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  1. Most droids are sentient in the same way people consider animals to be but that comes down to personal philosophy and therein your definition of sentience. As characters it makes sense to have them be sapient like the biological characters but they don't have the same agency in the context of that universe . K2's sacrifice means a lot less when you realize they could just take his hard drive and put it into another unit with zero repercussion. C3PO gets disassembled and reassembled numerous times with no adverse effects.
  2. Didn't he have one of the broken inquisitor sabers though?
  3. Saw it and enjoyed it. Probably more than Rogue One, infinitely more than TFA or TLJ. The humor was done well, nothing obnoxious like the inserted laugh here moments in the ST. L3 was annoying at first but the peak moment for that character was entertaining. You could make some good commentary on how it wants revolution but doesn't know how to go about it when it occurs. The only section where I shook my head was the asteroid drifting in the maw but they did it better than the ship destroying moments that TFA had with the falcon chase. The war segment on Mimban was cool as ****, especially the overview shots as they were leaving the planet. Overall I left happy that I had seen it rather than disappointed much like RO (though the hammerhead scene made me want to leave). TFA I left furious mostly because I had agreed to see it again and TFA I just left confused that they could bungle whatever promise TFA had so ineptly. Overall I prefer the standalone movies because they show sides for the universe that the trilogies won't. In RO they showed that the rebellion wasn't all glitter shine and in Solo they showed the Empire was full of regular people.
  4. Haven't watched it yet but got the rundown from a coworker. I'm glad they did a pretty significant time jump, helps cover a lot of the setup. It wouldn't be a big thing to resolve this season but they made a big deal of showing the goop leftover inside the cant and they don't resolve that until after Ilus. I could see them skipping it especially since they spilled the beans about Naomi's kid already but I would greatly prefer they did not. Book 3 is really crucial for getting a grasp on the protomolecule and the overarching story.
  5. And that's how we ended up with the EU bloat. Rich I will agree with but Star War's is anything but deep. Everything always points back to a movie or something which ends up making everything seem small.
  6. Last Episode did tie book 2 together well. I still don't think 7 episodes will do much for book 3 but we'll see I suppose. They'll definitely do Book 4, it's one of the more interesting ones and they left a big plot point for it.
  7. Questioning what is totalitarian while being totalitarian.. ironical. I'm wondering why you think calling someone racist, sexist ,or homophobic would matter to someone who is actually racist, sexist, or homophobic. Also explain why people of colour is better than coloured people.
  8. An Ant going at lightspeed which would be pretty **** substantial.
  9. Maybe, I guess if they cut enough stuff out 8 episodes might be enough with some substantial time skip. I don't see a way they could end this show well in only these last few episodes though but hopefully amazon will buy it and we won't have to worry.
  10. They might start book 3 but they aren't even finished book 2 yet in the show.
  11. I can't really speak for warmachine as I started because Mark 3 came out, but from what I saw of other players the only transition cost was purchasing $10 decks for each faction you owned or $90 for all the factions. All the models were still legal just changed. Rules were different (less punishing for inexperienced players allowing things like premeasuring at any time). To top it off they having a running development cycle to boost up poorly performing units and nerf too powerful ones. They even sold physical decks for anyone who wanted but all the most up to date stuff is one the app for free. Overall I think X wing should go the same route with cards, leave it all on the app so you can do hard adjustments when needed.
  12. I like the app ultimately but not 100%. Maintaining physical cards actually neuters the app in advance, the only thing they can adjust is whats not printed. A simple points change won't fix broken things if they are printed broken. They'll still release FAQ's complicating things further. I'd much prefer if they got rid of the printed cards, ran everything on the app like warmachine does and just sell the tokens, bases, dials, and templates in the conversion kit.
  13. This is the most impressed I've been with FFG in over 3 years. I love the app idea as a warmachine player, I'd even take it further though. Remove all cards from the game and have them on the app only, still sell tokens, templates, and dials. If they did that I would 100% get back into this game.
  14. Wasting his time polishing a turd.
  15. TLJ was not the place to attempt subversion. A spin off or his new series would have been better and likely better received assuming Rian could muster the chops to do it competently. From my standpoint TLJ was a letdown because it added so much bad and removed so much good (or rather potential good). About 1/3 of the movie overall is what I'd consider watching again which is down from the 1/2 from TFA. So there'll be about 1 complete movie after 9 comes out.
  16. Honestly, you'd be doing us a favour. At the very least force a regime change.
  17. Pointing out the EU was ******* bonkers doesn't absolve Disney of stupidity. They had a chance to set things right and keep it consistent, they have a department to specifically do this, and they still manage to **** out garbage.
  18. The TFA poster spelled it out. A certain kiss scene definitely played a big part in the failure in the Chinese market as well as the actress playing Rose.
  19. There's a very easy way to get the Chinese audience back but I'd likely get banned for saying how.
  20. I was being facetious about Gallens death but I suppose that didn't translate well. I think you're getting too hung up on the word jellied. I mean it in the sense of what happens to someones organs and tender bits when they get jostled around the skeleton from concussive force. It's literally what kills you in an explosion, shrapnel only really playing an effect on things outside the effective blast radius. Even if the explosion did not kill her it should have hurt her enough that any exposure to space or aether would be fatal, instead she naps for a few hours..
  21. Gallen actually had a heart attack from the loud noise. Sans plot armor there are scenes in every battle across all movies where proximity to an explosion kills the fodder.
  22. The fire isn't the problem, in fact it's a very negligible part of any explosion. The concussion would have jellied her and very likely she'd scrap against some of that now jagged metal surrounding the blast area. But in this case the concussion was also sucked out into space? and she avoided any and all wreckage. What I would have ideally liked to have seen would have been her use the force to hold back the missiles allowing people to escape.
  23. She also passed through an explosion on her way out. She'd be jelly and/or torn to shreds.
  24. I haven't seen damage control of this level since Hilary lost. The movie was at best adequate as an episode of rebels. I left TFA upset mainly because I had agreed to watch it again with other people. i left TLJ disappointed because they squandered potential with hamfisted jokes, pointless scenes, and caricatures. And anyone who doesn't think the mouse uses their influence to silence for change criticisms from critics, I really have to question how it is you manage to breathe.
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