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  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/1579685378991277/ June 11, 2016 Noon Event Fee: $25 Prize Support: Prize Kit and Store Credit based on attendance There will be no pre-payment for the event. Listing yourself as "going" in the Facebook Event guarantees pre-registration. Regional Championships follow Store Championships in the Organized Play calendar and are the next level in competition, prizes, and prestige. These exclusive events offer players a chance to test their skills against the best players in their region and compete for awesome prizes, including a precious first-round bye at a National Championship.
  2. Store Championship - Critical Hit Games - St. Pete, FL 5 players - 3 Rounds - No cut Winning Squad - Mercenaries Elite HK Elite Wampa Elite Trandoshan Elite Nexu Nexu Beast Tamer
  3. It is. It states in the article that it comes with a mini campaign.
  4. https://drafts.fantasyflightgames.com/en/imperial-assaulttm-2016-regional-championship-locations/ Which one are you going to?
  5. Store Championship - Armada Games - Tampa, FL 7 players - 3 Rounds - No cut Winning Squad - Imperials Royal Guard Champion Elite Stormtroopers Elite Stormtroopers with Vader's Finest Imperial Officer x2 Rule By Fear 2nd Place - Rebels with Alliance Smugglers 3rd Place - Two Bantha Riders with Tuskens and Wookie Warriors 4th Place - Rebels with Luke and Leia
  6. Just one of each. The 4x4 isn't what it used to be after the changes.
  7. I use my multiplayer Death Star dial from Star Wars LCG.
  8. We had a tournament this past Sunday and I won playing Rebels with two groups of Elite Sabs, they are still good even with Blast 1. We only had 5 people show up, and only 1 person was running an Imperial list and had only 1 Officer with the rest being a mix of Stormtroopers, Heavy Stormtroopers and Kayn. The errata to the Guards and Officers has been a welcomed change. 2 Rebel Lists 1 Mercenary 1 Mercenary/Rebel 1 Imperial
  9. I wouldn't say they cost "quite a lot". The normal tournament kits in the States are $20, the stores easily make that back by charging an entry to competitors. Are the players in your area not willing to pay to participate?
  10. Check the FB group listed above, there's a lot of activity on it.
  11. I feel like I missed something. Is there a link to the stores somewhere? He mentioned it, but didn't link it. http://combatzone-scenery.co.uk/
  12. Most people play on OCTGN, Lackey, or Skype. Most of the Star Wars LCG conversations happen at http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/forum/23-sw-lcg-general-discussion/
  13. I too would be interested in Rebel, Scum, Navy, Smuggler sets.
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