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  1. I shall probably pick up and play the start stuff but I cannot see it taking off as much with my gamer group as they just love the star wars Naval combat that Armada offers just a bit too much but I am looking forward to Legions as it dose look great fun.
  2. I was looking through the Forum and noticed a fair amount of dose this work or dose that work and I thought what has been the worst list plan we thought would work but just didn't. So I want to know what has all your amazingly planned lists that just failed or just did not work or just a part of your list you thought was BRILLIANT and a spark of genius that turned out to be terrible. My example of this was thinking Phantoms would be Amazing with Sloane with the chance to get locks, Crit rerolls or the double damage being a nice and cool idea and then when I played it, it failed. It failed hard. so what has your recent great list plan that Just did not work?
  3. I would love to see Fighter freighters being able to use crit hits like a mini boarding attack for both sides I would also love to see more Medium ships for both sides.
  4. Im pretty sure this is a Troll but owell I think the main reason being is the prequel trilogy is just not as popular as the Original trilogy. I mean all the fighters like The Xwing or Tie Fighter to the Cr90 and the ISD are all Iconic to star wars and to most people. I also think that the TV show Rebels is also the reason why the civil war era is more prominent to people with star wars that say the clone wars would.
  5. Id love to see the Vigil corvette as a small ship along with the Acclamator.
  6. Iv had allot of fun with the VT-49 Decimator, for me its like a pocket capital ship and is great for bringing down things like Cr90's and Neb B's or for chunking out rounds into shields for my VSD to open fire its full volly from its front arc into the enemy's ships. Iv yet to try any of the rest though but so far im loving the VT-49 Decimator.
  7. Drasnighta I may need to try that idea out
  8. I would love to see the "Flagship" become a game play terminology for something like that so its not just the ship your admiral shall be chilling in this conflict.
  9. I was planning on using it to hide Ywings or other bombers like Bwings and wait till my opponent got close then use the Phoenix Home to just sling bombers to chip down shields and do some solid damage to let my MC30c's come in for the kill.
  10. I was wondering how is every one finding the Phoenix Home,/ Pelta class and how is every one using it? I just got mine and was wondering what every one ells was building it like and what for.
  11. Ben refers to the rules as merely a guideline. Classic Ben
  12. Iv only just gotten back into the game and I grabbed a load of ships for both sides (I cant just pick one side I love all the ships........) and for Rebels I found that the Mk2 Assault Frigate is great for playing about as its tanky with good armaments and a good hold of fighter control allowing you to throw bombers in the enemy face id Recommend that the first fighter pack (at least one) and ether a the Neb B or the CR90 (which ever one you like the most) and build your fleet from their. in all honesty it comes down to what you want and love, if you want small ships eating away at star destroyers then go for the small ships like the Pelta, CR90, Neb B or the MC30c or if you want big ships grab the Home one or the Liberty but if you want to try a little of both id go for what you have any one of the small ships and the Mk2 Assault Frigate. No matter what you pick they are all good fun ships so grab what you like and enjoy your self
  13. I love the Black Dice so comment 3, I love just getting close and letting it all rip and watching the mass damage and carnage unleashed against my opponent
  14. Id like to see it as more a command ship giving out tokens in one hand and running fighter wings about in the other with some decent all round armaments. Make it more about being a support ship for fighters with some ok arcs of fire and AA fire with a load of good command uses and id be happy kinda like a supper beefed up phoenix home but with more of a carrier idea in mind.
  15. they could give the Rebels a Assault Frigate Mark I or what ever the MC75 Cruiser from rouge one as it looked bad ass
  16. I hope they do a third faction for Pirates and scum like in Xwing, That would be pretty fun like Zann Consortium, Black Sun or the Hutts allowing them to make different styles of ships.
  17. Id Love to also see more ace Pilots for the fighters we already have, allowing for more unique fighter lists and would allow me to have an excuse to buy more fighter packs rofl
  18. I would love to see the Marauder and DP20 frigate from Empire at war along with the Quasar Carrier from Rebels.
  19. Hay Guys I dropped out this game in wave one because of other commitments but as with rouge one and my love of the universe Im jumping back in with both Rebels and Empire and I plan on grabbing as much as possible and with the new wave every thing looks amazing. what I would like to know is what every one here hopes will come out in later waves ship and fighters? I would love to see the Marauder and DP20 frigate from Empire at war along with the Quasar Carrier from Rebels.
  20. All I want Is To See a 4LOM And Zuckuss Expansion As It Would Just Be Cool Too Have And See On The Board.
  21. I just hope they do the Acclamator class that would only be slightly smaller than the Gladiator.
  22. I can see the SSD being like 15" long or slightly more, it means we could possibly see it in the far future of the game but its not out of the realms of possibility.
  23. Victory is about 5.5" base is 4" CR90 is 2.5" base just under 3" Neb B is 3.5" Just under 3"
  24. This is interesting as it will give us the power to make more flexible lists for tournament play, here is hoping that the ISD's are bad ass enough for me to run 1 of them with 2 gladiators and as many fighters and bombers as I can fit in my points , saying that dose this also mean we could see a legit Ackbar slash list with the MC80 and the assault frigates MK2 or the MC30c's? I hope so at least as I am doing both factions as I love ALL THE SHIPS!
  25. I would assume for casual play (what I will mostly be doing) the points limit can be as high and as low as you want so I see in casual play like 500 - 600 point games being the norm and in local tournaments at game stores 400ish being a possibility depending on player count mind you but over all I feel 300 is right for the game on a heavy tournament level. It means you can get the games in within the time and it forces you to think extremely hard about the list before you even start the game. Although this is all speculation until the game is in our hands and we get a good couple of games in.
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