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  1. I think it is probably going to be the Reaper pilot that automatically evades if you don't have tokens, is that Vermeil? I don't enjoy the idea of getting jammed turn after turn, and him surviving way longer than he should because of it. Probably a bit irrational though because jam is harder to pull off, but still, I don't likes it! Second is probably going to be Dash... Never liked him in 1e, and definitely won't care for him in 2e either.
  2. Getting 2nd place in the Seattle regional 2015. I had developed a missile swarm Z95 list (with concussion missiles, before the days of guidance chips) with Squad Leader on Airen Cracken to pass 2 actions per turn. I built it to counter the fat pancake meta of the time, and I faced a ton! Best moment though, was the semifinal match vs. Fat Han and a generic YT2400. I shot an ion missile turn 2 or 3 to walk the 2400 off of the board and then made short work of Han. People's faces when they saw my list were priceless.
  3. I also love juke, it is the sole reason that I enjoy flying TAP Barons of the Empire. I'm going to have to put Snap Shot as my #1 card though. I absolutely LOVE flying it on a swarm of TIE fighters led by Mauler Mithel (who gets to snap shot with 3 dice because of pilot ability). Scourge was another pilot that could sneak 3 dice into a snap shot. It is in every list I fly now.
  4. I am excited to run Kath and her pirates all armed with dead man's switches. So scummy. Who doesn't like hurting the enemy when you die?
  5. I love the imperial Boba ability! Are you crazy? It was so much fun to fly Fettigator in 1.0. If you want to run dual 'sprays Koshka Frost and Boba will still be quite potent. Outmaneuver will be much stronger in 2e because everything else got nerfed, so expect the Slave-1 title to be paired with that for maximum effectiveness.
  6. Gersun

    2.0 Gonk Unlimited!!

    I loved Gonk in 1e, so the fact that it is potentially endless regen is still appealing to me. Also, didn't the faction requirement go away? Gonk takes a lot of actions, yes, but if you can mold your playstyle and approach to match it the droid always pays back its value in points.
  7. Gersun

    The Imperials in 2.0

    Staple Ships: -TIE Striker -TIE Fighter I can't remember the last time I flew ANY list that had less than 4 ships, I prefer 5 or 6, so these ships are my jam. Not sure about: -TIE Bomber. She is looking the same as before, and while it is awesome to be able to reload now, I'm just not sure how the bomber is going to stay cheap enough to be relevant. -TIE Interceptor. Depends on Carnor Jax... I hope his ability is the same as before... Wild Cards: -TAP. I cannot explain how much I love flying Barons with juke. I want to try out a list of inquisitors too, because that seems awesome, but we will see how they do on the table.
  8. I think generic swarms will still be quite powerful. I flew an 8 TIE swarm through the heydays of PalpAces, Dengaroo, NymGar, and all those other horrible metas of the past and the swarm could still hold its own. Dropping down to 6 TIE swarm should still do well, but man, you have to practice so much! I think the go-to easy win Imp list will be Deci-vader, personally.
  9. 5x Snapshot Black Squad and Mauler Mithel with Snapshot. It all hinges on whether or not snapshot makes it into 2nd ed... I really hope so because it is so fun to fly!
