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  1. Hey guys! I wanted to ask the community on how they have been finding Hybrid classes usage in older expansions? Do they change the balance considerably? I mainly play an Overlord myself and interested in how to think of ways to start countering these when used. So far I have played against the following Hybrid classes in the Mists of Bilehall campaign against: Lindell the Monk/SpiritSpeaker (90% pass on all attribute tests FTW :P) Okaluk and Rakash as a bard (ultimate fatigue regen to seemingly impossible amount and an ultimate which gives the heroes ways to bypass the tainted mechanic unless blocked by the one card that blocks heroic usage Any thoughts from you guys with experience against Hybrids? Or even just general Overlord tactics against Hybrids would be awesome!
  2. Awesome to see this topic! As a fan of descent that has bought everything ffg will put out with the descent brand I really can't get enough of this game! I think like others I myself am looking forward to see if Runewars the miniature game does well, as there really is some fantastic foundation to really flesh out the world of Terrinoth and even place all the games in a kind of time line or series of senario's contributing to a larger world. We really have to see what FFG want to do with it. What I would personally like to see however is not Descent take on the rule set of Imperial Assault as they are intended to be different games albeit using a similar structure, what I feel would be better, if there was a variant using the rule set rather than a updated base game. Some Ideas Id like to see personally for Descent 2nd edition that could really expand on the franchise (and this is off the top of my head while sat at work :P) I normally play an overlord in my games so many of my ideas come from an overlords perspective, im sure many hero fanatics out there *shakes fist* can add hero ideas maybe^^ - Overlord alterations By this I mean, the overlord having different aims rather than simply defeating the heroes. A good example would be an overlord attempting to start a war, and each map in the standard lead up campaign having objectives where the overlord player gains resources - they allow him to buy things for the finale like extra units or bonuses for that finale. - Lawful overlord actions Not all overlords have to be chaotic evil, what about an idea where the Overlord and heroes battle for influence over a event or faction, that faction then joins either side, or sway a council could be a cool theme - Time based descent Maybe have maps or a campaign based on the concept of time, turns equal certain of time that has past and have events in maps happen/conclude based on the number of turns past? - A concept from another game brought over is what about heroes having pasts, cards that can be used similarly to tainted cards, but can either change based on player choices in maps, die a player die heroically? his undisclosed past is a bit brighter, or maybe they did it for another reason? even secret objective cards that can add a new layer of depth to the heroes currently - like having to kill the most monsters on a map or... DUM DUM DUM! reveal maybe even something the overlord can manipulate! These are just a few ideas anyway, but there is loads of life left in descent imho, its really down to what FFG envision for the future of the franchise! P.s Elf based campaign please set in between elves deciding to join the overlord and elves that want to fight his regime
  3. Hey guys, felt id take a shot at creating a custom class, feedback welcome let me know what you think! Custom Class: Solider Base equipment: Rusted Blade Red/Blue Surge1: Pierce 1 Surge 2: +1 damage Starting skill Strike of opportunity: Roll a green dice after landing any successful attack that deals <3, any <3 rolled from the green dice are added to the total damage, additional surges must be used on the following effect: surge +1 <3 Level 1 skills Steadfast presence: Gain 2 total health – each monster must roll one additional range if the target of their attack is within 2 spaces of the Solider. Additionally, Blank Shield results on defensive rolls now count as half incoming damage (to a minimum of 1) Battle stance You can now move up to half your speed (rounded up) and make an attack, this attack automatically gains “strike of opportunity” While this card is exhausted you gain 1 shield to all defense rolls 1 Fatigue Defensive stance Exhaust this card, move up to your speed ending in an adjacent space to another hero, for the remainder of the round you are the target of any attack that targets that hero. While this card is exhausted, each attack blocked costs 1 fatigue. You roll defense for this attack. Level 2 skills Parry Exhaust this card when rolling defense, the attacking monster will suffer <3 equal to the number of dice rolled on the current equipped weapon. 2 fatigue. Imposing Cleave You Strike of opportunity is now called Imposing Cleave. Imposing cleave attacks now effect an adjacent monster to your target in addition to this effect your strike of opportunity now rolls a yellow dice instead of a green dice. Battleborn Exhaust this card whenever you defeat a monster, to recover 2 hp. Additionally each time you are healed, you may gain 1 additional <3 even when this card is exhausted Level 3 skills Blade surge Exhaust this skill, and place 6 hearts on this card, while there are hearts on this card, any attack can use any number of hearts on this card to add additional <3 to the attack. These can be used individually or all at once. Born leader Each hero in your party gains +1 hp and 1+ movement you can exhaust this card to give yourself and one adjacent hero 1 fatigue Additionally, each hero gains: Surge: Strike of opportunity
  4. This has also affected my copy, made a request and waiting for them to get back to me!
  5. Hey guys! Started playing road to legend last night with my group and its amazing, really great job FFG! Quick question came to light however that we were confused about if anyone has an answer or idea that would be awesome! So first thing: The mage in our group decided to take Challara with the pet lizard, and took the necromancer, meaning he also had the use of the zombie. This effectively allowed him to make 4 potential attacks. 2 attacks himself, a move and attack action with the zombie and a move and attack option with the lizard. Is this actually possible? (whats worse is that he took vampric blood and fury of undeath meaning he could make insanely strong attacks with the zombie!) Naturally in co-ops this isn't a huge deal (as no one is the overlord) but in campaign play, this seems insane ^^? is there any ruling or overlords out there more skilled than i that could deal with this possible onslaught? Thanks!
  6. whats important here though, is that this is simply one encounter of the quest, while this has been suggested its more overlord favor, in my experience its actually the second act that is more in the heroes favor, (depending on OL strategy or cards ofc) even with the additional 8hp from all crops Splig if i remember correctly its not a issue if under focus fire from heroes my 2 cents
  7. Hey guys! I was looking at the support section which is awesome, and loved the printable map for the Lair of the Wyrm expansion, have FFG placed the maps for the other expansions or the shadow rune map anywhere at all, or is there anywhere I could get them? I don't have a good scanner unfortunately thanks for reading!
  8. So much choice! Warrior: Hawthorne/Trenloe depends on the class i want to play Mage: Quellen Scout: Thaiden/Roganna Healer: Avric/Elder Mok I know i was only supposed to choose one for each but there are so many awesome options ^^
  9. Bandits /sigh played well they are hard hitting and fast, . Flesh Molders if hidden behind large units are also annoying Goblin arches in some cases due to their movement can be a pain to catch!
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