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  1. You don't think Luke is worth his value?
  2. Make them more like saboteurs. And we could make them for scum as well, so all the factions are the same
  3. Remember to use the new versions of the saboteurs that is found in the errata.
  4. There are many lovely situations where Negation will be an awesome card. I am not sure I will spend it right away on Take the Initiative, as the counter at the right time can break a plan for an opponent.
  5. Also remember that the latest FAQ have clarified that Weaken takes effect before Cunning.
  6. There is no doubt that the cards cancel all the other card's effects. Anything else is just trying to abuse the rules in a way they were not meant to be. If it doesn't remove the exhaust part, then it doesn't cancel the move of the initiate token either. You can have one without the other. Same with it removing "Element of Surprise" card, then it wouldn't remove it until the defense die had already been removed. Again the card would have no effect. It just doesn't make sense! Having played multiple card games then to me there is no doubt that is a counter spell that removes the play of the card before anything happens.
  7. Awesome card for a miniature that haven't been released yet... >.<
  8. Why are people so insistent that we follow the movies? Theres more to Star Wars than those and FFG has shown they know that fact. Also, why are people so adamant that we get Episode 7,8,9 content? The game is called Imperial Assault... it takes place during the Galactic Civil War. Its Rebels vs Imperials. Not Resistance vs First Order. How many E-webs, royal guards, AT-STs, and probe droids did you see the First Order use? That is all Empire stuff. Not saying we won't get her, but just that the likelihood is very limited with so many canon items to be released before EU stuff comes on the board. Would love to get more Force Users to the Imperial side of the game and Mara Jade is an awesome character, but I think we will see the Inquisitors before her. There are time periods in Imperial Assault, so naturally they will explore the different periods within the canon, as long as they have that option, and with so much great content still available within the canon it is only logic that it take time before they touch EU. Especially if you take into consideration how Lucas Film/Disney is micromanaging everything in the Star Wars universe in regards to canon/EU. The Carnor Jax/Royal Guard Champion is a good example on how the naming have been changed as Lucas Film have pushed EU out of the way to limit its influence on games and naming.
  9. The current way the tournament rules are worded then we won't see a skirmish box soon, as players need the tiles to make the playing field. I would love for FFG to make a skirmish box that included a start list in miniatures, cards and tokens. One for each faction, so the starting point for new players is cheaper and faster. Would do wonders for the skirmish game.
  10. In Imperial Assault there is a reason why the Royal Guard Champion isn't called Carnor Jax, so I think the likelyhood of we getting Mara Jade is very limited. And if we get her then it will be far into the future, as we got RotJ, Rebels and TFA+ep.8+9 to go through first.
  11. Don't tell FFG, as they don't understand that people actually pay to participate in tournaments. At least here in Denmark the stores want their cost covered.
  12. There is actually a reason to have the Command Card "Explosive Weaponry" in the deck now. I just fear that there isn't room for it now, as there are so many great Command Cards released.
  13. Better option would be Balance of the Force and Rebel High Command
  14. Any list with containing Mak haven't been optimized yet. There is much better options than Mak available now. In reply to OP then it seems it will be the Year of the Rebels now, as I can't see how a minor nerf to elite sabs will have any effect, and with the addition of the Elite Alliance Smuggler it is Stun and Focus galore on the Rebel side now
  15. Fair enough. I'm more pro limiting to two per deployment cards than changing cards, so I based my calculations on that, as changing cards simply isn't a realistic move for FFG.
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