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    Star wars reading

    Probably better suited to the off topic sub forum, here's a link to an existing thread. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/225746-i-want-to-read-the-books-where-do-i-start/
  2. It was definitely thematic and made marine victories even better but it was frustrating trying to go after Preds when they were just sitting in groups with the auto lock on blades. I mostly played alien so I could deal with it a bit better with my action kills. The action kill conga lines were always hilarious. I also never grasped how to play pred so I may be a bit salty.
  3. I payed full price for 2010, I got enough time out of the multiplayer and the campaigns were pretty fun so I don't regret it. I cannot reiterate enough how overpowered they made predators though.
  4. I just feel sorry for anyone who was expecting it to be good. Aliens games can be great, they just need good developers is all. I played a lot of AvP 2010 and not as the OP predators either.
  5. Gearhox is lucky they were able to steal all that money from Sega.
  6. Lures, Incense, Lucky Eggs, and Incubators have never ever come from spinning pokestops. You only get those for free as level-up rewards at certain levels. You probably thought you were getting them more often before because you were leveling up faster. You'll get some more of those when you hit level 20. Those do come from stops, or did, the drop rate is extremely low though. No one I know has ever gotten one from Pokestops, despite playing from day 1 of release. No one on /r/thesilphroad has included them in lists of drop rates for pokestops. So "extremely low" would have to be an absurdly small number for you to be right. I dunno what to tell you dawg. I've had them drop for me be it bug or delusion.
  7. Maybe it's time I pick that up... For the greater good of course.
  8. Lures, Incense, Lucky Eggs, and Incubators have never ever come from spinning pokestops. You only get those for free as level-up rewards at certain levels. You probably thought you were getting them more often before because you were leveling up faster. You'll get some more of those when you hit level 20. Those do come from stops, or did, the drop rate is extremely low though.
  9. Recon specialist is a bit wasted on decimators due to no defence dice. Given that it is Kenkirk you might have more luck with it though. I'd combine the doomshuttle and deci for patrol leader with Vader & gunner with 4 obsidian squadron ties which I've done decently with in the past. I found the doomshuttle difficult to get shots with personally.
  10. So far what do you currently own? I usually just read squad lists on this forum for inspiration or I'll fiddle with squad building apps to come up with stuff. Most apps will tell you where cards come from so you'll have a better idea of where to invest.
  11. You could have people prepare a number of lists in a list builder and print them out and assign one randomly each week to the players. Get a good mix of purposely good and bad lists as well as letting people try things they might not otherwise. edit: I don't know how you would specifically incorporate bombs so not especially helpful.
  12. A couple things here: 1. Secondary attacks don't trigger ATC 2. Homing Missiles don't require you to spend the TL so Jonus is kinda redundant in that regard and he's really just a point sink. The typical tempest alpha is 4x tempest with clusters, and title with accuracy corrector. After the alpha accuracy corrector puts them at peak damage after the alpha. If you're only looking to use two of them you could keep them as is with Howlrunner kicking around but a different bomber might be in order.
  13. Does Vessery have the TIE /D title on him? A friend of mine would fly a Leebo/Chewie list whihc ends up being quite beefy, I believe it went like this: 100 points PILOTS Chewbacca (52) YT-1300 (42), Push the Limit (3), Kyle Katarn (3), Kanan Jarrus (3), Millennium Falcon (Evade Version) (1) “Leebo” (48) YT-2400 Freighter (34), Determination (1), “Mangler” Cannon (4), Jan Ors (2), Outrider (5), Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2) Idea being you have Chewie right in the middle of things with a couple evades sitting on him and Leebo coasting out at range 3 taking shots. Originally Lando and experimental interface were included but limiting the number of evades able to be used in a single attack kinda gimped it.
  14. If you're going to be using homing missiles I might consider swapping guidance chips for Long range sensors and deadeye for crackshot. That way you can pickup the TL way before engagement and you can control your approach a lot better plus you'd have a focus and target lock available for modification . Crackshot is just icing at that point.
  15. I didn't really start reading books until I was 10 and after Lord of the Rings, Dune was the first series I read. I ended up getting stuck on God Emperor, bit too weird for my young mind at the time I guess. I thoroughly enjoyed both the Butlerian Jihad and prequel series when they were released though.
  16. Just ask Helen of Troy. In that case pretty starts wars. That explains all the hate for the Punisher.
  17. I could see that "WHERE ARE THE REBELS!" "I swear to god..." "SWEAR TO ME!"
  18. I mostly agree with your summation however I feel it was brash to add the penny to the ban lists. Production issues aside they penny had its place and served its function very well. Changing the rule set to integrate rounding was just confusing. I can't speak for P's though as I'm strictly a Canadian player.
  19. You guys have taken the wrong approach, you need to go above FFG to fix this. Let me help: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/have-president-obama-get-ffg-release-xg-1-assault-gunboat
  20. You have literally found a picture of one female soldier... along with two male soldiers. Bravo. And how on earth should this challenge the "armies filled with men and more men" point? Do you want to show, that female soldiers exist? Oh wow guess what? I know. But that doesn't mean armies are filled with females anywhere in the world. Somehow the ignore feature is not working and I keep getting your dumbass posts in my feed. The point why anecdotally it seems more female 40k players prefer tyranids is because that army is gender neutral. Every other army is either entirely all males, or are filled with fanboy perv models like dark eldar or sisters of battle. I could spend all day finding images of women in the US Army, Soviet army, Isreal Defense Forces, and other military forces. The actual make up of modern military forces is (while no means equal in numbers) NO WAY near the GW male dominated nerd imagining of what the military looks like. Now go away you fool. This thread was supposed to be about how freaking awesome the Rogue One Trailer is, and now its regressed to nerd-rage gamer gate regressive BS. Or possibly they just don't like the aesthetic of the other factions? Dark Eldar are basically hedonism the faction and I don't see how SoB are pervy. Regardless of what this thread was meant ot this is what it is now. People like you responding to someone who is trolling and triggering me because you mentioned gamer gate.
  21. He's right. We COULD salvage this thread, you know. Hey, I got an idea, how about we talk about how awesome Rogue One looks! I hope the edgy rebels get their comeuppance.
  22. It's an unfortunate thing when you discover different people have different opinions.
  23. Somebody unplugged the hugbox and now the residents are up in arms. It's nice that the mods granted us the ignore list so the impotent masses feel like they can control things. It's funny though how they feel the need to let you know yuo're being ignored. "I don't like what you say so I'm closing my eyes and plugging my ears, lalalalalalalala".
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