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  1. We already have we've solved several genetics projects that have stumped science for years. http://www.nbcnews.com/science/science-news/gamers-solve-molecular-puzzle-baffled-scientists-f6c10402813 Also alot of us donate run time for science. Just because you don't work for good doesn't mean the rest of us don't. Don't get me wrong, I'm aware of the plenty of good things us nerds have achieved. Mapping the starry skies, decoding countless pages of text, unravelling nerves, solving crimes, etc. But in only 24 hours!? Can you imagine what would be achieved if every single one of those players dedicated that time in a 24 hour window to collaboratively achieving a single goal. Mind boggling. It's a nice thought. Back when Pokemon first came over I was quite obsessed. My Dad used to say that if I put a tenth of the effort into my schoolwork that I did Pokemon then I'd have straight A's. Schoolwork isn't fun though while Pokemon is lots of fun. Real world problem solving doesn't have the instant gratification that games do so even if you could disguise stuff as a game you'd still see a ton of drop off once people had to wait for something to happen.
  2. I forgot to add the Tourette's like symptoms to my case report. I'll have to keep this in mind for the next time. What's a TRN anyhow?
  3. Kylo Ren's shuttle At the end of the combat phase you may select a ship at range 1-2 that does not have a stress token on it, the owner may assign it a stress token or choose another friendly ship at range 1-2 and assign it to that ship instead Unkar Platt pilot ability: At the nd of the activation phase you must assign a tractor beam token to each ship you are touching
  4. Kylo Ren's shuttle At the end of the combat phase you may select a ship at range 1-2 that does not have a stress token on it, the owner may assign it a stress token or choose another friendly ship at range 1-2 and assign it to that ship instead
  5. That's been going on for a couple years now so maybe it's almost at the tipping point.
  6. McFoy

    Wave 10

    So a Rebel Tie fighter can now drop bombs and have a hotshot blaster.
  7. When attacking, if you are inside the defender's firing arc at Range 1 and the defender is inside your firing arc, you may add 1 (hit) result to your roll. Does this trigger on auxiliary arcs as well?
  8. I mock because I am secretly envious of your brotherhood. Joooiiin uuuuusss. Look at Mazz0 above. They all thought he was crazy. They mocked him. They said "aw but dangit they said we'd never see prequel ships so shut up about your arc" . Fairly sure he's still laughing at that. Eh? Regarding Camaraderie. Brotherhood. You got me, I love being part of this community for that. Tempting but where would I post my hilarious posts then? Continuing to do so here would induce a troubling amount of self awareness.
  9. I mock because I am secretly envious of your brotherhood.
  10. Something of an aberration at this time, more study needed.
  11. Delusional gunboatosis, also known as Gecko's syndrome, is a psychiatric syndrome that causes the delusional belief that the patient's miniatures game is being infested by TIE variants, non unique ships or other unnecessary ships. There is an insidious onset of the disease and the delusion is typically preceded by primary nostalgic sensations, such as playing TIE fighter or X wing vs TIE fighter, or even hallucinations that trigger secondary delusional gunboatosis. As an attempt to get rid of the TIE variants using derogatory terms or infallible logic, the patient may cause a up swell in support, which confirms the patient's belief that there is something wrong with his/her officially released TIE variants. Descriptions are often so detailed that suggest the occurrence of visual hallucinations. Posts asking if anyone remembers the Gunboat, which are present in most of the cases, typically occur in those parts of the forum that are more easily reached by new posters and are shown by the patients to prove the desire for this ship to be added. Patients frequently come to the X wing forum bringing high resolution renders, stat cards or even the "gunboat" inside a recipient (resin models). Such phenomenon, known as matchbox sign, is pathognomonic, but does not occur in all cases and affects approximately 30% of the patients. The first case of this disease was described by [redacted] in 2014, who used the term Rho’s Disease to name the syndrome. Other terms were Darius’ delusion, TIEphobia and Grimmyvitis. In 2015, [redacted] described eight cases of delusional infestation using the term Gunboateers to designate them. Delusional gunboatosis is more prevalent in individuals older than 30 years old, and those hopeful few are more affected than seems reasonable. In 75% of the cases, the delusional gunboatosis is shared with more than one person (folie a deux ortrois), usually people who post in the same thread. The diagnosis of delusional gunboatosis is established based on the forum posting history, but it is also important to take into consideration the presence of nostalgia, access to a flight stick, GOG or a DOS box in the differential diagnosis. Other psychiatric disorders, medical conditions such as alterations of sensitivity, use of substances or medications, or alcohol or cocaine abstinence, should also be considered.Although delusional gunboatosis is classified as a mental disorder, patients usually seek help from a third party modeller or artist, and they almost always refuse the notion that it doesn’t fit the aesthetic.
  12. If that's true the entire imperial navy should just be gunboats. Sure, except they don't transport stormtroopers and probably cost as much as a dozen tie fighters each to build. If you have to build ISD's anyway you may as well use cheap ties. Just have the stormtroopers pilot the gunboats. Pretty sure everything could be solved by throwing a few hundred gunboats at it. They don't call it gunboat diplomacy for nothing.
  13. If that's true the entire imperial navy should just be gunboats.
  14. I liked but i felt the ending was a little rushed.
  15. Maybe it's more that Gozantis are more "armed transport" than warship - so - the TIEs are there so that when something threatening is approaching the convoy when it's in realspace, TIEs can scramble to protect it. When you can't spare warships to protect every convoy - attach TIEs to the transport ships instead. Logistically it's far better to send hyperspace capable ships on a rota. Embarkation of TIEs would take ages or be a one use weapon when you hyperspace out. Ignoring the obvious waste of resources (imperial doctrine calls for swarming so four ties wouldn't make much sense). No point having a one use weapon if you're going to get ambushed in the next system. TIE fighters might not be the best but it's complement could be interceptors or bombers as well (presumably other variants as well). Strictly speaking gunboats would serve as better strike forces assuming the target is within their operating range. A Gozanti can move anywhere you need it to and perform a variety of actions gunboats simply can't. We are also assuming that they act solo when they'd more likely operate in pairs.
  16. I disagree about the projecting power part. If you are looking to have strike forces ready then a carrier is always a better choice, it's effectively it's own base whereas gunboats are tied to a base or ship still.
  17. In regards to dodging, there should be a yellow highlight around your screen prior to moves you can dodge. Also note that if multiple people are attacking a gym at one the pokemon inside can fire off their specials at an increased rate.
  18. I think the general idea behind it is that big influxes of people create a variety of problems. Hospitals are already busy places and don't really need people who have no reason other than catching Pokemon to be there clogging up the atrium and hallways. They also don't need the unwashed masses bringing germs and such into a place with many highly susceptible people. I spent a lot of time in a hospital as a kid so I can definitely appreciate that the kids inside want/need some sort of distraction but I think the decision not to allow it is wise.
  19. It was nice a quiet for awhile. A mention here or there but no actual gunboat thread posting.Now we have two new ones today alone.
  20. Volume of fire has gotten my Soontir enough times though for this particular pairing I agree. I've seen this flown to good success before: Ezra Bridger (20) Wired (1) Hera Syndulla (1) Phantom (0) Kanan Jarrus (38) Accuracy Corrector (3) Autoblaster Turret (2) Recon Specialist (3) Jan Ors (2) Ghost (0) Kyle Katarn (21) Adaptability (0) Dorsal Turret (3) Recon Specialist (3) Moldy Crow (3) Total: 100
  21. Seriously, I've almost spent more time explaining Pokemon go today than I have working.
  22. Yeah, saw that after.
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