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  1. Please suggest a 400 point fleet, or ideas for a beginner, where I also do not have to buy all sorts of packs. I haven't been able to play the game with anyone, really no one around me and my local gaming store does not even do Armada games. So, I am not looking for a highly "technical" fleet, but a general use 400 point fleet that a new player can manage, I do have the starter box of course, and 2 additional corvettes (why? they were only $8 each as a Amazon Prime add-on one day) Using Fab building and laying everything I own, I only get to 365 points - so I know I need to get a pack or two, but I hope to just limit that to a pack or two. I do not want to be burdened with alot of complex tactics. and I fear using what I have would make at least 4 capital ships and at least 5-6 squadrons if I get a fighter booster - so, would 9-10 units be overload for a new player? If not, would just having the 4 faster/small capital ships be an overload for a new player given their speed/map/range issues? Right now, I am looking to replace two of the corvetts with a MC30 or Assault Frig, and add a fighter booster pack. Or shoud I really go a different route and use a MC80 in the mix?
  2. Remember, the Corvette expansion comes with a Commander card; Mon Mothma. She is purpose driven for Corvettes, as Corvettes each have two evade tokens. With the commander card, you have better options, possibly down the road when the game opens up.
  3. It just like this silly thing about space and space transport, but in this game spaceships take turns moving and stopping. Its outrageous.
  4. Thank you for your well thought out contribution. You post will live on and be discussed and linked to long after the game is out of print for your strategic and tactical brilliance and thoughts on a Corvette vs Nebulon Expansion. I believe if you check you mail on Wednesday, you will find a scholarship to the US Army War College.
  5. This shouldn't be a choice between expansion sets. It should be a choice between some fleet builds and what your strategy would be. What works better for you a 2x Neb Fleet or a 2x Corvette Fleet? A 2x Corvette fleet - would have the Corvettes upgraded to the gills.
  6. If you buy from Amazon, you have to buy from their stock. Each vendor that has Amazon fulfill and ship their orders, has warehouse space they rent. Its not cut and dry. Amazon just can not pick and choose from its vendors that also offer the same product they do. They have no control over what is in a box or not, where they got the product, or if the product is even legit.
  7. still better than the prequels.
  8. A-Wing will be inferior to the TIE/int s because they get counter, and swarm.
  9. For those that used to play Eve Online, they have an offer that if you buy a special prices month for $10, you'll get some yacht bpc for a ship that can cloak and warp at the same time. Ends April 12.
  10. I don't think the prices are bad. The core set gets you more than half the points you need for a tournament 300 point game, both both factions. I scrabbled a 300 point fleet in 5 minutes with just the core, a neb expansion, assault frig expansion and a one rebel fighter expansion to show some diversity. Total $56 before shipping as Cool Stuff Inc. You could probably even ebay the factions from the core you don't want. Over time you can buy the expansions for the cards you need, or the ships. CR90 Corellian Corvette B - Dodonna's Pride (6) Assault Frigate Mark II (81) - Sensor Team (5) - XI7 Turbolasers (6) - Gallant Haven (8) Nebulon-B Escort Frigate - General Dodonna (20) - Yavaris (5) Keyan Farlander B-wing Squadron (or Luke) B-wing Squadron (or X-Wing) (3) X-wing Squadron This is to just show some diversity. In an actual 300 point match, I think the rebel player might drop the corvette, or even the frig for upgrades and more squadrons (only using 73 of 100 points). And actually, I don't think this fleet is all that bad. And its done on the cheap.
  11. Its not a consensus. Its actually in the most current tournament rules file that you can download. The rules for tournaments say 180 points now until Wave 1, when it will increase to 300, and then 400 points at Wave 2. It also spells out tournament round times for each Wave. Right now about 90 minutes, then 2 hours, then 2.5 hours.
  12. I can tolerate one sort of silliness. And actually, I think the corvette should be tossed. It was rediculous to even include it. I guess is was X-Wing Corvette "epicness" that they thought a corvette needed to be in this game also. That is a terrible excuse and a poor basis to justify a SSD. I think the corvette should go to.
  13. How are you using a Corvette to get rid of Howlrunner?
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