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  1. Did not like the SD getting decapitated, I would have been OK with them driving it down into the shield but taking out both was absurd. Ending slaughter was pretty good but I would have preferred it being Vader fighting to the bridge of the ship while they desperately transmit to the Tantive which is on the fringes of the system as opposed to in the belly of the capital ship. It makes Leia claiming she is on a diplomatic mission very questionable now that Vader watched the ship fly away.
  2. I liked it way more than I had hoped. Pacing was ridiculous at the start but evened out. Only one part made me mad and it only conflicted with the OT once in my eyes.
  3. You should get some sleep, you're talking **** After the delightfully polished turd that was TFA, I'm more excited about R1 than I am about Ep8. Wow... couldn't possibly disagree more. TFA was one of the best movies in my adult life. Top 5 easily. My Episode 8 hype is higher than the entire state of Colorado. Have you seen more than 5 movies? Actually you might be confusing TFA with ANH which is, in all fairness, an easy mistake.
  4. Does your ego really need that much of a boost that you have to be a downer on a plastic spaceship forum so as to convince yourself there are people less enlightened than you want to be? Some people are just so negative... If you want to take it personally sure, go ahead. I felt it was a double edged sword really. A reminder to myself that I need new material and that I have played a role in this threads continuance as much as it is a commentary on your practices. It is refreshing though to see Darius still hopeful yet trying to wrangle the reality of it all too.
  5. Or he counts down until the perfect moment to evade
  6. That's true, but only because of how bad the 20th century was when it came to mass murdering psychopaths; we had Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, the Vietcong, Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden etc. Thank you. What is getting taught in schools these days regarding the history of the 20th century? Not much. Most young people I talk to have no concept of the origin and ramifications of WWII that I can tell. To them, it's just some generation of old people who are dying off. Where is that? In Germany you it feels like you get nothing but! And then some cold war, but here is see many misconceptions and a lack of knowledge. It wasn't illegal. the US Congress voted 297 to 133 for it and the Senate voted 77 to 23 for it. You know, there is this thing called international law? The US really should stop thinking they stand above it. As should the Uk, Spain, Australia, Poland, and the other countries involved in the invasion in 2003.
  7. Consequently, I really like the idea of Justin being the son of Castro. At least if that were the case he'd have the blood of a leader in him.
  8. That's true, but only because of how bad the 20th century was when it came to mass murdering psychopaths; we had Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, the Vietcong, Muammar Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden etc. ...Bush Beat me to it current number of innocent civilians killed in Iraq alone is 251,000. 91,438 of which were under Obama...
  9. I started a petition to get Obama to make it happen for you but none of you so called advocates signed it.
  10. Single worst part of this election, all the Democrats who can't abide a democratic result are going to seek shelter in Canada. It's enough of a liberal shithole already.
  11. McFoy

    Alex Davy

    What? He had clearly gotten the Falon's Hull mixed up with the Ghost's. The guy's designed most of the ships in the game, give him a break. I know, mine was said in jest and with a smile on my face, the man cannot remember every little detail about the game. Unrealistic. Not knowing ship stats aside, I'm not convinced he can read game state all that well. Final match after Corran got blown out he was very quick to say 'It's not over yet!" as though a Kwing could possibly deal at all with a full health Dengar and Manaroo. Too optimistic maybe.
  12. For the game, Rebels has spawned the Imperial Assault Carrier (Gozanti), the Inquisitor's TIE, the Ghost/Phantom, the Mist Hunter, and the Lancer pursuit craft. We also get to see such capital ships as the Imperial Immobilizer class (the precursor to the Interdictor from the books), the Imperial Quasar Fire-class light carrier, a D4-shaped Imp cargo hauler, and, the Hammerhead corvette, and a modified version of the Pelta-class Frigate from the Clone Wars CGI show. Also some Mandalorian fighters. Just like the Clone Wars TV show, Rebels takes a little while to find its footing, and then really takes off as a decent show in its own right. The Darth Vader arc was particularly good. Not the Mist Hunter but the very similar looking Wookie Gunboat.
  13. You could definitely give the raider a target lock but it can't use the focus at all.
  14. Wait what? Was there an announcement or is this all theory crafting? Just nerds trying to make a small universe even smaller.
  15. BKL for his intrinsic knowledge of primary, secondary, and tertiary canon. PGS posthumously. If I honestly had to pick it would be FGD, the poor mans PGS.
  16. Main page is apparently primarily for circlejerks now.
  17. Nice to see they kowtowed to public sentiment and gave them the win.
  18. Didn't FFG just lose all the IP access to GW? No more conquest and no more forbidden stars (unfortunately).
  19. And it is completely your prerogative to refuse to adapt to changes in language.Just a heads up, "cool" can also mean "really neat" and not just "low temperature" these days! All the hip kids use it.Oh...I should probably explain "hip" now... Cool meaning neat and low temperature is of course not the same as literally meaning figuratively. You'd have a point if you were to use cool to mean both high temperature and low temperature. . What about showing interest and disdain? "Oh man that's really cool!" vs. "Cool story bro..."
  20. I can understand why if you are actually playing with someone who acts like what is described as PGS's attitude it could be off putting. I've played one guy in particular who would allow mistakes through until it actively affected him or would yell for a judge to try and get out of something. I don't like playing him but when I do it drives me to beat him to put him in his place. Obviously not everyone is like that so yeah PGS could be rankling. On the other hand though, I don't have faith in what people say until I've seen it first hand. Apparently people form his store are sharing stories of how he was dickish but they're doing it from an effectively anonymous source with the backup of absolutely unconnected people doling out upvotes cause PGS insulted them or their play style. Forumwise he was vocal. I never saw him actively target users, just broad statements. I don't see why he was banned, if it was for voicing his subjective opinion, albeit loudly, I find that a disturbing.
  21. So he was speaking the truth, I can see why that rubbed people the wrong way.Except that a lot of people, myself included, didn't agree with his "truth". Which would be why his persistence got him banned
  22. So he was speaking the truth, I can see why that rubbed people the wrong way.
  23. Presumably that's what warning points are. PGS never really struck me as saying anything worth banning him for.
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