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  1. OGP with autoblaster & Acuracy Corrector x3 for 99 points possibly giving one intelligence agent to help figure out where things might end up. Anything high agility would regret coming into range 1 and any big ships you can just roll the regular 3 attack dice at any range.
  2. McFoy

    Starkiller inbound

    Which says nothing about the video games specifically. Should it be any surprise that GameSpot wanted clarification on whether games were going to be considered canon and reached out to LF for clarification? Unfortunately, no. I mean, he is in that game, but he didn't originate in it. And was in a ton of stuff long before TFU. My knowledge of his appearances are indeed limited. I'm halfway through the Zahn trilogy now, and he is in that, but I am unaware of anything else. And from what I gather he was a pretty important guy, so it stands that he might be in other stuff, but I'm just grasping here. I honestly don't think Starkiller realls NEEDS to be in this game, I am just a huge fan of his character in TFU and would love to see a Rogue Shadow expansion for the game, so it's fun to speculate and stuff. Zahn first appeared in the Zahn books and is all over the Legends fiction. He was also in Empire at War: Forces of Corruption but I (sadly) don't expect that to mean the Zann Consortium is going to be in X-wing. (Although I would love to see the Skipray Blastboat and the Rihkxyrk assault fighter, even though the latter wasn't actually in Empire at War but was in Galaxies.) I'm halfway through "The Last Command" right now and haven't seen anyone named Zahn yet. Do you mean Thrawn? I think he is confusing the character Tyber Zann with the author of the Thrawn series Timothy Zahn
  3. Executor wasn't actually fully destroyed when crashing into the DS2. After crashing into the DS2 it somehow lands in a canyon on endor.. Wedge and a couple other pilots stumble across it during a recon mission and then bury it or part of it by using protons on a cliff. It doesn't come up again after that in any media really.
  4. I'd rather put Advanced Sensors on the Fleet Officer shuttle to ensure that it can use Fleet Officer and clear the stress every turn, even if it bumps. I'm not sure about the Engine Upgrade either. if you are Boosting, you aren't using Fleet Officer. If you aren't using Fleet Officer, you should have just brought something else. Good Points. Engine upgrade definitely doesn't need to be on that list, I added fleet officer at the end when I remembered that he was the point of the list and didn't adjust it.
  5. Wingman is probably not needed as the decimator has a good amount of green. I'd say add in an omicron group pilot with fire control system if you can but you are kinda limited if you load Rhymer too heavily. If you aren't set completely on the decimator then you could do something like: Rhymer(26) - 34 total Extra munitions(1) Concusion Missiles(4) Proton Rockets(3) Soontir(27) - 35 total Royal Guard(0) PTL(3) Autothrusters(2) Hull or stealth device (3) Omicron Group Pilot (21) - 30 total FCS(2) Engine Upgrade(4) Fleet Officer(3) You'll still have a beefy ship and 1 point left over. If you do want a decimator you could try a build I have had luck with at tournaments (2nd and 9th) Chiraneau(46) - 57 total Ysanne(4) Expose(4) Experimental Interface(3) Howlrunner(18) - 20 total Swarm Tactics(2) Scimitar Squadron(16) - 23 total Ion Pulse(3) Proton rockets(3) Munitions failsafe(1) Doesn't have to be howlrunner as you can just target lock for chirpys action but people tend to see howlrunner and decide that she is the primary target so it might save your decimator some damage for a turn or two.
  6. I built a stress/ramming list that was pretty fun. http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/208674/stressimator-v2 ( Stacking strees like mad on so many ships
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