  10. I don't know how people can expect the conversion kit to be cheaper than it is. 50 dollars gets you: Galactic Empire Conversion Kit *updated* 3 – Alpha-class Star Wing 3 – Inquisitor’s TIE 2 – Lambda-class Shuttle 2 – TIE Advanced 3 – TIE Aggressor 3 – TIE Bomber 2 – TIE Defender 4 – TIE Fighter 3 – TIE Interceptor 2 – TIE Phantom 2 – TIE Punisher 3 – TIE Striker 2 – VT-49 Decimator That is 34 dials, all the upgrade cards you will need, and an ABSURD AMOUNT OF PILOT CARDS! There are going to be more than 50 different pilot cards in each box. With the duplicates of generic pilots that you will need, there are probably going to be around 100 pilot cards in this box. That, combined with how many ship bases and tokens you will need means that this box is going to be big! Yes, you can whine and complain that you have to spend money to keep your collection up to date, but a 50 dollar box to fix 13 different ships is amazing. That's less than 4 dollars per ship. If you think that getting 4 new TIE Fighter Dials, several updated and a couple new pilot cards, and all the ship base cardboard and tokens for 4 dollars is too expensive to update a ship you are wrong. I have over 10 TIE fighters. Does that mean I need to spend 100 dollars on upgrading just my imperial fleet to play them? NO! I'm just going to buy one and the core and have my 6 dials. That is more than enough to play and get a feel for the game. I love flying TIE swarms, but I can also fly a thematic list with TIE Fighters escorting bombers or other ships. If you are looking to be competitive then you could easily make competitive tournament lists out of one conversion box. The way FFG handled the conversion box is perfect. It is big enough that I can play with all the things I already have once 2.0 drops in September. If the conversion box was bigger it would be much more expensive to produce and ship. The community will have tons of resellers and traders for filling out your collection. If the conversion boxes were too small then it would be a logistical nightmare for suppliers. Regardless, FFG has already announced that there will be conversion expansions in the future, so you can wait until a ship is re-released to get the new content as well as the dial and other necessary components to fly the ship. So stop whining about how expensive it is to update your fleet and do some math about how much you will get for what you're paying for.
  11. I think charges are the single best change from 1.0 to 2.0. Most of the garbage cards (cool hand, lightning reflexes, etc) were garbage because they had to compete with things that had infinite uses for a similar cost. Adding in charges makes the game much more focused on having an engagement plan and using your special abilities at the perfect moment to tip the scales of the battle.
  12. The evade action was mentioned in the version 2 game with Alex Davey. The evade action no longer adds a result, it just changes a die. So if you rolled *blank blank evade*, the effect would be the same as the old evade action netting you two evades. However, it means that no ship can evade a number of hits higher than its agility value, like a Token Stacked Autothruster Palpatine Soontir Fel could have in the evade dice modification days of the past. I think it is a good change. Random side note though - I'm a bit disappointed that we are keeping the same dice. I know a lot of people would have complained if they needed to buy yet another new product to keep playing, but I was just hoping that 2.0 would have added ordnance dice like in Armada...
  13. Jakku Gunrunner - Tactician, Cluster Mines, Primed Thrusters, Contraband Cybernetics, Spacetug Tractor Array I don't care if you're an arcdodger, I'm going to tractor you onto rocks and drop mines on you. If I don't die in a horrible explosion after 1 second of screentime.
  14. I think linked cannons is a solid addition for Sunny, and a decent upgrade for B wings. I would keep it cheap at 24 points with Collision Detector and have no fear of debris because I get to ignore crits and always get rerolls anyway. Comparing to FCS, while it is an amazing upgrade, I think I prefer linked because you get it when you change targets, and on the crucial 1st round of combat. I like the Ibitsam build, but it is unfortunate it doesn't help 'ol Nera out on her torp turret, too.
  15. Strikers are my favorite ship!! I love whizzing around the battlefield, setting up blocks, making strafing runs, and all sorts of other great stuff. Definitely check out the Striker battle reports in that subforum, there is a wealth of information there, too. I have a lot of love for almost every single pilot of this ship. The base pilot is the best for swarms, black squadron scouts with predator are one of my favorite ships because you can maneuver all over the place, barrel rolling and slooping and still get your offensive mods. The named pilots are all great, too.
  16. I love flying my Black Squadron Scouts with predator. It really helps for those turns of self-bumping, k turning, or flying over obstacles.
  17. I would just erase this bolded part, but make the upgrade unique. Kir Kanos, you can finally have your EPT! My bomber list: 1. Deathfire! He is so much fun to bomb with, and he is cheap 2. Major Rhymer: I don't care if he is overcosted, with Advanced Proton Torpedoes and Long Range Scanners he is my hero. Snap/Tac is fun with the shuttle, too. Honorable mention to Advanced homing missiles. 3. Tomax Bren: Keep him cheap with Unguided Rockets and crackshot. Maybe Lightweight Frame, too. 4. Gamma Squad Vet: Crackshot plus ordnance is so worth it 5. Scimitar: Better cheap to be cheapest than worst! 6. Gamma Squad: Because your meta is full of Scimitar squadron, Rookie, and other generic pilots, right? 7. Captain Jonus: No need to reroll in an era of guidance chips and decent ordnance that you can use a TL on.
