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  1. Based on State GDP almost every state could do quite well. The lowest GDP is Vermont and that's still $30 Billion, better than Iceland and 100 other countries. Obviously if borders pop up that changes things but Singular states could certainly maintain. So here's to you Bongers. Go out there and Make Britain Great Again.
  2. I think the OP is trying to make custom cards. Nah, I'm just bored so thought I'd see what it looked like simply inverted, and then I was still bored so I decided to try and get it looking right. This was all triggered by me wondering if we'll see Kylo in a fighter, and if so will they do the rather predictable thing of giving him a First Order TIE Advanced. Here's my latest go: Maaaan with looks like that how can anybody say the FO color scheme is bad? That's totally sick. Definitely sharp as h*
  3. Dunno... prolly because in the first images of it we saw it zooming over palm trees... so obviously it can only operate in beach environments. If that's the case then flight suits should consist of Imperial themed speedos and bikinis.
  4. I don't really get why people see the Striker as atmospheric only.
  5. These guys seem to be talking about bumps that the opponent can't clear? Not the one above. The two YVs bump in a corner and with the 180 arc can shoot all day without moving, making it impossible to stay out of their arc. TBH, I'd just not fly at him and take the draw, if that how he want's to fly. I've flown (haha) a dual YV fortress and it's absurdly easy to beat if you know what you are doing. TLT's, Jumps, aces & swarms. It only works on new players and fools.
  6. Only thing is that Francis is a persona. All his stuff, while funny, is staged. Boogie is quite reasonable otherwise.
  7. The battle was good up until they got surrounded. I mean it was still good after that but the fact that they got surrounded was ridiculous.
  8. I've flown the first list before although the cluster missile were substituted for conner nets. List 1 is better IMO because Soontir is really **** good, Jonus just doesn't compare.
  9. and the Ironborn have shown up, and the second sons switch sides again. Dany Ex Machina.
  10. You would think it would be but that shuttle is pretty expensive. Back in wave two I tried a bomber build with it and got my ass handed to me (Sucky ordinance, it being my first tournament). Might be different now but don't get too excited. Edit: I've repriced my list and like the look of it now, gonna try it out on Thursday.
  11. In the books they get out plenty fine to mess up the slaver army.
  12. Whoa whoa whoa, I am a football fan but I am not part of the 0.1% of idiots that have been kicking off over the past few days. You are issuing some pretty sweeping and insulting comments at a lot of people. The point of this thread was to try and gather some X wing\ football fans together..... Failed miserably so far! Anyone got any positive comments about the tournament and not just sweeping comments that are insulting a lot of good folk. Apparently your opinion of Neanderthals needs improvement if you feel insulted. Allow me to educate you.
  13. In any event calling them Neanderthals is hugely disrespectful... To Neanderthals. Football fans are much worse. Besides
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_hooliganism_in_the_United_Kingdom Can't even be trusted with boots...
  15. Wow, that looks like it has a larger payload than the Eravana - a real equivalent to a container "freighter" Except its largely hollow on the inside. What you see is essentially a box frame with a scattering of crates inside. Good episode of rebels but man were they merciless as hell to those stormtroopers.
  16. The 2-bank is a very good maneuver, but sometimes you want to turn even harder, so the designers put turns in the game as well. If you want to turn and travel a far distance, the 3-turn is an excellent option. I think in the sequel to this topic, we'll be hearing more about 3-turns and how they were updated with the 3-Tallon Rolls. Well this changes everything. You wouldn't believe what I was doing with them before...
  17. I would very much like to hear your thoughts on the 3 hard next. If you do start a podcast you can be guaranteed I would subscribe. Very illuminating, thank you.
  18. VCX is a tough nut usually and can soak up a lot of hits. Anything focusing on it is not focusing on Poe and making a big mistake in the process.
  19. Personally I would drop R2 crew and throw a turret on Roark, His ability is strong but he's only throwing 1 dice natively so not the best use of 19 points. Something like this maybe? Poe Dameron (31) Veteran Instincts (1) R5-P9 (3) Autothrusters (2) Lothal Rebel (35) Fire-Control System (2) Hera Syndulla (1) Roark Garnet (19) Twin Laser Turret (6) Total: 100
  20. He doesn't stop the canceling of dice but he does prevent them adding the two hit results.
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