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  1. Ask him directly. He is a very nice guy and will answer quickly. Totally worth the money.
  2. Seam

    Arkham Horror Files

    Hello! As it seems that FFG will not make an Arkham Horror Files supplement for Genesys (due to the conflicting legal rights), is anybody working on one or planning to do one? Thanks
  3. Hello fellow GMs, I plan on playing Beyond the Rim during our next session. After reading the adventure it feels a little weird, and as I am bad on writing my own adventures and using mostly prewritten ones I usually change those somewhat. First of all the characters stumbled upon the emergency beacon from the Sa Nalaor a couple of sessions ago. The computer wiz could crack the thing by now and finds out that it is addressed at Reom's father. From there the players have to investigate the background stuff themselves. (Only Reom can get to the emergency message.) What else did you change in this adventure? Thanks for any help!
  4. I always wanted to give Shadowrun a shot but could not convince my players to change the game-system. My questions are: 1. Is there a character sheet for this conversion? 2. Did someone convert one of the official adventures? 3 Is there a fact sheet which lists the situation in 2076 and what happened before? Thanks.
  5. I am no rules guru and coming mainly from Star Wars and only just started with Genesys: how do you link two axes in the first place? Is that possible with Genesys?
  6. If you are looking for adventure hooks there are some sources. Knight of the Old Republic: The Rakata were introduced in this old video game, I think. It is my all time favorite video game, and I guess you can find some videos on the net to see what happened on Lehon. You can find some background information in the accompanying saga source book, but I am not totally sure from the top of my head. There are some Rakata related missions in the MMO The Old Republic. I remember one facility on Tatooine. But I stopped playing a long time ago. Again, I think, you can find video walkthroughs about said missions on the net. If I remember correctly there was a Darkhorse (?) series of comics from a couple of years ago which had the Rakata as main antagonists. The story was very good, and you can find a lot of hooks in there. I am sorry that I can only give you sources and can't be more specific, but it is a long time ago I played the games or read the books.
  7. That came as a surprize for me. For what does a Sysops use Actovate Program then?
  8. This looks so, so awesome! Thank you so much for your hard work. I'll print it out as soon as possible and give it a try. After a quick glance I have only a very, very minor nitpick to mention. It would be helpful if you could list in your booklet from which expansion the additional cards for the Mythos deck (is that the right term?) are taken. But that is really no complaint, just a hint to make the booklet perfect 🙂 . Thanks again! P.S.: I can't wait for your Roland Banks expansion.
  9. Seam

    Dresden Files

    Thanks, I know of the awesome Something Strange, and will give Earth Beta a check. One of my players is a huge Harry Dresden fan which I am not and don't know much about it. I hoped to find a ready conversion which would save me the hassle 🙂 . Again: thanks for the answers!
  10. Seam

    Dresden Files

    Hello! Did anyone try their hands on a conversion of the Dresden Files (Fate)?
  11. Seam

    Genesys and Amber

    Usually our group consist of five players plus one GM playing FFG’s Star Wars. But at the last agreed on date only two players could make it. So, I got the perfect opportunity to introduce Genesys. After explaining how Story Points work and hinting at the talent pyramid we were good to go and started with character creation. We ended with an oil-well derrick worker and a Scottish (!) aristocrat. In Flora’s house I forgot to mention the smell of dogs and scratched Carmella altogether as it did not seem appropriate at that moment. The characters defeated two groups of minions without breaking a sweat. Each group consisted of two henchmen. Even beginning players can handle groups of three henchmen just fine, I guess. One lucky swing with the sable dispatched one group entirely! The players investigated the crime scene and made contact with the police. We had a nice roleplaying scene at a NYPD station. They sneaked into Westchester County Airport and found the jet. Finally, they hired two pilots to fly them to Scotland. I scratched the shadow storm, as I wanted to leave the players rooted in the “real” world. In Scotland they did not buy any weapons, so the chase came down to Dangerous Driving mostly. After some years of playing Star Wars we still don’t have a full grasp of the piloting/driving rules. Finally, they made it into the catacomb. The players were surprised about what happened next. During the Pattern Walk they decided what Fear they have, as we skipped the Fear, Desire etc. thingy during character creation altogether because I wanted the players to familiarize with their characters first. The Pattern Walk was a real highlight of the session, and the players enjoyed their visions very much. The players got the new Pattern Imprint skill and the Shadow Walking talent for free plus some XP. I explained that they know now that Earth is just one of many shadows but nothing more. The players said they enjoyed the session very much. They think the setting is very cool and are eager to play again. Although the next couple of sessions will be Star Wars again. Now I have to create the next adventure…
  12. I know nothing about Pathfinder. But mayb you could convert the online adventure for Realms of Terrinoth to Pathfinder. That might or might not be easy. As it is an experiment, you could take the pre-gens and play in Terrinoth as is. Good luck!
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