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  1. Hire J.J Abrams You are my hero. No, now. I'm just a regular guy, I type my login one letter at a time like everyone else.
  2. Y-TIEs use the TIE fighter's engine, but they were by no means fast, or agile. TIE engines are in the pods and Y engines are the nacelles but I suppose they could transplant TIE engines onto the butts of the Y chassis.
  3. Primary issue, Y-TIE has no engine.
  4. The ridiculous levels of smug that would follow, leaving trolls with nothing but sour grapes.
  5. What this thread is and always will be.
  6. Except for the current lack of gunboat, but if you all still get to act smug about it then thats just fine. The gunboat will come one day, don´t worry. And then, we will all complain how underpowered it is, until this thread reaches one thousand pages But seriously, I hope it will be announced before I die. I would love to still be here, just reading the news that the gunboat is coming, and think "We did it". And then I would die. If I didn't understand exaggeration and hyperbole I would be genuinely concerned for some people here.
  7. Don't worry, once President Trump is in power everything will be made in America.
  8. Except for the current lack of gunboat, but if you all still get to act smug about it then thats just fine.
  9. I had the same plan but got tired of waiting...
  10. And thus you hit on the real difficulty with the Gunboat - that role-wise, it's basically the Punisher. Unless you give it a title or something to let it shoot cannon and ordnance in the same round, at which point it becomes crazy-powerful, probably to the point of being OP unless there's some major balancing factor. So we need FFG to do is. . Stream Worlds, ensure every X wing gamer is watching it, gather everyone round, pull out a MiB memory eraser and make us all forget that the Gunboat was ever created and replace it with the Sun Crusher. fix'd
  11. Ah, I see you have played Soontir Fel. Wise but doing so has played right nito my hands, go Wedge Antilles!
  12. I've only done the fortressing once and that was before the last wave hit. I wouldn't do it again simply because ordinance would murder it. That particular tournament though had a lot of interceptors and imperial aces which is what I wanted to face. My biggest loss was from a dial shifting and me having to fly off the board because of it. It was a fun mixup from my usual lists but its not forgiving and anybody who has the capability to stay at range 3 of a single ship or outright kill one will have no issue with you.
  13. It's called fortressing, and outside of very high level play where anything goes it'll make you a pariah. I wouldn't say pariah but you can see opponents who like the novelty at first slowly reverse their opinion each turn you don't move.
  14. The only problem is that most of the huge scale ships would be too big to make a model of, especially for the scum faction. Also each faction (aside from scum) have gotten two huge ships. I'm actually not sure about sizing constraints because epic ships are on a different scale but people have been discussing the Action 4 transport and Star Jewel as likely candidates. Scums always been on the tail end of releases though, I'd just like to see new stuff really.
  15. I can't see them doing another most wanted style pack and epics usually include fixes for existing rather than introducing new ones entirely. It's not a bad concept but I'd prefer a unique ship.
  16. Giving them to unique pilots makes sense but ship cost wouldn't be a good idea because then every large base would have one available while Z-95's, scyks, Tie Fighters would have none.
  17. If you are looking to bump with a decimator then there's a few ways you can do it. Double Bump - Hit them once then Dauntless to trigger Daredevil and do it again. Infinite Bump - When they hit you you use palp to make sure they are ionized and then you can keep them exactly where you want them. This can be hard because you need to try and get them straight on and they need to hit you first.. Bump and Dump - Bump them and have the escorts tear into them then when they fly through you they hit mines to finsh the job.
  18. Funny how all the examples are TIE fighters.
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