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  1. Both are great and have there own individual merits and fill a different void for me game play wise. To be honest I play Armada, X-wing and the LCG and love the unique play style of all compared to everything in there markets and that's before you add the fact its freek'in Star wars. I just hope that FFG don't get the Idea of boarding actions with sneeky jedi on ISD's! Who am I kidding I'd love it G
  2. Its option 2, as your fleet points is what ever you decided your max point total should be. So in the case of a wave 1 tournament, a 1/3 of 300 is 100. The problem I see arising is when wave 2 comes out, as the tournament point limit is 400 (1x ISD 2x VSD anybody ), which means your squadron point cap is 133 1/3'd pts, are we going to round up or down???? I know its slightly awkward but for those who remember 40k 3rd ed you had to deal with percentages all the time for force building. G
  3. Cheers peeps. I'm a muppet, I should of realised. G
  4. Sorry to bring this up if it already has, But what does the numerical value on the bottom right hand corner mean??? Only a few have a value but I am unable to find any reference to them? Gareth
  5. I really want Porkin's but I kind of want the family guy version
  6. Ok, thanks for the input all. Gareth
  7. Thanks for the reply. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying your wrong in the slightest, but the reason I said what I said is that is that your "attacking" when you declare attackers. Your "Focusing to strike" when you use your icons in combat. This is the reason I put this on here is because I was reading the new FAQ about triggers and I believe it redefines the cards. Thanks for the input
  8. Hi All, I'm looking at Objective set 103 "Against all odds" which states " Each unit you control gains * while attacking an opponent who has more cards in hand than you." To me and according to the new FAQ (as I understand) this means when I declare attackers you compare hand sizes for the activation of this ability, which they will keep the icon until the end of this battle. Dash Rendar has the ability "While this unit is attacking alone, it gains * for each card in the defending players hand." To me again and according to the FAQ as I understand it, their are two triggers, Attacking and alone, then you tally up cards in the opponents hand during the attack step when Dash is declared as an attacker. Are my statements true or have I mis-interpreted the cards and the timing/trigger rules from the FAQ? Cheers Gareth
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