  18. I am very interested in playtesting and have all next week off work on holiday.
  19. I love flying Imperial Boba. I think you got it perfect when you said that he is great at being designed to take out a specific threat ship. The builds I have focused on in the past are these: Corran-Killer Boba: Veteran Instincts, Proton Bombs, Slave-1, Extra Munitions, Tail Gunner, Advanced Homing Missile, Long Range Scanners (54) I like this build because PS10 gives you the best way to leverage his ability. Corran doesn't like to see things that deal crits with his flimsy 2-hull E Wing, and I have had a lot of success running proton bombs in general on Boba. He is worth enough points for the enemy to have to chase him to kill him. Proton bombs combined with Adv. Homing Missiles are so amazing. Getting a crit in early can drastically change the outcome of a game. No-Agility-for-you!: Outmaneuver, Tail Gunner, other upgrades to taste (44+) This is a fun build, but it definitely needs some help with those high PS ships, as Boba will be pretty vulnerable with only 1 action per turn, and no repositioning. Against Fair Ship Rebels and other similar builds with predictable movement this build can be quite nasty. Fettigator: Navigator plus whatever you want. The classic! I love mixing this build with Expert Handling because if you're flying against anything less than PS8 you can completely outmaneuver your opponent, and it is crazy the amount of places Boba can end up! In general I try to compensate for Boba's poor action economy by giving him Long Range Scanners. When in combat, I will almost always evade or focus, so losing the TL option isn't that bad. I also run Boba with bombs most of the time, so breaking away isn't that bad. Plus, the other options are Engine Upgrade and Countermeasures, which make Boba even more expensive.
  20. Member when Whisper and Echo were the only pilots you needed to win a tournament? Member? Ah, I member that...
  21. Carnor with VI is a solid ship, but he really wants some buddies to help him regain the lost actions from taking VI over PtL. Stridan with a systems officer and fleet officer is an amazing support ship.
  22. A fancy name for aileron roll is 'spinning', which is totally canon in the Star Wars universe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBlhgAkJBos
  23. With collision detector you have no one to supply Vessery with locks because phantoms don't have it in their action bar though... I would drop gunner down to rec spec and upgrade the collision detector to FCS. Then you have three ships with TL, Focus, Evade each turn. The turns that the sigmas don't need their evade to stay alive feed Squanch Leader.
  24. Great stuff! I love seeing so many tactical decisions about engagement and playing the odds! Does anyone have a .vlog of a match of a Whisper list vs. a Nym list? I'm just curious at seeing how that match plays out.
  25. First off, thank you for making these forums a better place. This is a great read, and I'm excited to see what other people have to offer on here as well. My main contribution with Whisper, and Phantoms in general is to practice feinting and kiting opponents. Performing a feint is what I usually try to do on the first engagement. I usually try to run Phantoms with 2-3 small ships that have a high threat to the enemy. I usually end ships like Backstabber, Pure Sabacc, and Backdraft. When I deploy I have Whisper deployed centrally, and the rest of my list on a flank. The list will then operate like an Angler fish. Whisper is the bright light. Opponents see her on the table and know that they have to kill her quickly otherwise she will be an end-game terror. For the first few rounds I will pull the other ships up off of the flank and ready to engage the enemy from the side. Whisper will then move as fast as possible past the enemy, usually a forward decloak followed by a 3 bank, and recloak action. The next turn you should be able to do a decloak and a hard turn to get the enemy back in arc, and they will have to choose whether to K turn and engage Whisper or to hard turn to engage the flanking group. Kiting is when Whisper gets injured, and you just use the tremendous speed of a forward 2 decloak and a 3 bank to run away and preserve your points.
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