioning is everything in this game and more so without using command cards in the hopes that it will be at the right time and not negated. Yes they are good 0 point cards, but even in a Han list you have to play around not having On the Lam during the game - Thrawn can scrap it, strain, shoot the messenger, hostile negotiations, stall for time can keep it away for an entire round where you desperately needed it, etc. The most game-defining cards are those that alter the order of play (initiative/deployments/extra attacks) and mess with the command deck of your opponent - unfortunately I find it harder and harder to take any Spies in my list. I used to take Mak when I played Rangers on the Swamp but not anymore, no place for the little spy~ Intelligence Leak and Comm Disruption can interrupt your opponent's plan - like discarding Blaze that he had prepared to use right there and then, comm disrupt a Strength in Numbers play, etc~ Movement is important, hoping that you have that extra movement in hand when you need it is not a good way to play.
  3. Kalandros

    Game defining command cards

    Thats a pretty big stretch. Neither of these cards ever make it into my command decks regardless of what I play - but I don't play melee figures very often except Chopper or Palpatine~ (: You don't need those to ever be successful, what a weird claim to make. Anyway~ My own thoughts on the topic On the Lam, Hunter cards, Blaze, etc. aren't even game-defining themselves because you know they're coming and they will hurt~ Yea sure when you get Heightened Reflexed + Assassinated on a big cost figure it does swing the game around but you're playing against hunters, expect it to happen~ Extra attacks like Han & Vader's end of round or start of round Call the Vanguard, and Take Initiative / I make my own luck is where the whole round changes and its much more defining for a game than anything else during a round - what happens while no one has yet to activate a single deployment and you're hoping its yours first and you're hoping to eliminate an enemy deployment~ Other extra attacks like Onar's Extra Protection can also swing things around~ Which is why Specter Cell's Skirmish Upgrade for 2 points is so incredibly overpowered.
  4. Filled the form since I'm a runner up for a Nationals, gonna wait on the answer to confirm my spot~
  5. Kalandros

    Worlds at adepticon 2019?

    I just noticed they also reduced capacity from 80 I saw before to a mere 40... ? I hope thats a joke. edit: I'm hoping its still 80 max, with 40 for reserved seats that will open up in March if there are any spots left.
  6. Kalandros

    What Were the Words!?

    I'll see if I can get that confirmation~
  7. a month later... still no news from anyone getting anything? :p
  8. Kalandros


  9. Kalandros

    What Were the Words!?

    Not mine but definitely unfortunate
  10. Kalandros

    Ffg please respond RE European medals

    We've had an even bigger problem for the Canadian Nationals - they had none of the prize packs for any of the games, told we'd "receive them later" - last we heard, like 4-6 weeks ago, they were on their way... still waiting on any new info.. cause no one's received anything.
  11. Kalandros

    Spectre Cell Movement Points

    For Call the Vanguard this works because you just the order in which you perform the attack and the move - you don't immediately gain movement points like on Specter Cell - Call the Vanguard lets you perform the attack first if you want, since you can't perform both actions at the same time. The difference with Specter cell is that you gain 2 movement points - those are not an option or a choice, they are gained immediately (vs getting a free "perform a move" from Call the Vanguard). Specter cell allows you to interrupt to attack but if you do that, the 2 movement points are lost as they were not spent. Call the Vanguard -Gain interrupt to "Perform a Move" action -Gain interrupt to "perform an attack" action You have to actually use the Perform a Move action to gain movement points, until you do, you haven't gained any Specter Cell -Gain 2 movement points -Gain interrupt to "perform an attack" action You're given 2 points and the option to interrupt - regardless of the order you do things, the points are already there, they do not need to wait for the attack to be done to be granted That difference might not seem much but it is why there is no debate to be had, the wording and the rules surrounding that wording are clear.
  12. Kalandros

    Spectre Cell Movement Points

    "Gain 2 movement points" - movement points gained OUTSIDE your activation (the target of specter cell is another friendly figure) MUST be spent IMMEDIATELY or be lost. There's no debate to have about it You cannot attack and then move using Specter Cell's card. It must be the movement points first - either 0 1 or 2 - but as soon as you interrupt to perform an attack, you lose the remaining points.
  13. Kalandros

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    Others have already replied to correct you so there's nothing else to add except: Don't use On the Lam during your activation
  14. Kalandros

    Lone wolf and Docked phantoms 2.0

    Docked ships are in reserve, so they are not in play and Lone Wolf on the main ship works fine.
  15. Kalandros

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    My Rebel list managed what should have been a crushing victory 40-4 if my green dice had rolled a single hit to kill 1 hp Sabine but I rolled the surge so he killed two of my guys with sabine's parting gift, celebrated and then killed a 3rd guy with her attack. So I won 40-19 or something. My "all pierce" (except officers) Empire list managed a swift victory as well, 39-something - singled out Zeb fast even with terrible dice rolls I made it through - then I chipped away at Ezra (Terro rolls 7 damage, no surges (hit token+6 rolled) and Ezra had 3 starting blocks, brace for impact rolled 2 blocks and his white dice rerolled with Kanan for another block.. ) slowly but got him down since he didn't have On the Lam or recovery cards yet (lucky!), once Ezra was down, Kanan and Sabine didn't last much longer while he killed a few of my figurines, then I finished it with Chopper and Hera going down without issue. Thrawn is a great asset to have against Specter Cell - I saw his Take Initiative card and I did NOT discard it because I figured - yes he can play it in 2 turns, but he has to pick it now which lowers odds for better cards. That is a great thing to do with Thrawn (: