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  1. You're being incredibly insensitive to all the veterans, widows and orphans of the American Civil war. Go say that to their faces and see how they react.
  2. How do you expect us to act smug and superior otherwise?
  3. Just a continuation of my studies relating to the various faces of Gunboat Dysphoria. I'm well on track to submitting it all for peer review thanks to you folks.
  4. I'm sorry to say but you very likely have Gunboats.
  5. Gunboats syndrome is a relatively rare condition that was first induced by TIE Fighter in 1994. Gunboats syndrome comprises any one of a series of delusions that range from a belief that posting incessantly will galvanize its release; its design reflects that of an Imperial ship, to insisting that the gunboat has a role that is not already filed by another more capable ship. Cases have been reported in patients with nostalgia disorders, aesthetic association disorders, and among those possessing a computer and flight stick during the 90’s. Most cases of Gunboats are more responsive to electroshock therapy than to pharmacological treatment although intravenous doses of LRS or GC have proven effective. We present the case of a recent poster with Gunboats syndrome, in the context of depression, to illustrate both how impairing the condition can be and how a course of effective, individualized therapy can improve outcome. Case report {redacted}, a 53-year-old Filipino woman, was admitted to the psychiatric unit when their family called 911 because the patient was complaining that the Gunboat should be released, that it had a unique role relevant to Xwing, and wanted to be allowed to post to the forums so that they could be with their internet friends. Upon interview in the hospital, the patient expressed fear that “gunboat haters” were trying to burn down the thread where they were posting with other gunboat admirers. In a rare moment of cognizance they also admitted to hopelessness, low energy, decreased appetite, and somnolence. {redacted} reported that they had been wearing rose colored glasses while on the forums (where they had posted for the last X years), but could not recall the last time something new had been discussed regarding the Gunboat. After designer intent causes were ruled out, treatment with Lambdazapine was started. The patient was initially reluctant to take medication or eat. They subsequently developed a perceived faction imbalance (no cheap cannon carrier or Xwing equivalent), which preceded the release of additional TIE models. The patient became isolative, spending much of the day posting on the forums and neglecting their personal hygiene and grooming. With their family’s support, the decision was made to take the patient to court for treatment over objection. Subsequently, the patient’s medication regimen was Punisherpropion IT and Lambdazapine. Within a day, the patient had a violent reaction to Punisherpropion IT, necessitating transfer to a medical unit. After three days, they returned to the Xwing forum where their medication regimen included Lambdazapine, Defenderlopram (because of the reaction to Punisherpropion), and Preparation H (for ****hurt). {redacted} showed improvement in symptoms over one month on Lambdazapine 25mg daily, Defenderlopram 20mg daily, and Gammazepam 2mg daily. At discharge they regressed to nihilistic or paranoid delusions and hallucinations and expressed hopefulness about the Gunboats future and a desire to purchase custom miniatures until FFG officially released it.
  6. PGS should have had his own podcast. Then there would be at least one worth listening to.
  7. Righto, wasn't sure if this fell under the Clusters being one technical attack as per the FCS interaction with them.
  8. As per title, would fearlessness add a hit result (assuming range 1 and other requirements) to each roll for clusters missiles or would it just be once for the entire attack?
  9. A-list rebels tend to take care of enough Imperials during their actions that the fodder dying doesn't matter.
  10. I think the scrawl is referring to the stealing of the plans more so than an actual victory. Basically everything other than stealing and the Tantive escaping (briefly) went pretty poorly for the rebels. If the fleet battle ends up being a victory it would at best be Pyrrhic. Not necessarily, although at first sight it may seem that due to the tremendous imbalance in the volume of forces, a naval confrontation between Rebels and Empire could be, at best, a Pyrrhic victory for the former. However, a rebellion against such a huge empire, needs inexorably from a high popular support to have minimal chance of success. And to do it is not enough a cruel and mean Empire, the people must be able to see the rebellion with at least any chance of victory. So, a clear naval victory, even if a taxative one, could be of a unmeasurable valor for the rebel cause. True though I think (would prefer) this will be a loss. The rebel fleet holds out long enough to beam the plans to the Tantive and once that's done they either flee or get destroyed. Vader proceed's to pursue with the Devastator, queue transition to ANH.
  11. I think the scrawl is referring to the stealing of the plans more so than an actual victory. Basically everything other than stealing and the Tantive escaping (briefly) went pretty poorly for the rebels. If the fleet battle ends up being a victory it would at best be Pyrrhic.
  12. Just to note: You can no longer say 'no can do', 'sold down the river' or 'off the reservation'. All of those are racist.
  13. I enjoyed how they made the ghost seem like an absolute monster when it blew those TIE's up. Seemed like it made Sabine think about their actions a bit more.
  14. In Empire at War there were two kinds of transport for rebels. One big Gr-75 for ground vehicles and a smaller one for soldiers.
  15. Storm Trooper armor is also supposed to be sealed for limited space exposure and immune to physical attacks yet in TFA Finn states that all the masks do is filter smoke and ROTJ we have the ewoks dropping rocks and shooting arrows.
  16. There is a slight difference between killing to make an exmaple, which is evil as ****, ie deliberately targeting civilians (like Nazis and the Empire), and targeting insurgents and killing civilians as collateral damage. In the first case dead civilians is the intention, in the second case it's a negative side effect that is avoided when possible. You don't see US soilders rounding up the whole population of a village in Afghanistan and murdering them because 50km away an IED destroyed a HMMWV. That's because the US is not evil. You're right, they stopped doing that after Vietnam. LOL. It's not a reason good enough to enslave anyone let alone the whole planet. DO you even hear yourslef? NO REASON IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR SLAVERY. If you have a population that is continually posing problems then you need to deal with them. Slavery and blockades are probably more agreeable than Xenocide. I don't talk about the sewage of the post RotJ Legends, but the Republic was attacked by the outside enemy and it doesn't suddenly disappear because the temporary capital is gone. The Empire fell appart because their own people were fed up with how evil it is. The Empire fell apart because after Palpatine was dead there was no clear succession. He purposely pitted higher ranking Imperials against one another his entire reign to curb their power. Does it even need any comment? You are a bad person and you should be ashamed of posts like this. Do you not see the difference between a war between two countries (one of which was clearly to blame, Japanesse were the Nazis of the Pacific, complete with atrocities, war crimes, inhumane cruelty, and genocides, and they started the war) and murdering own people during a civil war that only goes on because the Empire is evil and does evil things? You realise that all that was needed to stop the Rebellion was Empire becoming less evil? "Social control, manipulation, hidden slavery via the colonies" Empire does all of that, except that slavery isn't hidden. You are a naive person and should be ashamed of posts like this. Japan was a warrior culture thrust into the modern world almost overnight. They awakened into a world where a country smaller than them controlled 70% percent of the planet. Two countries infinitely bigger than them right next door and another across the ocean. Imperialism was inevitable as was war. They made the first move but they hardly started it. Obviously that doesn't excuse the atrocities. I'm certain to my core that rebellion would have occurred no matter how pleasant the Empire became. You just can't please everybody. No they don't unless you are evil and only fear holds your empire together. If you have to do regular genocides every monday you are not ruling your country well. 25 years of rule, 52 genocides per year. That makes 1300 species (mostly) eradicated. That's actually pretty efficient. See bold.
  17. The wookies also actively aided Imperial fugitives and revolted several times so it's not as though the Empire just decided to do it. The Formics and Rachni are only portrayed as not villainous monsters once they start losing and are on the brink of eradication. Mass Effect somehow managed to contain as much bad material as the entire EU so examples of it post ME1 are questionable at best. 25 years pretty impressive considering the massive constraints they put on themselves. Not only is the leadership inept but the rank and file are as well. They put important factories on Outer Rim worlds, only bring in competent people to scare the rebels. The New Republic only manages to last about 30 years before it gets decapitated by the First Order, or in legends when the Vong show up, Darth Caedus, Darth Krayt, Fel Empire...
  18. So should the empire just sit and wait for each attack, try and swipe them away then? "Aw dang they got away again!? They'll be back, you'll get them next time for sure.!" Reprisal's against citizens is effective because it establishes that if you are even slightly associated with the rebels you will be treated as one. Who would help a rebel if you knew it would cost your life, your families, your neighbors..... As I said, Lasan was an example that fighting back is futile. It's like using the A bomb, show it off once or twice and you shouldn't ever have to use it again. Star Wars just happens to be full of really dense Species that seem to think they can put up a better fight than the last smoldering planet. Evil, based on your morality sure, but effective.
  19. Found the prequel apologist. I enjoyed the prequels significantly more than I enjoyed TFA.
  20. Lothal is a hotbed of rebel activity, rebel activity invites reprisals. Tarkin Town makes sense, put likely culprits or those who would be complicit into easily controlled remote places. The planet being blockaded was very likely a rebel hotbed or assisted them in some manner, apparently serious enough to warrant a blockade. The show actually goes pretty far to show that the Empire is not cartoonishly evil, just cartoonishly inept. The stormtroopers aren't jerks, just clowns in battle armor. Sure you can point to Zeb's races almost extinction but there's two things to consider there. 1. They were actively fighting the empire 2. If actual Genocide was the goal as opposed to a very severe example to others, then a galactic Empire would have very little issue completing it. Did you know that Britain had a plan in place in case Operation Sealion was successful? It involved leaving men and caches in villages across the countryside that could perform partisan actions against the occupying Nazis (not surprising). The thing was though, they knew full well it was futile. They knew it would invite reprisals on the villages that the attacks occurred near and only ever accomplish small feats. Rebels and Freedon fighters are noble or brave (so long as they are on our moral side, see Mujahadeen vs Taliban), but they are deluded individuals.
  21. Why? Because Yoda said that Luke was the last of the Jedi? Even setting aside the idea that Yoda and Obi-Wan weren't training Luke as a Jedi, but as a weapon against Darth Vader (that I find compelling; Jedi DO lie when it's not selfish from their point of view), Ahsoka had turned (been ejected) from the Order, Kanan got his rank of Jedi Knight from a temple vision involving a known traitor and his story isn't finished yet, and we don't know what happens to Ezra. The outstanding line to me from this episode is from Governor Pryce: "They fight so hard to gain so little." The Imperials simply do not understand why the Rebels fight. They risk their lives and freedom every time they go against the vastly overwhelming might of the Empire, and for what? A few old Y-Wings without hyperdrives? Getting food to starving miners? To say a few words about how suicidal they are across the HoloNet? There's no gain in it, no profit, no long retirement sipping martinis while watching the ocean wash across Corellia's shores, so what's the point? And that illustrates how the Empire=Dark Side=Selfish. The dedicated Imperials, the ones that aren't even tempted to join the Alliance, are in it for their own gain and nothing more. Oh, they may mouth platitudes about protecting the people or serving a greater good, but the ones that actually DO feel that way eventually realize they're on the wrong side and move over to the Rebellion. What's to understand about terrorists. They indiscriminately kill soldiers of the the legitimate government, use magic to cause soldiers to commit suicide, steal war material, spread disinformation and lies, indoctrinate emotionally unstable youth into their ranks and train them into super soldiers. I'm willing to bet that Mon Mothma is looking forward to the day she gets to sit back in Sheev's throne.
  22. I agree, possibly something like 'at the start of combat roll 1 red die for every x stress tokens on your ship and suffer each hit or crit'. Sorry Tycho! Also, hello BTL-4 Stresshog Y-Wing, now you're possibly doing extra damage in addition to your three attacks a turn and double-stress control. true, it'd have to be a pretty high number to trigger. I think it would punish dengar worst though, tycho is at least capable of easily losing stress while staying agile.
  23. I agree, possibly something like 'at the start of combat roll 1 red die for every x stress tokens on your ship and suffer each hit or crit'.
  24. I was considering giving this list a go: Asajj Ventress (37) Veteran Instincts (1) K4 Security Droid (3) Glitterstim (2) Gyroscopic Targeting (2) Shadow Caster (3) Tel Trevura (30) Determination (1) Latts Razzi (2) Overclocked R4 (1) Glitterstim (2) Countermeasures (3) Punishing One (12) Total: 99
  25. A paint job doesn't. Extensive internal modifications do. The actual cockpit has plenty of space in it for two, it's just that it's not set up that way. Must have missed the part where they rip out the interior, Must have been quick since they immediately had one of them riding parrot when they stole it. They fit three people in one in the cartoon. Easily room for a crew member! Which is why the title adding it is silly. All TIE fighters should have a crew slot in that case. Only reason I can see is imperial doctrine but all the Rebel TIE should just innately have it in that case. If I want to sink points into a TIE fighter I should **** well be able to.
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