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  1. It's very good vs all small base ships including the starviper 😕 And yes, very unfortunate that the BR is done with the ships action bar for the Viper.
  2. Very good points, added them to the on-going info gathering about the Nantex.
  3. Asteroids are the strengths of it and in some scenarios it can be it's weakness as well. But yes, usually it plays to their strength.
  4. Fixed, thanks. I had another comment about this was unclear.
  5. Hope you enjoy it and someone finds this useful. https://datanotrelevant.wordpress.com/2019/10/01/the-nantex-strengths-and-weaknesses/
  6. Time management as an option, fair pace of play. https://datanotrelevant.wordpress.com/2019/08/20/fair-pace-of-play-for-x-wing-miniature-game-and-vassal/ I’m sure there are better systems out there, but I would like FFG to explore this option for 3.0 and I think it might give the game another dimension worth looking at.
  7. Hi all, I haven't blogged since 2017 but gave it another go now about fair pace of play. I hope someone finds this interesting. https://datanotrelevant.wordpress.com/2019/08/20/fair-pace-of-play-for-x-wing-miniature-game-and-vassal/
  8. I’m leaning towards dice sharing myself with a limited dice pool , but I’m also very interested by the community and how it will approach this. Since I love this game I will continue to play it with or without sharing but I would at least feel bad if my dice were biased even if it was totally unknown to me and it would somehow work in my favor - just the possibility irritates me a little as sharing dice seems to irritate some. If most players are fine with the how things are I’m on that wagon myself but I’m conflicted after the article I must say.
  9. Ok, Good point. Then my question here how would you share it ? if you ask, would the default would be to use your opponent dice? should we use a dice pool from your opponent and he can pick which ones he likes? - can he ask you not to touch some of his dice? Should we limit the amount of dice in the beginning of a game, to eg 5-7 which players use together? etc.
  10. Ok, im sure most have seen the very good and detailed dice article on the forums. does ffg or to’s in general have an official response to some dice being better/worse and by using technics players can identify which ones are more likely to produce results in a players favor? here are some arguments I’ve seen; since it’s official dice it’s legal to play with it even if you tested the dice to be in your favor it’s such a small percentage of dice which is biased it’s not worth pursuing, so probably none will. it’s a game and this is just part of it because dice manufacturing methods and this is common in other games - don’t worry no one in my community would do this so I don’t need to worry about this. fly better even at a disadvantage. opponent dice is not my dice and I won’t share unless ffg forces me to do it if you ask your opponent to share dice, you will always use your opponents dice since it’s an unofficial TO rule I’m not going to randomize my dices, I’m superstitious when it comes to my dice and will select based on my needs karma will bite you in the *** if you go down this path and many many more... based on the discussion I’m seeing here and elsewhere it would be good to get clarification on this topic so communities can reference to some guidelines
  11. You can check out a few tips in my blog for the jumpmaster, it's in the ordinance section. search for Scum Missiles and Torps https://datanotrelevant.wordpress.com/2017/06/20/imperials-in-the-store-championship-2017/
  12. Hi Just released a new blog about the current meta in the store championship. https://datanotrelevant.wordpress.com/2017/06/20/imperials-in-the-store-championship-2017/ Regards Resolver
  13. https://datanotrelevant.wordpress.com/2017/06/21/theres-nothing-wrong-with-the-jm5k-heres-why/ Regards Resolver
  14. Hi all me and few friends, have started blogging about our favorite game in the galaxy X-WING ! https://datanotrelevant.wordpress.com/ We have two articles so far; The Evolving Meta of the X-Wing Miniature Game and Is interest in X-wing dying down? Please check them out and I hope you like them. We plan to release more articles in the coming weeks.
  15. https://www.twitch.tv/theouterrimsmugglers Enjoy Br, Resolver
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